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I have addressed this topic on my site a few times and yet I keep coming back to it, simply because some people feel downright lost in the current age of awakening. Likewise, many people let the fact that certain elite families completely dominate our planet or the collective state of consciousness and want to control, frighten.

The world only changes when we change ourselves

The world only changes when we change ourselvesA certain anger also spreads in the minds of some people. Anger at the current sham system. Anger at the puppet politics/puppet politicians and anger at the wanted chaotic planetary circumstance. Likewise, many doubt the manifestation of a coming golden age and fear the implementation of the new world order. Often your own power is then undermined or ignored and you convince yourself that you are too small to make a difference. But it is precisely these self-imposed blockages that prevent us from manifesting a reality in which our truth and, above all, our inner peace can liberate the world. In this context, we must never forget that we have incredible potential to create and reshape the world. Our thoughts and emotions therefore exert a massive influence on the collective state of consciousness, i.e. our current frequency state flows into the collective frequency. Each individual is therefore able to increase or even decrease (change) the frequency of the collective. Ultimately, we humans ourselves represent the key that will open the door to a new age for you (we can be the chosen ones if we become aware of it and fully step into our heart energy - high state of consciousness, - embodiment of truth, peace, love and wisdom).

Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions because they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny..!!

Of course, in my articles I repeatedly emphasize that we are currently in an inevitable age of awakening and that the truth about our primal cause and also the truth about the illusory system will revolutionize the world. This process can no longer be reversed and a free world in which harmony, peace, justice, health and harmony will prevail (a world in which free energy, natural remedies and financial security are available to everyone - not utopia, but a realizable world) reaches us 100%, everything points to it.

We are the key to the new age

We are the key to the new ageHowever, this does not happen by waiting and doing nothing or even by letting our unique creative expression be reduced to a minimum, but by becoming aware of our uniqueness and representing the change that we wish for in the world. Change and peace does not begin on the outside, but in our innermost (because the outer perceptible world is a projection of our inner world). A supposed paradise or even a free world does not arise by itself, but it begins in our spirit. At the end of the day we attract what we are and what we radiate, and the more we embody freedom, justice and truth, the more these states become more manifest. For example, if we want the media that have been brought into line (such as Spiegel, Bild, Welt or even ARD and co.) to lose their power, then this can only happen if we do not buy the relevant newspapers ourselves and stop watching the stations (preferably not at all don't watch TV anymore^^). If we want various drug cartels to lose their power then we will inevitably have to change our lifestyle to not be dependent on drugs anymore, or we will heal ourselves with very effective alternative medicines (and a natural/alkaline diet). If we want McDonalds to lose its power, then we mustn't go there anymore (you don't give the whole thing any energy and if it should come up or you're asked about it, then you pass on your own energy/experience). It is important that no more energy is given to the whole thing (energy follows our attention). Of course, many people don't find it easy to part with such circumstances simply because they have been used to them (conditioned to them) for decades.

Be yourself the change you wish for in this world” – Gandhi..!!

In exactly the same way, with this article I also give energy to the corresponding companies or institutions, even if this happens in the form of enlightenment (it therefore happens in a different sense). Likewise, I still have my own issues and I keep finding myself indulging in low-frequency circumstances (it's just a cleansing process that's taking place, little by little we're changing our beliefs, beliefs, and lifestyles). Nevertheless, this is a path that is unavoidable, at least when it comes to freeing the world from slave systems (of course there is much more to it and explosive things will happen in the next few years, for example the supposedly powerful will make huge mistakes so that more people will rethink - nevertheless, the embodiment of the peace that one desires for the world is a very important and unavoidable step - one cannot expect peace if one does not feel/live it).

There is no creator but the spirit. Everything in existence is an expression of consciousness..!!

And we don't even have to feel bad, get angry, or consider all of these things as sacrifices, just live a life of peace and truth, a life of changing the world with the power of our own minds. At some point a critical mass of "awakened" people will be reached, which will force the current sham system to change. It all depends on ourselves, because we are the creators of life (all perceptible life springs from you/from your mind). We are the designers of our destiny and represent the source itself. In other words, we are the space in which everything happens, we are life itself and, as the "chosen ones", we can create the basis for a new world by becoming aware of it. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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