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A person's life is ultimately a product of his own mental spectrum, an expression of his own mind/consciousness. With the help of our thoughts, we also shape and change our own reality, can act self-determined, create things, take on new paths in life and, above all, are able to create a life that corresponds to our own ideas. We can also choose for ourselves which thoughts we realize on a “material” level, which path we choose and where we direct our own focus. In this context, however, we are concerned with shaping a life, which in turn completely corresponds to our own ideas and often a path and, paradoxically, these are exactly our own thoughts.

 All of our thoughts experience a manifestation

Become master of your mindEvery person's day is shaped + accompanied by countless thoughts. Some of these thoughts are realized by us on a material level, while others linger in secret, are only grasped by us in spirit, but not realized or put into practice. Okay, at this point it has to be mentioned that basically every thought experiences a realization. For example, imagine a person standing on a cliff right now, looking down and imagining what would happen if they fell down there. At this moment, the thought would of course be realized in an indirect way, namely one would then be able to read/see/feel the thought – charged with the feeling of fear – on his face. Of course he doesn't realize the thought in this context and he doesn't fall off the cliff either, but you would still be able to see a partial realization, or rather his thought, his feeling would come into play in his facial expression (ultimately you can see this on every single thought because every thought, be it positive or negative, that we legitimize in our own mind and deal with experiences a manifestation in our radiation).

All our daily thoughts and feelings flow into our own charisma and subsequently change our own external appearance..!!

Well, this, I will now call it “partial realization”, is not what this article is about. I wanted to express much more that every person has thoughts that he realizes/acts on a daily basis and thoughts that in turn linger in our own mind.

Become the master of your mind

Become master of your mindMost of the thoughts that we put into practice on a day are usually mental patterns/automatisms that are played over and over again. Here one also likes to speak of so-called programs, i.e. mental patterns, beliefs, activities and habits that are anchored in our own subconscious and repeatedly reach our own day-to-day consciousness. A smoker, for example, will experience the thought of smoking day in and day out in his own daily consciousness and will then also realize it. For this reason, every person also has positively oriented programs and negatively oriented programs or rather programs that are energetically lighter and energetically denser in nature. All our programs are a result of our own mind and were created by us. So the program or habit of smoking was only created by our own mind. We smoked our first cigarettes, repeated this activity and thus conditioned/programmed our own subconscious. In this regard, a person also has countless such programs. From some positive actions arise, and from others negative actions. Some of these thoughts control/dominate us, while others do not control us. In today's world, however, most people have thoughts/programs that are fundamentally negative in nature. These negative programs can be traced back to early childhood trauma, formative life events or even self-created circumstances (such as smoking). But the big problem is that all the negative thoughts/programs dominate our own mind on a daily basis and as a result make us sick. Aside from the fact that these keep us from consciously drawing power from the eternal presence of the present, they simply distract us from what is important (creating a positively aligned mind, a life full of harmony, love and happiness) and permanently lower our own Vibration frequency decreases - which in the long run always leads to an unbalanced mind/body/spirit system and promotes the development of diseases.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions because they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny..!!

For this reason, it is important again that we no longer allow ourselves to be dominated by negative thoughts/programming every day, but that we begin to create a life in which we feel completely free, a life free of dependencies, constraints and fears. Of course, this doesn't just happen to us, but we ourselves have to take action and reprogram our own subconscious by weaning ourselves off. Every person has this ability in this regard, because every person is the creator of their own life, their own reality and can take their own fate into their own hands at any time, in any place.

Our appointment with life takes place in the present moment. And the meeting point is exactly where we are right now..!!

Basically, this shows how much potential every person has. With our thoughts alone we can create or destroy life, we can attract/manifest positive life events or even negative life events. Ultimately, we are whatever we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts. We form the world with our thoughts. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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