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Living a balanced life is something most people strive for, whether consciously or subconsciously. At the end of the day, we humans want to be fine, that we don't have to be subject to negative thoughts, such as fears, etc., that we are free from all dependencies and other self-created blockages. For this reason, we long for a happy, carefree life and, apart from that, we don't want to have to succumb to illnesses. Nevertheless, in today's world it is not too easy to lead a perfectly healthy life in balance (at least as a rule, but this, as we know, confirms the exception), because the state of consciousness of many people has been fundamentally negatively influenced by society.

A life in balance

CompensationIn our world today we are particularly working on the development of our own egoistic minds. This mind ultimately represents our materially oriented mind, a mind that is firstly responsible for the production of low frequencies/negative thoughts, and secondly, a mind that is often focused on material goods, luxuries, status symbols, titles and money (money in the... sense of greed for money) and at the same time like to program our conscious state or our subconscious for lack and disharmony. Living a life in balance while focusing on material things in life and, apart from that, hardly having any connection to nature anymore + displaying a certain lack of empathy is simply not possible. Only when we become aware of our own mental connection again, when we become more harmonious again, when we respect and respect the lives of other people + living beings, when we become tolerant + non-judgmental and in this context change the direction of our own mind, will it become possible again to lead a life in balance. In this regard, the alignment of our own state of consciousness is particularly essential in order to lead a peaceful and, above all, balanced life again. Basically, as already mentioned many times, a person's entire life is a product of their own mind, a result of their own mental imagination.

At the end of the day, all of life is just an immaterial projection of our own state of consciousness, a product of our own mental spectrum..!!

For this reason, everything that ever happened in your life in this context, every decision you made, every path in life you took, were also mental options and one of these options you legitimized in your own mind and then realized.

The direction of your mind determines your life

A life in harmonyFor example, if you were suffering from a serious illness, for example cancer, but then you educated yourself and found a natural way to free yourself from cancer, for example cannabis oil, turmeric or barley grass therapy Combined with an alkaline diet, then this healing, this new experience, was only made possible by your own state of consciousness, by using your thoughts (no disease can exist in an alkaline + oxygen-rich cell environment, let alone thrive, so cancer is also without it Problems can be cured, even if this is intentionally kept from us, a cured patient is just a lost customer - chemo is therefore the biggest scam, expensive poison that is administered to people and causes massive consequential damage, after "successful" treatment the patient is usually the same continues to be weakened, may develop secondary diseases and in many cases the cancer returns). You decided on a corresponding idea and then actively worked with all your strength to realize it. In addition, our own mind has massive attractive forces and therefore works like a mental magnet. Because of the law of resonance, we always attract into our own lives what ultimately corresponds to the vibration frequency of our own state of consciousness. For this reason, a positively oriented mind attracts further positive circumstances into one's own life. A negatively oriented mind, in turn, attracts further negative circumstances into one's life. If you are fundamentally positive, you automatically start to look at life from a positive perspective and also have a positive mental orientation. For this reason, the quality of our own mental spectrum is also essential.

The direction of our own mind determines our life. In this context, you always attract into your own life what you predominantly resonate with mentally and emotionally..!!

The more negative thoughts are present in our own consciousness, the more fears we are subject to, the more hateful we are, for example, the more situations we attract into our own lives that are characterized by a similar intensity. For this reason, it is important to work on aligning our own state of consciousness again. Albert Einstein once said the following: “You can never solve problems with the same way of thinking that created them.” With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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