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You are important, unique, something very special, a powerful creator of your own reality, an impressive spiritual being who in turn has enormous intellectual potential. With the help of this powerful potential that lies dormant deep within each human being, we can create a life that corresponds completely to our own ideas. Nothing is impossible, on the contrary, as mentioned in one of my last articles, there are basically no limits, only the limits that we create ourselves. Self-imposed limits, mental blocks, negative beliefs that ultimately stand in the way of realizing a happy life. In this context, every person has unique dreams that they would like to manifest in their reality in order to fulfill their happiness in life.

Realize your dreams

But we often doubt our own intellectual creativity, and we may not even be aware of it. We like to act out of our own egoistic mind (3D/material mind) and thus block the development of our own mental and spiritual powers. We often remain in self-imposed vicious cycles and hope inwardly for a groundbreaking change that should finally reach us. But ultimately there is no point in hoping for a change. Of course, hope is something we always carry in our hearts and should never give up, but ultimately change always starts within ourselves (be the change you wish for in this/your world). At the end of the day you are a powerful creator, a spiritual being, then anytime, anywhere, life changing. You can create life and create a positive living situation, or you destroy life, ignore your own cry for help for harmony + love and keep yourself trapped in a mental chaos. But you are able to change your life. You have the ability to create life on your terms. In this regard, you can also realize all your dreams - which may even have been present in your subconscious for several years/decades. It ultimately just depends on you and your personal willingness. Of course there are dreams that can only be realized through your full focus, your full attention. Dreams that don't become reality in a day. But as soon as you change the orientation of your own state of consciousness, align your own mental spectrum to the positive, as soon as you let love, calm and harmony return to your heart, then all your dreams will come true.

Use the power of your mind and draw into your life what makes your heart beat faster. It just depends on the alignment of your thought spectrum..!!

As soon as you let go of your desires and create mental space for abundance again, you will automatically attract more abundance into your life (law of resonance - like attracts like - a mind focused on abundance attracts more abundance). Everything is possible in your life and if you become aware of it again and start to develop your full potential, then you will have created a living situation in a short time that completely corresponds to your ideas. Therefore, never doubt yourself, your uniqueness and, above all, your creative abilities. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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