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It has always been very important to form your own picture of the world and, above all, to question all information, no matter where it may come from. In today's world, however, this "principle of questioning" has become even more important. We live in an information age, an age in which our state of consciousness is literally flooded with information. Often, many people can hardly distinguish between what is true and what is not. In particular, the state and the system media flood us with disinformation, half-truths, false statements, lies and distort countless events in the world in order to protect their system that limits consciousness. In this way, many people were also bred to be “system guards”, people who, in principle, reject everything that does not correspond to their conditioned and inherited worldview.

Always questions everything, including my content

Question everythingThings that seem foreign to oneself and are ridiculed, especially by the mass media, print media and television stations, then dominate one's own mind and lead to one frowning upon everything that does not correspond to the media consensus. Many people also like to use the word “conspiracy theorist” or “conspiracy theory,” which comes from psychological warfare. Of course, this word only serves to condition the masses, who, firstly, use the word against people who think differently and, secondly, can ridicule other people's worlds of thought (Here you can find out what the word conspiracy theory is really all about). In this way, a society has been created that, firstly, protects the system based on disinformation, whether consciously or unconsciously, and is proud of it. On the other hand, more and more trolls are creeping into the internet. Trolls (false accounts and co) commissioned by the government + secret services are created, which are then intended to cause a lot of confusion among sites that report on these machinations. In the same way, my site has often been plagued by such trolls, for example, there was one person who specifically badmouthed all my content and then claimed that we should stop questioning life, because everything is closed anyway complex and one could not understand life (except himself), we should just continue to live in front of us and not deal with such "nonsense" anymore.

Since more and more people are consciously in the process of spiritual awakening and gain a glimpse behind the scenes again, agents/trolls are increasingly being commissioned to smash the corresponding knowledge/ideas..!! 

The sad thing is that this scam even partially worked and some people were heavily influenced by it. Other people saw through this game and were not deterred. If you look around on the Internet, you'll see that more and more troll accounts like this are being created. But at the end of the day, this is a good sign, as it shows that the system media is increasingly losing credibility and support. Fewer and fewer people believe them and spread countless truths, be it all the false flag terror attacks, chemtrails, dangerous vaccines, the real reasons about the world wars, the fluoride lie, the NWO as a whole, etc. As far as the system trolls are concerned, that's what I have here too an interesting video for you that you should definitely watch!

Well, ultimately I can add that it is important to question all information. For this reason, thinking independently + informing yourself is very important. Don't let other people manipulate you too easily and, if in doubt, do your own research. Based on your knowledge and personal information, create your own beliefs + beliefs and ideas about life. Ultimately, I have emphasized this again and again on my site. My goal is not for other people to read my articles and blindly accept my knowledge and, if necessary, even integrate it into their world view. It is much more important to me that my content is viewed critically and that it is questioned in exactly the same way. Always form your own opinion and don't let other people influence you negatively or even manipulate you. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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