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As mentioned several times in my articles, we humans or our complete reality, which at the end of the day is a product of our own mental state, consists of energy. Our own energetic state can become denser or even lighter. Matter, for example, has a condensed/dense energetic state, i.e. matter vibrates at a low frequency (Nikola Tesla – If you want to understand the universe then think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration).


EnergyWe humans can change our own energetic state with the help of our thoughts. In this context, we can let our energetic state become denser through negative thoughts, which makes us feel heavier, more lethargic, more depressed overall, or we let it become lighter through positive thoughts or even thoughts of balance, which makes us feel lighter, more harmonious and more energetic feel. Since we are in constant interaction with everything we perceive, i.e. with life (our life, because the outer world is an aspect of our reality) due to our own spiritual existence, there are various circumstances which in turn can have a negative impact on us . For this reason, in this article I draw attention to an everyday circumstance that we like to let sap our energy. First of all, at the end of the day we (at least usually) only rob ourselves of our energy (an exception would be obsession, but that's another topic). For example, if someone writes a very disharmonious or hateful comment on my website, then it is up to me whether I engage in it, feel worse and let my energy be drained, i.e. whether I devote energy/attention to the whole thing, or whether I do don't let it affect me in any way. On the basis of such a situation one can also wonderfully determine one's own current state of being.

You read this article within you, you feel it within you, you perceive it exclusively within yourself, which is why you alone are responsible for the feelings that you legitimize in your own mind based on this article..!!

For if I were also made angry by the corresponding comment, then that comment, as an aspect of my own reality, would bring my own unbalanced state of being home to me. Everything we see on the outside reflects our own state of being, which is why the world is not the way it is, but the way we are.

Negative reactions from our fellow human beings

Negative reactions from our fellow human beingsHere we come to the first circumstance through which we like to let ourselves be robbed of our energy, namely through reactions from our fellow human beings, which we consider negative. We decide for ourselves what we consider negative or positive. As long as we have not disconnected ourselves from a dualitarian existence and observe circumstances as a silent observer, completely value-free, we divide events into good and bad, positive and negative. We tend to let ourselves be infected by supposedly negative reactions from our fellow human beings. This behavior is particularly prevalent on the internet. As far as that is concerned, there are often very hateful comments on the Internet (on various platforms), to which some people react very disharmoniously. For example, someone holds an opinion that is in no way consistent with our own view, or someone comments from a destructive state of mind, making a comment seem very negative. When this happens, it is up to us whether we engage in it and devote energy to it, i.e. whether we let it sap our energy and also write back negatively, or whether we don't judge the whole thing and don't engage in it at all. We absorb the corresponding message within ourselves and which feelings we then legitimize in our own mind depends entirely on ourselves. Ultimately, that was something I had to learn over the last few years. Because of my work at "Everything is Energy", I was not only able to get to know people who treat each other very lovingly and then also comment lovingly, but also people (even if there were/are only very few) who have commented in part quite derogatory and hateful (I'm not referring to criticism, which is very valuable by the way, but to purely derogatory comments).

Because of our own spirit, it always depends on each person how they deal with the circumstances, whether they let their energy be sapped or not, whether they are negative or even positive, because we are the designers of our own lives. .!!

A few years ago someone wrote that people - who represent "spiritual views" - would have been burned at the stake earlier because it would be such unrealistic ideas (no joke, I can remember that to this day, the energy conveyed is therefore always still present in me, energy stored in the form of a memory, even if I deal with it differently now), or sometimes someone comments with "what nonsense", or recently someone accused me that my only intention was to help people with exclude this website. Admittedly, in the first few years, some of these comments hit me a lot and especially in 2016, - a time when I was very depressed due to a breakup and I was not feeling well at all - the corresponding comments hit me particularly hard (I wasn't in the power of my self-love and let such comments hurt me).

We are what we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts. We form the world with our thoughts. – Buddha..!!

In the meantime, however, that has changed a lot and I only allow myself to be robbed of my energy in the rarest of cases – at least in such situations. Of course, that still happens, but basically only very rarely. And if it happens, I try to reflect on my reaction afterwards and question my disharmonious mood/counter-reaction. Ultimately, this is also a phenomenon that is very present in today's world and we like to engage in disharmonious comments. But at the end of the day, our disharmonious reaction simply reflects our own current imbalance. Instead of being robbed of your own energy or even your own peace, mindfulness and calm would then be required. It can be very productive when we then recognize our own inner discrepancy and subsequently turn to other things, because at the end of the day negative thoughts and feelings always have a disruptive influence on our entire mind/body/spirit system. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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