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In this article I refer to an ancient prophecy from the Bulgarian spiritual teacher Peter Konstantinov Deunov, also known as Beinsa Douno, who received a prophecy in a trance shortly before his death, which is now reaching more and more people in this new age . This prophecy is about the transformation of the planet, about the collective further development and, above all, about the huge change, the extent of which is particularly the current one time is gigantic and will transport us to a golden age (the plan of the NWO will fail, - a peaceful scenario in which humanity creates a new world will become 100% manifest, as mentioned many times in some of my articles) .

Excerpts from a 70-year-old prophecy

A 70 year old prophecyUltimately, there have already been many treatises, writings and prophecies that dealt with this topic and sometimes explained very precisely why we humans have been kept in a low, i.e. in a shadowy/low-frequency state of consciousness for centuries and why now (in these years) a turning point takes place in which we humans leave this low-frequency state of consciousness and instead develop massively mentally and emotionally. This irreversible process makes us humans truth-oriented and grants us access to our inner source, to our creative ground, which is of a spiritual nature. In this context, the corresponding prophecy has been haunting the internet for a number of years and has now come back to my consciousness since the page increased awareness wrote an article about it. The prophecy begins with the following passage:

“As time passed, man's consciousness penetrated a very long period of darkness. This phase, which the Hindus call “Kali Yuga”, is about to end. Today we are on the border between two epochs: that of the Kali Yuga and that of the New Era that we are entering.

A gradual improvement is already taking place in people's thoughts, feelings and deeds, but each will soon be subjected to the divine fire that will cleanse them and prepare them for the New Age. Thus will man rise to a higher level of consciousness essential to his entry into the New Life. That's what you mean by 'ascension'.”

Several decades will pass before that fire will come that will change the world by bringing a whole new morality. This immense wave comes from the cosmic space and will invade the whole earth. Anyone who resists will be taken away..."

prophecyThese first sentences of his prophecy alone are very apt and describe the current situation in a special way. In fact, the last few centuries have been a time when humanity has been at the mercy of a low-frequency circumstance (our mind vibrates at an individual frequency, so does our planet, or rather our planet's mind, - everything in existence possesses a consciousness is an expression of consciousness). Because of a huge cosmic cycle this state changes every 26.000 years, whereby we humans go through a so-called "waking-up process" and subsequently experience a massive further development/unveiling. Instead of dwelling in an ignorant state of consciousness that, on the one hand, due to a low-frequency system, has constructed a materially oriented world view - based on disinformation and half-truths (a mental state based on fear, material orientation and base ambitions), the truth about our world (i.e. the truth about the current warlike planetary situation and its backers) is increasingly revealed and as a result we humans become aware of our own mental abilities again.

We humans have incredible potential and can usually create a life based on our mental abilities that completely corresponds to our ideas..!!

We learn again autodidactically that everything is of a spiritual nature and that God, as the spiritual ground itself, is expressed in everything that exists.

A new world is emerging

Our system, which in turn acts completely unnaturally and has created an appearance that was built around our mind, is then penetrated by our own spirit, whereby we humans develop a sense of harmony, love + peaceful togetherness and as a result start living in harmony with nature. A higher state of consciousness therefore does not mean a person who is intellectually proficient and has a great deal of knowledge (even if this can certainly expand/inspire one's own state of consciousness), but a person who has rediscovered access to his inner nature and before everything has manifested a mental state that is not only characterized by balance, but also by harmony, love, tolerance, charity, empathy, peace, knowledge of the true world and the root cause and above all by truth. For this reason, one also likes to speak of a 5-dimensional state of consciousness, which is roughly compared with one another, also known under the name of cosmic consciousness or Christ consciousness (The return of Jesus Christ - the return of Christ consciousness, the return to nature and above all to higher thoughts and emotions). Another very accurate passage from the prophecy is this:

"The fire of which I speak, which accompanies the new conditions offered to our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything: matter will be refined, your hearts will be freed from fear, difficulties, uncertainty; everything is improved, increased; the thoughts, feelings and negative actions are destroyed.

Your current life is a slavery, a prison. Understand your situation and free yourself from it. I tell you this: Get out of your prison! I'm really sorry to see so much deception, so much suffering, so much inability to understand where true happiness actually lies.”


Image source: http://wakingtimesmedia.com/13-families-rule-world-shadow-forces-behind-nwo/

I have often addressed this fire of purification in this context in my articles. This is referred to as a cleansing process with regard to our mind/body/soul system. Because of the high planetary frequency circumstance, there is a tremendous frequency adjustment taking place. Our ethereal system reacts very strongly to the frequency increases and as a result makes us aware of all our unresolved conflicts and shadow parts that keep our own frequency state low. Whether it is our materially oriented and exclusionary worldview (keywords: judgments and gossip, rejecting ideas/information that do not correspond to our own conditioned and inherited worldview, persist in beliefs and convictions that are a result of the illusory world imposed on us), whether there are disharmonious states, inner conflicts, a lack of mental balance, a negative mental spectrum or even a lack of self-love (whereby all the problems just listed are linked and complement each other, for example a lack of self-love always results in an unbalanced mental state), all we become aware of these conflicts more than ever before (stronger than in any other life - reincarnation cycle). Our body also changes its own chemistry as a result and becomes much more sensitive. In that regard, it's also important to understand that our cells, even our DNA, respond to our own thoughts. For this reason, a negative thought spectrum always favors the manifestation of disease. Apart from that, we are therefore also beginning to question the way of life and, above all, the forms of nutrition in today's world. A natural diet comes back into focus, because mankind learns that diseases apart from an unbalanced mental state are also caused by an unnatural diet.

Instead of constantly overloading our body with an unnatural diet, you can instead completely cleanse it with a natural diet..!!

There is a rejection of countless foods that are chemically contaminated, sweets, soft drinks, fast foods, convenience foods and many other unnatural "foods". We understand again that we can heal ourselves and that unnatural nutrition in particular constantly burdens our body and at the same time imbalances our own mind.

A peaceful revolution

A peaceful revolutionTherefore, a fire of purification reaches us, which frees not only our mind but also our body from a constant overload. The fact that our current life is based on slavery should no longer be a secret. This is how more and more people understand – as already mentioned in the first section – that we have been keeping ourselves captive in an illusory world for as long as we live, a world in which we are materially oriented and instead of our hearts, follow our minds and consequently money. But who actually controls the money and, above all, who prints the money, who owns the largest part of the wealth on this planet. More and more people are recognizing that our banking system is corrupt and that we are being abused by private families to enforce low-frequency self-interests. The system that, above all, covers this appearance with the help of the mass media (system critics are targeted as "Conspiracy theorist’ and ridiculed), begins to crumble and encounters more and more resistance. The people are awakening and are trying to free themselves from this situation. It is therefore a struggle created by powerful families, in which the mass media and especially puppet governments act against the people and try with all their might to keep up appearances. However, due to the high frequency situation, the project is increasingly failing. The string pullers are making more and more mistakes and the awakening of the population can hardly be prevented. Finally, this prophecy also calls attention to a revolution that will transport us to a golden age.

"Something extraordinary is preparing underground. A revolution that is grandiose and utterly unimaginable will soon manifest itself in nature. God has decided to cleanse the earth and He will do it! It is the end of an epoch; a new order will replace the old, an order where love will reign on earth.”

prophecyBecause at the end of the day, the beginnings of this change transport us into a completely new era and ensure that we will soon experience a revolution, hopefully a peaceful revolution (whether it will be peaceful is entirely up to us). A golden age is upon us, a new world in which humanity sees itself as one big family and instead of against each other interacts with each other again. Envy, hate, anger, jealousy, illnesses and a massive financial imbalance will then no longer prevail, instead global peace will return and love will inspire the spirit of mankind again. Likewise, groundbreaking technologies will be released (free energy generators, devices that will allow element transmutation, suppressed cures for countless diseases, and more). The world will then be a completely different place, even resembling a paradise present only in the dreams of some people at this time. Paradise or even a supposed paradise is not a place that is far away from the earthly world, it is much more a place that will take shape on our planet at some point due to a mental manifestation.

Paradise is not a place in itself, but much more a state of consciousness, from which a paradisiacal circumstance arises..!!

The more people legitimize a "paradise", harmonious state of consciousness in their own spirit, the more people live according to it, the stronger a corresponding paradise becomes manifest on our earth. By coming golden age therefore, this circumstance will be fully present, wars will then no longer exist and peace, harmony and love will have liberated the hearts of the people. For this reason, this prophecy is supreme and interesting and coincides perfectly with the current events and also reminds us in a special way that a peaceful world will definitely emerge. By the way, if you want to read the whole prophecy, you can click on the link below, which will take you to the Increased Consciousness page, which in turn published the whole prophecy. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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Source: https://www.erhoehtesbewusstsein.de/die-erde-wird-bald-von-auserordentlich-schnellen-wellen-kosmischer-elektrizitat-uberflutet-werden-70-jahre-alte-prophezeiung/ 

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