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In the course of his life, every person has asked himself what God is or what God could be, whether a supposed God even exists and what creation as a whole is all about. Ultimately, there were very few people who came to groundbreaking self-knowledge in this context, at least that was the case in the past. Since 2012 and the associated, newly started cosmic cycle (beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the platonic year, – 21.12.2012/XNUMX/XNUMX), this circumstance has changed drastically. More and more people are experiencing a spiritual awakening, are becoming more sensitive, are dealing with their own root cause and are gaining self-taught, groundbreaking self-knowledge. In doing so, many people also recognize what God really really is, why we ourselves represent an image of a divine convergence, a divine primal ground and create our own reality, our own life with the help of our own intellectual/creative abilities.

You are God, a mighty creator

God - All ExistenceAt the end of the day, it also looks like everything in existence is God. Ultimately, the entire existence is an expression of God, people, animals, vegetation, nature, the universe, everything you can even imagine is an image of an all-pervasive creative spirit, a gigantic, almost incomprehensible consciousness that is ours gives form to the material universe and is the reason for all life. For this reason, consciousness is also our original reason and, at the same time, also the highest authority in existence, an infinite, eternally expanding spirit that unfolds on all levels of existence and thereby continuously experiences itself. In this regard, every person is an expression of consciousness, uses their own mind to explore their own life and can use this limitless power to create or even destroy life. Consciousness divides, individualizes, creating a world filled with unique and individual mechanisms. Man uses his own divine potential, his own mental powers to create/shape his own life. For this reason, all of life is also a product of one's mental imagination, a product of consciousness. Everything you have ever done, felt, experienced, created, experienced in your life was based solely on your mental power. Likewise, every invention first existed in the form of a thought. People who had certain thoughts, people who had an idea about a corresponding product and then realized this thought using their own willpower.

All of life is ultimately a product of one's own mental imagination. An immaterial projection of one's own state of consciousness..!!

They stuck to their dream, to their thoughts, bundled their energy, focused on its realization and thus created new achievements. That's exactly how your first kiss, for example, first existed in your thoughts. For example, you were in love, imagined kissing the person in question and then realized the thought by committing the act. You plucked up the courage and kissed your lover.

Consciousness = creation

creationFor this reason, awareness or awareness and the resulting thoughts are also the creative forces in all of existence. Without thought nothing can ever be created, without consciousness no life can function, let alone exist. Everything that exists can ultimately be traced back to consciousness, an all-pervasive spirit that individualizes, expresses and permanently experiences/recreates itself, for example through incarnation in the form of a human being. The special thing about it is that God or consciousness has always existed. Consciousness has always existed and always will. The immaterial universe did not arise from something, but it has always existed and is constantly re-creating itself, in both negative and positive aspects, even if consciousness at its core naturally has neither male nor female parts; apart from our dualitarian existence, it is space-timeless + polarity-free. Good and bad, negative and positive therefore only arise from our own evaluation. We judge things, categorizing them as positive or negative, and so continue to reside in a dualitarian existence. Nevertheless, this does not change the fact that you yourself represent a god, a divine being. We humans are not small, meaningless beings, but we are powerful creators who use our own mental imagination, our own consciousness, to create our own life, our own reality. Because of this, we often have the feeling that the universe is revolving around us. No matter what you do in a day, you end up sitting alone in your room at the end of the day and wondering what all this has to do with you, why you have this strange feeling again, as if everything is changing only revolves around oneself (not meant in a narcissistic or egoistic sense), as if everything only serves one's own mental + spiritual development and the outer world only represents a mirror of one's own inner state.

Our own spirit, our own immaterial presence connects us with everything that exists, ensures that our own thoughts always influence and change the collective state of consciousness..!!

In this context, this is also an integral part of life, of one's own life. It should be said that the universe is not just about you, you don't just create it out of yourself, but you yourself represent a single, complex universe, a universe that can change its own direction at any time. A separate universe that arises from one's own mind is responsible for the fact that everything is one, that everything is connected to one another in existence. You can choose whether you want to create a positive or a negative life. Whether to accept things as they are, or to draw negativity from one's past life (guilt, etc.).

The highest vibrating power in the universe that a human being can experience through their own consciousness is love. The energetically dense counterpart to this would be fear..!!

We are so powerful that we can legitimize fears or even love in our own minds, we can choose whether we ourselves thrive magnificently or remain stuck in rigid patterns of life. We can choose whether we treat our fellow human beings with love and respect, or whether we project negative feelings onto other people and create disagreements. It is always beneficial if we create a reality in which love inspires our own state of consciousness, in which love instead of fears dominates our own minds. At any time we can make use of the highest vibrating power in the universe that can be experienced through consciousness (love). It depends only on ourselves, on using our own creative power. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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