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As already mentioned in my Daily Energy article today, we humans are currently in a massive cleansing process, which, due to the newly begun Age of Aquarius and the associated high incoming frequencies (Galactic pulse rate and other special circumstances), is responsible for the fact that we regain the nature of our own spirit discover a deeper insight into life and gradually get rid of our own mental blockages and discrepancies (liberation from self-imposed burdens - redemption of our own shadow parts).

The awakening of human civilization

CivilizationDirectly linked to this cleaning process, we are currently also experiencing a so-called unveiling process/disclosure process, i.e. we humans are developing a stronger tendency towards truth due to increasing sensitivity and are increasingly recognizing all mechanisms that point to disinformation, injustice, lies, unnaturalness and therefore in general based on low frequencies. Everything that works against nature, that stands in the way of the development of our own mind + our soul and for this reason also stands in the way of our thriving or rather the thriving of humanity, the collective state of consciousness, is recognized and replaced by new programs. Ultimately, more and more people are realizing that we live in a system that we deliberately allow ourselves to be trapped in an ignorant frenzy and, in the same way, also allow our uniqueness to be suppressed. The chaotic and warlike world we live in is just the product of an ignorant humanity that firstly takes no responsibility for their own unbalanced space and secondly legitimizes such a low state in their own spirit that powerful satanic families have created an energetically dense world that we perceive as normality and at the same time defend it with all our might (We defend the current existing system with all our might and disparage system critics, expose this ridiculousness or label them as cranks - especially when it comes to system critics, we tend to be quick to judge, condescending and offensive).

While many people have developed some anger towards the financial elite and blame them for the chaotic planetary circumstance, it is important to keep in mind that these families are also an important part of the current process of spiritual awakening and exactly are the souls that are on their very special journey...!!

Of course I don't want to blame these families (Rothschilds and co.) for this circumstance, after all we humans are also responsible for ourselves and above all for what happens. Apart from that, these families are also in the current ascension process, have just such a spirit, a soul and should therefore not be demonized (even if I can of course understand an initial anger, but in the long run I absolutely do not say good).

A big bang is coming


Nevertheless, more and more people are currently recognizing the families that control banks + states and are consequently rebelling against the system, spreading the truth about our world, increasingly campaigning for peace and exposing more and more of the deliberately spread disinformation and other distracting ones mechanisms. However, and this is the point I wanted to get at in this article, there are still a great many people who don't know anything about all this (keep your eyes closed) and sometimes even hold on to the system with all their might, with all their might Ridicule system critics and truth advocates and therefore protect this energetically dense world with all their might. As far as that is concerned, I sometimes get the feeling (for a few weeks now) that some big bang will soon take place, that the "powerful", - the puppet politicians or even the system media who have been brought into line will make such a huge mistake that they will be in as a result, you will experience a real loss of control. In this context, the elitist families have been making a lot of mistakes for several years and humanity has uncovered a lot in recent years, which has caused more and more people to ponder (various false flag attacks, confrontation with 9/11, journalists who have left and unpacked, erroneous reporting debunked, doctors suddenly opening up and declaring that vaccines and other substances are highly toxic, etc.). However, my feeling is that for the full unveiling, something big has to happen, some major mishap, or even some event so bad that suddenly even the most closed-minded person suddenly becomes interested in the other side and the system, i.e. the system media and the seed, will no longer believe.

In the current phase, the "powerful ones" are making more and more mistakes, which means that more and more people are seeing through the low-frequency illusory world and are dealing with the true causes of the current chaotic planetary situation..!!

What that will of course be exactly and how far the effects of such an event would be remains to be seen, but for me there is no question that such a major event will reach us, it would simply be an inevitable consequence of what is currently happening on our planet and possibly also a necessity for the unveiling process to really take off. Nevertheless, of course I hope that this event, if it should come soon, will not happen to the chagrin of mankind, but that it will be a big mistake that will take place in a different way. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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