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dual soul

In this high-frequency age, more and more people meet their soul mates or become aware of their soul mates, whom they have met again and again for countless incarnations. On the one hand, people encounter their twin soul again, a complex process that is usually associated with a great deal of suffering, and as a rule they then encounter their twin soul. I explain the differences between the two soul connections in detail in this article: "Why twin souls and twin souls are not the same (twin soul process - truth - soul mate)". Nevertheless, it is precisely the dual soul process that causes many people a lot of grief and usually leads to us going through a phase of life of deep depression and heartache.

It's all about your inner healing process

Dual soul - healing processMany people believe that the dual soul process is a process that is ultimately responsible for meeting a soul mate with whom you go through the brightest + darkest moments in order to be able to have a relationship that is destined to last based on these experiences . But in reality, things usually look completely different with the dual soul. The dual soul process is in no way about spending your entire life with a corresponding person, even if it is difficult to understand, especially after separations. Ultimately, this process is just about your own inner healing process. It's about being able to regain mental, emotional and physical balance, discovering love for yourself again and gaining spiritual maturity. A complete integration of male and female parts that is ultimately of utmost importance to our own inner healing. Only if you can do it again in this context to let goIf you manage to live a life without the dual soul, if you master the dual soul process and become completely happy again, you attract the aspects into your own life that you are destined for at the end of the day.

The dual soul process is not about a partnership that has to be maintained until the end of life, but rather it is more about discovering love for yourself, regaining spiritual strength based on the mostly shadowy experiences and making progress in your own spiritual maturation process ..!!

The aspects/life circumstances that correspond to your own newly acquired positive mental state then emerge from your own grief. The encounter with the dual soul should therefore be viewed as a kind of experience that was primarily necessary for one's own psychological and spiritual development. A soul partnership or a soul partner who served as a teacher. A mirror that showed you all your mental wounds. If you would like to get an even more detailed insight into the topic of dual souls, I can only recommend the video by Martin Uhlemann linked below. There he explains exactly why the dual soul process is about your own lack of self-love and why healing, especially after a separation, does not happen through the supposedly “lost” partner, but only through yourself. In this sense, stay healthy, happy and live a life Living in harmony. 🙂

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