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In today's world, many people are struggling with various ailments. This does not only refer to physical illnesses, but mainly to mental illnesses. The currently existing sham system is designed in such a way that it promotes the development of a wide variety of ailments. Of course, at the end of the day we humans are responsible for what we experience and good or bad luck, joy or sorrow are born in our own mind. The system only supports - for example by spreading fears, the confinement in a performance-oriented and precarious work system or by containing important information ("disinformation-scattering" system), a process of self-destruction (expression of our EGO mind).

Blame & self-reflection

self-healingHowever, one cannot blame the system or other people for one's suffering (of course there are exceptions, for example a child growing up in a war zone - but I am not referring to that with this passage), because we humans are for our own responsible for their own circumstances. We are creation itself (the source, the inexhaustible intelligent mind) and represent the space in which everything happens (everything is a product of our mind). Consequently, we humans are also responsible for our own suffering. Whether it is cancer (of course there are exceptions here as well, for example if a core meltdown takes place in a nearby nuclear power plant and you are heavily contaminated - of course the experience of the situation would then also be a product of your own mind - but the background would be a completely different), or even destructive mental attitudes, beliefs and convictions, everything arises from our own mind and we are responsible for our health. Blame is therefore completely out of place. At the beginning of one's own self-healing, it is therefore essential to understand that others are not to blame for one's own misery. If, for example, we find ourselves in a very defective partnership and derive a lot of suffering from it, then it is up to us whether we free ourselves from it or not (of course this is often not easy, but you can still help your partner, life or even do not blame a supposed god for one's own enduring circumstance). Assigning blame does not lead us any further and prevents active self-healing.

Healing one's own ailments does not happen by undermining our own creative power and assigning supposed blame to other people. At the end of the day, we're just crowding out our own potential. We don't manage to reflect on our own lives and suppress the fact that we ourselves are the cause of suffering..!!

We “must” therefore recognize at the beginning that we ourselves are responsible for our suffering, that our suffering is a consequence of all our decisions and has become reality due to a destructive spectrum of thought. The view should therefore no longer be directed outwards (pointing fingers at others) but inwards. It is then necessary to take measures that can change the way we live.

Very important - change the alignment of your state of consciousness

heal yourselfSince all our inner conflicts represent aspects of our own reality and consequently arose from our mind, it is not only important to fathom these conflicts, but also to change our own circumstances in life so that we can manifest happiness in life. As far as this is concerned, there is no general formula by which we can unfold our happiness in life again, but you have to find that out for yourself. No one knows you better than you do. For this reason, only we humans know why we suffer (at least usually - repressed conflicts that we are no longer aware of are an exception, which is why it is not wrong , help from an outside person, – for example a Soul Therapists, to acquire. In this way, one's own suffering can be explored together. In exactly the same way, we also know what is most good for us and what stands in the way of our own happiness in life. Working within current structures is therefore a key word. One's life can only be changed in the here and now, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but in the now (what happens tomorrow will also happen in the present), in the unique moment that has always existed, is and is will give. In this context, a realignment of one's mind can be more important than ever. You have to change your own thinking and that happens by starting to change small circumstances. For example, if you are depressed and can't bring yourself to do anything, you should start initiating small changes. Because if you just wait and do nothing, you will remain in a similar mental state every day. Even if it is difficult to pull yourself together, a first step can work wonders.

No matter how dreary your life may seem, you should understand that it can also be full of happiness and joy. Even if it may be difficult at first, but for example, a small change that begins could lead to a completely new circumstance in life..!!

For example, if I'm in a phase like this and realize that I urgently need to change something, then I start running, for example. Of course, the first run is extremely exhausting and I don't get very far. But that's not the point. Ultimately, this new experience, this first step, changes my own thinking and you then look at things from a different state of consciousness.

Lay the foundations by overcoming yourself

Laying the foundations - Find a beginning

One is then proud of one's own self-overcoming. This is exactly how one feels the increase in one's own willpower and immediately draws new life energy. For me, the effect is even huge and afterwards I'm much happier than before. Of course, there are countless options that you can make use of. So you could eat a little better or go into nature. You should just do something that you know will benefit your physical and mental health, i.e. something that realigns your mind. It should ideally be something that you know is good for you, but that is difficult to implement, something that requires self-control. It may sound crazy, but such a step can steer your own life in a completely new direction. A completely new, happy life could have emerged from a corresponding experience in a year. Of course, everyone has their own ideas and methods that can help them. In exactly the same way, what works for me will not work for everyone else, because we all have different inner conflicts and just as different ideas of what benefits us. A person who was abused as a child and as a result has massive psychological suffering later in life will certainly have to proceed very differently. Well then, otherwise one could of course - even if it is difficult to manage - initiate a very big change. For example, if a person has a massive internal conflict because of a precarious job and is suffering because of it, then he should consider the possibility of leaving that job. Of course, this is made very difficult in today's world and existential fears would come up directly in one (how am I supposed to pay my rent, how do I feed my family, what am I going to do without my job). But if we ourselves suffer and perish because of it, then there is no alternative, then this disharmonious circumstance must be corrected, no matter what the cost. Otherwise we would eventually perish from it.

Internal resistance cuts you off from other people, from yourself, from the world around you. It increases the sense of separateness on which the ego's survival depends. The stronger your sense of separateness, the more attached you are to the manifest, to the world of form. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

If necessary, you could then work out a plan and consider in advance how things can go on or how the further path of life is taken. Nevertheless, this step has to be taken, at least in the example mentioned. Ultimately, that would benefit us greatly in hindsight, and we could completely recalibrate our own minds after all this time. Otherwise, there are countless other ways through which we can solve our own inner conflicts. For example, by looking a little more behind the scenes of life and acknowledging ourselves as beings who are currently experiencing separateness. We feel cut off from creation through our suffering and no longer feel a connection to everything that exists. However, one should understand that we ourselves as spiritual beings are not only connected to everything that exists, but also interact with everything in constant interaction.

If you're suffering it's because of you, if you're happy it's because of you, if you're feeling happy it's because of you. No one is responsible for how you feel but you, you alone. You are hell and heaven at the same time. – Osho..!!

Our suffering is therefore only to be understood as a temporary "decoupling" of our inner light, our divinity and also our uniqueness. We are not insignificant beings, but unique and fascinating universes that can exert a massive influence on the collective state of consciousness and bathe in the light of the primal ground. That light can return for that matter, anytime, anywhere. It is captured and manifested by our own Creator Spirit (by changing our lives). Love is therefore a state of consciousness, a frequency with which we can resonate. Anyone who manages to completely change their own world view, who regains groundbreaking self-knowledge about their own life and even gets a new insight into life, could fathom their own suffering or even clean it up.

You never bring about change by fighting the status quo. In order to change something, you create new things or take other paths that make the old superfluous. – Richard Buckminster Fuller..!!

There are countless ways you can help yourself. But which one is the most effective, we have to find out for ourselves. At the end of the day, there is a way that leads to the cleansing of our suffering and that is our own. We "have to" learn to recognize and understand our life, our conflicts, our very personal truth and our solutions. Well then, in the second part of this series I will go into further solutions and present seven possibilities that can massively support our healing process. I will examine all these possibilities, such as our diet, in great detail. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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