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A few years ago, actually it should have been the middle of last year, I published an article on another site of mine (which no longer exists) listing all the things that in turn lower our own frequency state or can even increase. Since the article in question no longer exists and the list or the topic was always present in my mind, I thought to myself that I would take up the whole thing again.

A few introductory words

frequencyBut first I would like to give you a little insight into the topic and also point out some important things. In this context, it is important to understand at the outset that a person's entire existence is a product of their own mind. Everything happens on the level of our state of consciousness. Our consciousness, which in turn represents our complete creative expression, has a corresponding frequency state. This frequency state includes all aspects of our being that we constantly express, for example through our charisma. There are, of course, a wide variety of circumstances through which we can experience a reduction or even an increase in our frequency condition. At this point one could also speak of different states of consciousness, which are always associated with an individual frequency. Since ultimately everything takes place in our own mind (just as you, for example, perceive/process my written words in you and also all sensations are only experienced in yourself), our mind or we ourselves, as spiritual beings, is for different people Frequency states and states of consciousness responsible. The following list therefore represents aspects that go hand in hand with a lowering/raising of our own frequency, but nevertheless and this is the important point, can only be experienced through our mind, in which all actions/alignments arise. In exactly the same way, the aspects mentioned below have a completely individual effect on each person.

Lowering our own frequency:

  • The main reason for a lowering of one's own frequency state is usually always a disharmonious mental orientation (thoughts - sensations - ideas). This includes thoughts/feelings of hate, anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, greed, sadness, self-doubt, envy, stupidity, judgments of any kind, gossip, etc.
  • Any form of fear, including fear of loss, fear of existence, fear of life, fear of being abandoned, fear of the dark, fear of illness, fear of social contacts, fear of the past or the future (lack of mental presence in the present ) and fear of rejection. Otherwise, this also includes any form of neuroses and obsessive-compulsive disorders, which in turn can be traced back to fears that are legitimized in one's own mind.
  • Overactivity of one's own egoistic mind (EGO), purely materially oriented thinking/acting, exclusive fixation on money or material goods, no identification with one's own soul/divinity, lack of self-love, contempt/disregard for other people, nature and the animal world, lack of fundamental/spiritual knowledge.
  • Other real "frequency killers" would be any form of addiction and habitual abuse, which understandably includes tobacco, alcohol, drugs of any kind, coffee addiction, drug abuse (e.g. the regular use of painkillers, antidepressants, sleeping pills, hormones and all other drugs), money addiction, gambling addiction, which should not be underestimated, consumption addiction, all eating disorders, addiction to unhealthy food or heavy food/gluttony, fast food, sweets, convenience products, soft drinks, etc. (this section primarily refers to permanent or regular consumption)
  • An unbalanced sleep/biological rhythm (regularly going to bed late, getting up too late) 
  • Electrosmog, including WiFi, microwave radiation (treated food loses its liveliness), LTE, soon 5G, mobile phone radiation (our personal contact is decisive here)
  • Chaotic living conditions, chaotic way of life, permanent residence in untidy/dirty rooms, avoiding natural surroundings
  • Spiritual arrogance or a general arrogance that one shows, pride, arrogance, narcissism, selfishness, etc.
  • Too little exercise (e.g. no physical activity)
  • Persistent sexual overstimulation or sexual dulling from daily masturbation (in men, due to the loss of energy – ejaculation, – particularly distressing, especially in combination with pornography consumption
  • Permanently staying in your own comfort zone, hardly any willpower, little self-control

Increasing our own frequency:

  • The main reason for an increase in one's own frequency state is always a harmonious mental alignment. Responsible for this are usually thoughts/feelings of love, harmony, self-love, joy, charity, caring, trust, compassion, mercy, grace, abundance, gratitude, Bliss, balance and peace.
  • A natural diet always results in an increase in one's own frequency state. This includes the greatest possible renunciation of animal proteins and fats (especially in the form of meat/fish, since meat contains negative information in the form of fear and death - hormonal contamination, otherwise animal proteins contain acid-forming amino acids, which in turn acidify our cell environment - there is beneficial and intolerable acids), that the supply of living foods, i.e. many medicinal plants/herbs (ideally freshly harvested from natural surroundings), sprouts, seaweed, vegetables, fruit, in moderation various nuts, seeds, legumes etc., fresh water (in Ideally spring water or energized water - possible through thoughts, healing stones, sacred symbolism - traced back to Dr. Emoto in this/last century), herbal teas (freshly brewed herbal teas and ideally enjoy in moderation) and various superfoods (barley grass, wheat grass, moringa -leaf powder, turmeric, coconut oil and co.).
  • Identification with one's own soul or with one's own creation/divinity, harmonious ideas, beliefs and convictions, respect for nature and the animal world.
  • A balanced and natural sleep/biorhythm,  
  • Space and atmosphere harmonizers, including orgonites, chembusters, vortices of elements, the flower of life, etc.
  • Staying in the sun and in natural environments in general – Getting in tune with the five elements, going barefoot (ion exchange)
  • High-frequency, pleasant or soothing music & music in a 432Hz frequency - concert pitch (generally music that we experience as soothing)
  • Orderly living conditions, orderly way of life, staying in tidy/clean premises
  • Physical activity, going for long walks, exercise in general, dancing, yoga, meditation, stepping out of your comfort zone, overcoming yourself, etc.
  • Live consciously in the present or act consciously from the present.
  • The consistent renunciation of all pleasures and addictive substances (the more one renounces, the clearer/more vital one feels and the more pronounced one's own willpower becomes).
  • Targeted use of one's own sexuality (sexual energy = life energy), temporary conscious sexual abstinence (has nothing to do with religious dogmas - it's all about a temporary manifestation of one's own sexual energy, which makes one feel much more vital. Sexuality that one, in turn, lives out with a partner, especially when accompanied by love and positive feelings, rather than dull routine - unlovingly

Finally, I would like to add that this list cannot of course be generalized, but is merely a result of my perception, experiences, beliefs and convictions. Apart from that, there are certainly countless other aspects that could be listed here, there is no question about that. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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