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We humans are very powerful beings, creators who can create or even destroy life with the help of our consciousness. With the power of our own thoughts, we can act self-determinedly and are able to create a life that corresponds to our own ideas. It depends on each person what spectrum of thoughts he legitimizes in his own mind, whether he allows negative or positive thoughts to arise, whether we join the permanent flow of flourishing, or whether we live out rigidity/stagnation. In exactly the same way, we can choose for ourselves whether, for example, we harm nature, spread/act out unrest and darkness, or whether we protect life, treat nature and wildlife with dignity or, better yet, create life and keep it intact.

Create or destroy?!

At the end of the day, we as humans all write our own stories. This is ours personal story one of many possibilities. We are not subject to a supposed fate, or rather we can be subject to a fate, at least if we submit to our own inner imbalance, if we fail to break out of our own sustainable patterns. But at the end of the day, we can take fate into our own hands and write a story, create a life that fully corresponds to our own ideas, ideals and dreams. We can create a reality in which there is unconditional love for ourselves and especially for our fellow human beings, nature, animals, etc., or we can create a reality that is based on deception, greed, self-sabotage, selfish behavior or even destruction. In our world today, many people have decided to cause harm and have consciously chosen a dark path. A dark reality driven by the EGO mind through which we view the world as if through some kind of filter. This mind ultimately diminishes the potential of our own consciousness, diminishes the development of our own spiritual mind.

Energy that vibrates at low frequencies (negative thoughts) permanently blocks our own subtle body..!!

Because of this mind, blockages often arise in our own energetic system. Our Chakras block (chakras are vortex mechanisms, interfaces between our material and our immaterial bodies), i.e. their spin is slowed down and can no longer supply the relevant areas with sufficient life energy.

Every person has 7 main chakras. The blockage of a single chakra massively worsens our own physical and psychological constitution..!! 

These blockages in turn have a very negative impact on our own physical and mental health. In this context, a closed heart chakra is always the result of a massive internal imbalance. A person who causes a lot of suffering, is malicious, does not respect our nature and animal world, has hardly any scruples, is cold-hearted + judgmental/blaspheming and discredits or even denounces other people for no reason always has a closed heart chakra.

The change of our mind

Change of our heartsIn the same way, such people have little self-love. The more you love and accept yourself, the more this inner love is transferred to the external world. But in today's world, people are raised to be egoists whose main focus should be on making a lot of money and being “successful”. We have allowed ourselves to be robbed of the ability to love ourselves and this lack of self-love, the blockage of the heart chakra and the associated development of our own egoistic mind, leads to the fact that there are people who create a reality in which chaos exists in their own minds is legitimized and one's own consciousness is used to destroy life, to create suffering. The entire current planetary circumstance is a product of human civilization, which is continuously changing the earth with the help of its consciousness and the resulting thought processes. In this context, a small percentage of people on our planet are well aware of this fact and are trying to create a world government. A small elite group that controls our world and has created a society, a system based on low vibrational frequencies, on energetic density. It is therefore intended that we humans identify with our own EGO mind and create chaos, or that we allow our own minds to be suppressed. But more and more people are recognizing the enslaving and chaos-producing system of the powerful and are vehemently rebelling against it. Humanity is awakening spiritually and is in the process of regaining its own original strength. We explore our own origins again and feel more connected to nature and the most powerful force in the universe, the power of love.

We can act self-determinedly, we can choose what we use our own mental powers for and what we don't do..!!

At the end of the day, this circumstance leads to us changing our own beliefs and attitudes and suddenly looking at the world from completely new perspectives. This is how it happens in the newly begun Age of Aquarius More and more people will find themselves in a quantum leap into awakening and, at the same time, begin to use their own creative potential to create life. More and more people are beginning to respect nature more, more and more people feel connected to it, try to live in harmony with nature and now reject the realization of suffering. It's an exciting time and we can't wait to see how this massive change will manifest itself on our earth in the next few days/weeks/months and even years. One thing is certain, no matter what happens, one way or another we will soon find ourselves in a golden age, a time in which global peace will reign and the oppression of humanity + the exploitation of our planet will no longer exist . With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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