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Now it's that time again and our Earth is being hit by an electromagnetic storm, also known as a solar storm (flares - radiation storms that arise during a solar flare). The solar storm is expected to arrive today, March 14th and 15th, and could subsequently disrupt the function of GPS navigators and power grids. For that matter can Solar storms can also paralyze entire communication networks, at least when they are extremely strong storms.

An electromagnetic storm reaches Earth

There are several views on how strong the solar tower that is now arriving (or has already arrived) is. Most sites speak of a rather weak solar storm, while other sources point to a stronger solar storm (but according to my information, the intensity is rather low - Solar activity-current). Well, one thing is a fact and that is that this solar storm, even if it is not very strong in terms of intensity, will influence the collective state of consciousness of humanity and will very likely even enrich it. In this context, corresponding radiation storms also have a significant influence on us humans and can change the way we think. For example, the situation is similar to that on full moon days and increased inner restlessness can become noticeable. On the other hand, solar storms can also lead to more inspiration and be accompanied by spiritual impressions/knowledge, which is why the bio-physicist Dieter Broers, at least according to tag24.de, recommends developing your own meditation techniques on appropriate days. In general, meditation would be very useful on such days. A natural diet would also be recommended, simply to better process the incoming energies. As far as this is concerned, various solar storms have generally reached us in recent years, sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker (smaller solar storms have also reached us this year). Nevertheless, days when solar storms reach us are always very special, even if they can be very demanding. For example, I like to react to corresponding influences by feeling very tired. Today I don't feel any different and I just feel very sleepy. Otherwise, these storms are also very important as part of the current spiritual awakening/change. For example, they weaken the earth's magnetic field, which means that more cosmic radiation reaches the collective consciousness, which in turn can lead to us becoming more sensitive overall and more concerned with our own original cause or even the illusory world that surrounds us.

Solar storms have a significant impact on our consciousness and can change the collective state of consciousness, especially in this time of change..!!

They are influences that are in no way trivialized. This is exactly how their effects on our consciousness can be felt. Now it remains to be seen whether the intensity of the influences will increase tomorrow, even if it probably won't be the case. Nevertheless, I am curious whether larger solar storms will reach us again in the near future - like in September last year. The possibility definitely exists. For my part, I will observe the corresponding effects (on myself) today and especially tomorrow and will keep you updated (if activity increases or stronger solar storms reach us in the near future). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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