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"You can't just wish for a better life. You have to go out and create it yourself”. This special quote contains a lot of truth and makes it clear that a better, more harmonious or even more successful life does not just happen to us, but is much more the result of our actions. Of course you can wish for a better life or dream of a different life situation, that's out of the question. In this context, dreams can also be very inspiring and give us drive/power. Nevertheless, one should be aware that a better life usually only becomes manifest when we create it ourselves.

Create a new life through active action

Create a new life through active actionThanks to our own intellectual powers, a corresponding project can also be realized. We humans can let new life circumstances become manifest ourselves and therefore create a life that corresponds to our ideas (this is usually possible, but too precarious life circumstances can prevent a corresponding "effect", but exceptions confirm the rule, as we know). This is made possible with the help of our own mind and the mental powers associated with it. In this way, we can imagine corresponding scenarios and then work on their realization. For this reason, every invention, or rather every created circumstance, is a spiritual product. Everything that people have experienced, felt or even created in their lives came exclusively from their own spirit. Likewise, this article is just a product of my own mental imagination (every single sentence was first thought up and then manifested by "typing" on the keyboard). In your world, the article or the reading of the article would also be a product of your own mind. You have chosen to read through these lines and have been able to expand your state of consciousness with the experience of reading this article. All the feelings and thoughts that are triggered in the are also a product of your mind. You see and read the article in you, in or with your mind. Ultimately, therefore, the entire external perceptible world is an immaterial/mental projection of your own state of consciousness. Everything you perceive is energy vibrating at a corresponding frequency. It is at its core a purely energetic world (energy, information and frequency based world) which in turn is given form by intelligent creator spirit (matter is condensed energy). Ultimately, we can direct this energy. In exactly the same way, we can also use our own mental energy in a targeted manner to bring about changes in our lives.

Don't focus all your energies on fighting the old, but on shaping the new. – Socrates

Energy always follows our own attention. What we focus on thrives and takes shape. A better life, therefore, only becomes manifest as we direct our own attention to creating a better life. Instead of constantly dreaming, it is therefore important to use one's own creative powers within current structures (acting in the now). When we dream of a better future, we don't mentally live in the now, but remain in a self-created mental future.

Success has three letters: DO. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe..!!

But it is in the now, in the ever-expanding present, that change can be made (while daydreaming, one misses the opportunity to change one's life in these moments). We should therefore act within the present and actively “work” on creating a better life. We "have to" create a corresponding life ourselves and manifest it through our actions. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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