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Due to our individual creative expression (an individual mental state), from which our own reality arises, we humans are not only the shapers of our own destiny (we do not have to be subject to any supposed destiny, but can take it into our own hands again), are not only creators of our own reality, but we also create based on our own beliefs, beliefs and worldviews our totally unique truth.

Your individual meaning of life - your truth

Live and let liveFor this reason there is no universal reality, but each person creates his own reality. In exactly the same way, every person creates their own completely individual truth, has individual beliefs, convictions and views on life. Ultimately, you can continue this principle and transfer it to a supposed meaning of life. Basically, there is no general or overarching meaning of life, but each person decides for himself what his meaning of life is. You can't generalize a supposed meaning of life that you have rediscovered for yourself, but only relate it to yourself. For example, if a person's purpose in life was to raise a family and procreate, then that would only be his personal purpose in life (a purpose he has given to his life). Of course, he could not generalize this meaning and speak for all other people, because every person has completely different ideas about life and creates his completely individual meaning. It is exactly the same with the truth itself. For example, if a person has come to believe that they are the creator of their own reality, the creator of their own circumstance, then again that is just their personal belief, belief, or individual truth.

There is no universal reality, just as there is no universal truth. We humans create our completely individual truth much more and therefore look at life from a completely unique point of view (everyone sees the world with different eyes - the world is just not the way it is, but the way you are). .!!

He could then just as little generalize this conviction or even speak for other people/refer to other people (and could then just as little force his view on other people). We humans all have our completely individual ideas about life and create beliefs, convictions and world views, which in turn only represent a part of our mind. For this reason, in today's world, we should again respect other people's worlds of thought/truths, should tolerate them, instead of making them ridiculous or even forcing our own ideas on other people (live and let live).

In today's world, some people tend to impose their own views on other people, just as some people cannot fully respect and tolerate other people's views or even their individual thoughts. Instead, one's own opinion, one's own point of view, is seen as the complete truth, which can often lead to various conflicts..!!

On the other hand, we should not just blindly accept other views or the truth of other people, instead we should deal with everything again, should question everything in a peaceful way and on the basis of this, continue to be completely individual and to be able to maintain a free worldview. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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