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Every human being is an impressive creator of his own reality, a designer of his own life, who can act self-determined with the help of his own thoughts and, above all, shapes his own destiny. For this reason, we do not have to be subject to any supposed fate or even a supposed "coincidence", quite the opposite, because everything that happens around us, all our own actions and experiences are merely products of our own creative spirit.Ultimately, we can also choose for ourselves whether we look at life or things that happen in our lives from a positive or a negative state of consciousness (we can choose for ourselves whether we want to have positive thoughts/light energies or negative thoughts/ legitimize/produce heavy energies in one's own mind).

Sustainable programming/automatisms

Sustainable programming/automatismsIn this regard, many people still tend to view some things in their lives from a negative perspective. On the one hand, this phenomenon can be traced back to negative programming/automatisms, which in turn are anchored in our own subconscious and are repeatedly transported into our own daily consciousness at certain moments in our lives. In our lives we have been conditioned from the ground up to view many things from a negative perspective. We have partly learned, for example, that it is normal to judge other people's lives, that we frown on or directly reject things that seem completely alien to us and do not correspond to our own conditioned view of the world. For this reason, we often tend to always consider the negative aspects of an event. We only see the bad in many things and have lost the ability to consider the positive aspects of something. For example, I once created a video in the great outdoors in which I philosophized about a wide variety of topics. Basically, the landscape that surrounded me was beautiful, with only a large electricity pylon adorning the background. Most people who watched my video admired nature and said how beautiful it was. These people simply saw their surroundings from a positive state of consciousness. On the other hand, there were also people who could not focus on the beauty of nature and instead only concentrated on the electricity pylon and as a result saw negative things in the overall picture.

It always depends on each person whether they look at something from a negatively oriented mind or from a positively oriented mind..!!

Ultimately, there are countless such examples. For example, if you read an article that you don't like or watch a video that you don't like at all, then you can look at the whole thing from a negative perspective and focus on everything that you don't like + yourself get into it, or you look at the whole thing from a positive perspective and say to yourself that you don't really like this video, but it still brings joy to other people.

Recognize and resolve your own negative attitudes

Recognize and resolve your own negative attitudesAt the end of the day, everything depends on the direction of our own mental state. In addition, negative aspects that one immediately sees in other things/circumstances merely represent a reflection of one's own inner state (at least when this negative perspective is also linked to strong negative emotions). Such perspectives could then reflect your own dissatisfaction or other negative aspects. This can also be attributed to the principle of correspondence (universal law). The external world is merely a reflection of one's own internal state and vice versa. In this regard, I still often tend to look at certain things from a negative perspective. I particularly noticed this some time ago at the portal days. In this regard, portal days are days predicted by the Maya on which increased cosmic radiation reaches us humans, which in turn can stir up some stuck thought patterns, inner conflicts and other programming within us. For this reason, I always looked at these days from a negative perspective and thought in advance that these days would definitely be turbulent and critical in nature. In the meantime, however, I have noticed my own destructive thinking in this regard. I then asked myself why I always view these days from a negative state of consciousness and assume in advance that there could be arguments on these days, for example. As a result, I changed my own thinking about these days and have been looking forward to portal days ever since (even if they are stormy in nature). Now I think that these days will initiate a huge development in terms of the collective state of consciousness and will be very beneficial for our own mental and spiritual prosperity. That's exactly how I now think that these days no longer have to be of a serious nature and can basically be mastered, that these days - even if they are critical - always have a positive benefit for us.

An art in life is to recognize your own negatively oriented mind in order to then be able to initiate a dissolution/reprogramming of your own mind..!!

Apart from that, a certain peculiarity also emerged from this: this new way of looking at things resolved my own mental conflict regarding the portal days. For this reason, I can only recommend that you all always pay attention to the quality of your own thoughts. If you look at something from a negative perspective, then that is of course completely okay, but the trick in such moments is to recognize that you are looking at something from a negative perspective and then ask yourself why thinks that way and, above all, how it could be changed again (which aspects are currently reflected in me). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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