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For countless years, many people have felt as if there was something wrong with the world. This feeling becomes noticeable again and again in your own reality. In these moments you really feel that everything that is presented to us as life by the media, society, the state, industries, etc. is actually an illusory world, an invisible prison that has been built around our minds. In my youth, for example, I had this feeling very often, I even told my parents about it, but we, or rather I, could not interpret it in any way at the time, after all, this feeling was completely unknown to me and I did not know myself in any way with my own origin. Much more everyday life caught up with me afterwards and I tried to fit into a given social image.

A given life?

process of spiritual awakeningIn other words, keep going to school, get good grades, then look for a job or do an apprenticeship, study if necessary, try to earn a decent amount of money, create the status symbols, start a family, work until retirement age and then prepare for Prelude to a coming death. Even back then, this classic idea of ​​life always gave me a lot of headaches, but I didn't understand it and subsequently integrated myself into the energetically dense system. Money was also the greatest good for me at that time and I thought that only people with a lot of money were worth something - what a sick and, above all, twisted attitude to life (I let myself be blinded by a self-made, materially oriented world view)! After a few years, however, I went through a phase in which I suddenly realized myself. I subsequently realized that one does not have the right to judge other people's lives, that this is wrong and was just a result of my own selfish mind. In the same way, I suddenly recognized my own disrespect, my own intolerance and understood that I had almost no connection to nature and wildlife, that I only welcomed all things that were lucrative from a financial point of view and about conditions or activities looked away, which were detrimental to our planet and our existence. During this time, I was overtaken again and again by the most diverse self-knowledge regarding the world and my own primal ground (a process that is still taking place today, only to a different extent/on a completely different level, which also involves a completely different orientation of my own state of consciousness related). Because of this, I was grappling with the world and the chaotic planetary circumstance during this time. In the end, our life has a higher purpose, we are not just simple people, consisting of flesh and blood, who only live "ONE life" in the world and then enter a so-called "nothing".

Every human being is a unique being that creates its own reality with the help of its own mental imagination and, due to its mental ground, is connected to all of creation, even represents the space/life itself in which everything happens..!!

There is much more to life than that! As far as that is concerned, every human being is also a spiritual/mental/spiritual being that has a human experience and is reborn after "death" for the purpose of one's own mental + spiritual development. But this knowledge is concealed from us by disinformation-spreading instances. The supposedly "powerful" of the world (a powerful financial elite that has taken control of states, banks, intelligence agencies and the media) does not want us to realize this, as this knowledge could set us free spiritually. Instead, the system is designed to produce people who ridicule anything that doesn't conform to their own conditioned and inherited worldview.

Mankind is currently in a quantum leap into awakening and in this context is learning to know the truth about its own origin in an autodidactic way. As a result, the illusory world that was built around our minds is recognized again..!! 

But this suppression of the truth decreases more and more, because due to a huge newly started cosmic cycle, mankind recognizes its own spiritual abilities again self-taught. In this context, more and more people are creating short videos that address this topic. I picked out a 3 minute short video for you. This video is very insightful and, above all, triggers a very special feeling. So you should definitely check out this video titled "You've Feeled It Your Whole Life"! With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony 🙂

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