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A few days ago I published the first part of a series of articles about healing one's own ailments. In the first part (Here is the first part) the exploration of one's own suffering and the associated self-reflection. I have also drawn attention to the importance of realigning one's own spirit in this self-healing process and, above all, how to achieve a corresponding mental initiating change. On the other hand, it was also explicitly explained why we humans ourselves (at least as a rule), because of our own mental abilities, are the creators of our own suffering and only we ourselves can cleanse our own suffering.

Accelerate your healing process

Accelerate your healing processIn the second part of this series of articles, I will present you with seven ways in which you can support/accelerate your own healing process (and also the exploration of your own suffering - how you deal with it). Admittedly, as already explained in the first part, our suffering is due to inner conflicts. Say mental discrepancies and open mental wounds, through which we legitimize a mental chaos in our own mind. Our life is a product of our own mind and accordingly our suffering is a self-created manifestation. The following options are very powerful and support our healing process, but they do not address the root of our suffering. It's like a person who has high blood pressure. Anti-hypertensive drugs temporarily lower his blood pressure, but they do not address the cause of his high blood pressure. While the comparison is a bit inappropriate, simply because the options below are in no way toxic or associated with side effects, you should understand what I'm getting at. On the contrary, there are possibilities that not only support our healing process, but can also lay the foundation for a new life.

Through the possibilities mentioned in the section below, we can support our healing process and also strengthen our own spirit, whereby the handling of our suffering can be improved..!!

At the end of the day, these "healing supporters" are also products of our own mind, at least when we choose them (our diet, for example, is also a result of our mind, due to our decision - choice of food).

#1 A Natural Diet – Dealing With It

A natural dietThe first way we can not only accelerate our own healing process, but also become significantly more efficient, dynamic and energetic is natural nutrition. In this context, nutrition in today's world is catastrophic and massively supports depressive moods. As far as that is concerned, we humans are also addicted to or dependent on energetically dense (dead) food in a certain way and we therefore like to be tempted to eat sweets, lots of meat, ready meals, fast food and co. to eat. We also like to drink soft drinks and avoid fresh spring water or generally still water. We're just addicted to meat and other chemically contaminated foods, even if we often can't admit it to ourselves. Ultimately, we expose ourselves to chronic physical intoxication and accelerate our own aging process. We also damage our cell environment and keep our entire organism trapped in a weakened state. For example, someone who is struggling with inner conflicts, who may even be depressed and who cannot pull himself together, will greatly worsen his own mental and physical condition, at least if he eats unnaturally. How are you supposed to improve your own mood or have more life energy if you only feed the body substances that make it ill and weaken it. For this reason, I can only agree with Sebastian Kneipp's words, who once said the following in his time: "The way to health leads through the kitchen and not through the pharmacy". He also said: "That nature is the best pharmacy". Both of his statements contain a lot of truth, because drugs are usually used to treat the symptoms of an illness, but the cause remains untreated/unexplained. There are also countless natural remedies that are very beneficial to our health.

An unnatural diet can intensify the experience of one's own inner conflicts. In the same way, dealing with internal conflicts is made more difficult. So we feel much more lethargic and lose ourselves even more in suffering..!!

Of course, these natural remedies only provide limited relief, especially if we eat 99% of the time unnaturally. On the other hand, we would not necessarily have to resort to natural remedies if our diet were 99% natural and apart from that it should also be mentioned that the foods in a natural diet are remedies. In order to end one's own suffering or to cleanse it, one needs to have a "healing-promoting2" diet apart from our spirit. The effect can even be huge. Imagine someone who suffers from depression, is very lethargic and also eats unnaturally. His unnatural diet will then keep his spirits even more subdued. But if a corresponding person would then change their lifestyle and start to detoxify/cleanse their own body, then this person would achieve an improvement in their willingness to perform and their state of mind (I have had the experience countless times myself). Of course, it is then difficult to pull ourselves together for such a diet, no question about it, and in the same way we do not solve our own inner conflict with a natural diet, but it could be an important start from which a completely new reality emerges ( the new positive experiences give us vitality ).

No. 2 A natural diet - The implementation

A natural diet - The implementationAs mentioned in the previous section, eating naturally is often difficult simply because we are addicted to all the energetically dense/artificial foods - because we are addicted to these "foods". In the same way, we often don't know how we should eat naturally. For this reason, I have put together a list for you below, explaining a suitable, alkaline-excessive diet (no disease can exist, let alone arise, in an alkaline and oxygen-rich cellular environment). It should also be said that such a diet does not have to be expensive at all, even if you bought certain ingredients in a health food store - at least not if you don't consume too much of them. This is also a very important point. We need to get away from all the overconsumption and gluttony because it not only harms the environment but also our own bodies. If you don't have too many portions a day (within a natural diet - getting used to it), you will find that your own body doesn't need that much food at all. Well, the list below is perfect for massively weakening or even healing serious illnesses, especially if the spirit is involved and we resolve conflicts. It's a list to help you get started, if necessary:

  1. Avoid all foods that acidify your cell environment (bad acidifiers) and minimize your oxygen supply, including: Animal proteins and fats of any kind, i.e. no meat, no eggs, no quark, no milk, no cheese, etc. Meat in particular is (even if that many do not want to admit, conditioned by the media and propaganda of the food industry - fake studies - animal proteins consist of amino acids, which are among the bad acid generators, hormonally contaminated, fears and grief are transferred to the flesh - dead energy - boosts one's own aging process - why are almost all people sick or get sick at some point, why do almost all people (especially in the western world) age so quickly: Apart from an unbalanced mind, it is an unnatural diet, - too much meat and co.) Poison for your cells and favors them emergence of diseases.
  2. Avoid all products that contain artificial sugars, especially artificial fruit sugar (fructose) and refined sugar, this includes all sweets, all soft drinks and all foods that contain the corresponding types of sugar (artificial or refined sugar is food for your cancer cells, accelerates your aging process and makes you sick, not just fat, but sick).
  3. Avoid all foods that contain trans fats and usually refined salt, i.e. all fast food, fries, pizza, ready-made rights, canned soups and once again meat and co.. Refined salt, i.e. table salt, also only has 2 elements in this context - Inorganic sodium and toxic chloride, bleached and fortified with aluminum compounds, replace it with Himalayan pink salt, which in turn has 84 minerals.
  4. Strictly avoid alcohol, coffee and tobacco, especially alcohol and coffee have a tremendously negative influence on your own cells (caffeine is pure poison, even if we are always told otherwise or we are not supposed to believe it - coffee addiction).
  5. Replace mineral-rich and hard water with mineral-poor and soft water. In this context, mineral water and carbonated drinks in general cannot flush your body properly and are among the bad acid generators. Rinse your body with plenty of soft water, preferably even spring water, is now available in more and more markets, otherwise drive to the health food store or structure drinking water yourself (healing stones: amethyst, rose quartz, rock crystal or precious shungite, - with thoughts, - positive intention when drinking, - Coasters with the flower of life or sticking notes labeled "Light and Love"), herbal teas in moderation can also be very helpful (no black tea and no green tea) 
  6. Eat as naturally as possible and eat a lot of alkaline foods, including: A lot of vegetables (root vegetables, leafy vegetables, etc.), vegetables should even make up the majority of your diet (preferably raw, even if it is not absolutely necessary - Keyword: better energy level), sprouts (e.g. alfalfa sprouts, linseed sprouts or even barley seedlings (are alkaline in nature and provide a lot of energy), alkaline mushrooms (mushrooms or even chanterelles), fruit or berries (lemons are perfect, that’s how they contain them). plenty of alkaline substances and have an alkaline effect despite their sour taste, otherwise apples, ripe bananas, avocados, etc.), certain nuts (almonds are recommended here) and natural oils (in moderation). 
  7. A purely alkaline diet serves to completely deacidify your own body, but should not be practiced permanently. Good acid forming foods should always be consumed. There are good and bad acidifiers, good acidifiers include oats, various whole grain products (spelt and co.), millet, whole grain rice, peanuts and couscous.
  8. If necessary, add some superfoods, such as turmeric, moringa leaf powder or barley grass.

#3 Being in nature

Stay in nature

An image that was very controversial on my side..., but I stand behind this statement 100%

In general, most people should know that going for a walk or being in nature every day can have a very positive effect on one's own spirit. In this context, a wide variety of researchers have already found out that daily trips through our forests have a very positive effect on our heart, our immune system and, above all, our psyche. Aside from the fact that this also strengthens our connection to nature + makes us a little more sensitive/mindful, people who are in forests (or mountains, lakes, fields, etc.) every day are much more balanced and can also deal with stressful situations much better. For this reason, especially when we are suffering from inner conflicts, we should go to nature every day. The countless sensory impressions (natural energies) are very inspiring and support our inner healing process. In that regard, appropriate environments, say forests, lakes, oceans, fields or generally natural places exert a calming/healing influence on our own mind/body/spirit system. For example, if you walk through a forest for half an hour to an hour every day, you not only reduce your own risk of a heart attack, but also improve all of your body's functionalities. The fresh (oxygen-rich) air, the countless sensory impressions, the play of colors in nature, the harmonious sounds, the diversity of life, all of this benefits our spirit. Staying in natural surroundings is therefore balm for our soul, especially since the movement is also very good for our cells, but more on that later.

We feel so comfortable in nature because it doesn't judge us. - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche..!!

There is also an enormous difference whether a person suffering from inner conflicts goes into nature every day for a month or hides at home every day. If you were to take two identical people who in turn have identical suffering and one stays at home for a month and the other goes for a walk in nature every day for a month, then it would be 100% the person who visits nature every day has, better go. It's a completely different experience and there are completely different influences that the two people would then be exposed to. Of course, a person who is depressed would find it difficult to pull himself together and go out into nature. But who then manages to overcome himself would support his own healing process.

#4 Use the healing powers of the sun

#4 Use the healing powers of the sunBathing or spending time in the sun is a direct link to going for a walk every day. Of course, it should be said at this point that it is very often cloudy in Germany (due to Haarep/geoengineering), but there are also days when the sun comes through and the sky is hardly cloudy. It is precisely on these days that we should go outside and let the sun's rays affect us. In this context, the sun is not a cancer trigger (this is ensured by the toxic sunscreen - which also reduces/filters the sun's rays....), but is extremely beneficial and inspires our own spirit enormously. Apart from the fact that our body produces a lot of vitamin D in just a few minutes/hours through solar radiation, the sun also has a euphoric effect. For example, if it's raining outside, the sky is cloudy and it generally looks very gloomy, then we humans tend to be a little more destructive, discordant or depressed overall. The urge to do something or even to go into nature is then much less present.

In swimwear, without sunscreen, in the summer and in the open air, the body can produce vitamin D in less than an hour, which is roughly the equivalent of taking 10.000 to 20.000 IU. – www.vitamind.net

On days when the sky is barely cloudy and the sun completely illuminates the day, we feel really dynamic and have a much more balanced state of mind. Of course, someone who is currently going through a very strong suffering process might find it difficult to go outside even then. But especially on days like these, we should take advantage of the sun's healing influences and bathe in its radiation.

#5 Strengthen your mind with exercise

Strengthen your mind with exerciseParallel to staying in nature or even in the sun, physical activity would also be an opportunity to boost your own healing process. Everyone should understand that sport or physical activity, or rather exercise in general, is extremely important for their own health. Even simple sporting activities or even daily walks in nature can strengthen your own cardiovascular system enormously. However, exercise not only has a positive effect on our own physical constitution, it also strengthens our own psyche. People who, for example, are often stressed, suffer from psychological problems, are hardly balanced or even suffer from anxiety attacks and compulsions can find a lot of relief with sport, especially in this respect. Likewise, people who exercise a lot or do sports can deal with inner conflicts much better, sometimes apart from which the corresponding people have more self-confidence and willpower (daily overcoming). Sufficient exercise or sporting activity can even work wonders for our own psyche at the end of the day. In particular, the effects of daily walks or even running/jogging in nature should not be underestimated in any way. Going for a run every day not only strengthens your own willpower, but also strengthens our mind, gets our circulation going, makes us clearer, more self-confident and lets us become much more balanced. Otherwise, our organs and cells are supplied with more oxygen, which means that they function much better.

The effect of movement or exercise on our own mind should not be underestimated. The influence can be enormous and help us to have significantly more life energy..!!

In the first part of this series of articles, I discussed my personal experiences with physical activity and explained how and why such activities always benefit me. If I'm in a depressive or even lethargic phase, but then after weeks I can bring myself to go for a run, I feel significantly better afterwards and immediately notice an increase in life energy and willpower. Of course, here too it is very difficult to get up to exercise and it doesn't solve our inner conflicts, but if you manage to overcome yourself and bring more movement into your life, then this can support your own healing process or better said to strengthen one's spirit.

#6 Meditation & Rest – Avoid Stress

Meditation & rest - avoid stressAnyone who does too much sport or is constantly under pressure and is constantly exposed to stress has the opposite effect and puts a strain on their own mind/body/spirit system. Of course, it should be noted here that people who are struggling with strong inner conflicts and suffer quite a bit mentally do not necessarily expose themselves to permanent stress - stress in the form of countless activities/enterprises (the mental chaos triggered by mental suffering is equated with stress ). Of course, this can also be the case, but it does not have to be mandatory. Well, ultimately we can speed up our own healing process as well by quieting down a bit and listening to our own soul. Especially when we have inner conflicts, it can be productive if we go into ourselves and try to fathom our own problems in peace. Many people are not even aware of their problems and suffer from suppressed problems as a result. Apart from the help that one can get in the form of a "soul therapist", one could try to get to the bottom of one's own problems. Then you should change your own circumstances so that you can get out of your own suffering. Otherwise, it can also be inspiring if we simply relax and practice meditation, for example. Jiddu Krishnamurti said the following about meditation: “Meditation is the purification of the mind and heart from egoism; through this purification comes right thinking, which alone can liberate man from suffering”.

You don't get health in trade, but through lifestyle. – Sebastian Kneipp..!! 

In this context, there are countless scientific studies that have clearly proven that mediation not only changes our brain structures, but also makes us more attentive and calm. Those who meditate daily will certainly be able to deal with their own problems much better as a result. Aside from meditation, you could also listen to soothing music and relax. For example, 432hz music is becoming more and more popular simply because the sounds have healing influences. But also common music, through which we can relax, would be highly recommended.

#7 Change your sleep pattern

Change your sleep patternThe last option I'll take up in this article is changing your own sleep rhythm. Basically, everyone knows that sleep is essential for their own mental and mental health. When we sleep, we recover, recharge our batteries, prepare for the day ahead and, above all, process events/energies from the previous day + formative life events that we may not have been able to deal with yet. Anyone who doesn't get enough sleep suffers greatly and causes significant damage to themselves. You are more irritable, feel sicker (weakened immune system), more lethargic, less productive and you may even experience mild depression. Apart from that, a disturbed sleep rhythm reduces the development of one's own mental abilities. You can no longer concentrate so well on the realization of individual thoughts and in the long term you have to expect a temporary reduction in your own life energy. Anyone who doesn't sleep enough also has a bad influence on their own mental spectrum. It is much more difficult to legitimize positive thoughts in your own mind and your mind/body/spirit system becomes increasingly out of balance. For this reason, a healthy sleep rhythm can be worth its weight in gold. You feel much more balanced and can deal with everyday problems much better. In exactly the same way, a healthy sleep rhythm makes us feel more energetic and appears significantly more relaxed to other people. As a result, we become more mindful and can also deal with our own inner conflicts better. Ultimately, you should go to bed early (you have to find out the appropriate time for yourself, for me personally it's too late after midnight) and then don't get up too late the next morning.

As a rule, it is difficult for us to break out of our vicious cycles. We prefer to remain in our comfort zone and find it difficult to get used to new living conditions. The same applies to the normalization of our sleep rhythm..!!

Anyway, it is a very pleasant feeling to experience the morning instead of missing it. In particular, people who suffer mentally and who always fall asleep late at night and then get up around midday should change their sleep pattern (although a healthy sleep pattern is generally recommended for everyone). There are a number of ways to change your sleep pattern. For me personally, it always works if I force myself to get up very early (around 06am or 00am - considering I was up until 07-00am the night before). .


Well then, through all these possibilities we can definitely speed up our own healing process and at the same time create a circumstance through which we can deal better with states of suffering. Of course there are countless other possibilities, but listing them all would simply not be feasible, you would have to write a book about them. However, one should always remember that even in the darkest of hours, there are ways that one can improve one's mental/spiritual state. The last part of this series of articles will then be published the days. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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