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Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza have fascinated people of all cultures for thousands of years. The mighty pyramid complex has a special charisma that is difficult to resist. In the last few centuries it was assumed that these mighty buildings were built by the Egyptian people of the time according to the ideas of Pharaoh Djoser-Zaerbaut. In the meantime, however, countless facts show the exact opposite.

The pyramids were built by a highly developed civilization.

Extremely many irrefutable facts indicate that the pyramid complex of Giza was built by a highly developed civilization. The pyramids could not have been built by human hands alone. Especially not from a civilization that according to our history books was vastly inferior to our culture. But the pyramids or all pyramids and pyramid-like buildings in this world have characteristics that should make it clear to us that fully conscious beings were instrumental in the construction of these wonders of the world.

pyramidsFor example, the Pyramids of Giza consist of approximately 2.300.000 million stone blocks, each weighing between 2 and 30 tons. Some of them even weighed up to 70 tons. Simple cable pulls are not enough to process these chunks. Apart from the fact that these rocks had to be transported away from a mountain a kilometer away. It all sounds completely utopian!

The mathematical constants Pi and Phi draw the structure of the pyramid!

The pyramids are also of perfect construction. Therefore, they have survived the last millennia almost unscathed. They have neither become brittle, nor is there any sign of decay (if you were to leave a common high-rise building maintenance-free for centuries, this building would rot and eventually collapse).

PhiThis is because the pyramids were built using the mathematical constants pi and phi. According to our history books, these formulas were far too complex for the civilizations of the time and totally undiscovered. Above all, the golden ratio phi is one of the most enigmatic and perfect constants in the universe. The pyramids were all built according to these 2 formulas. So how is this possible? There are countless other exciting facts that prove that there is far more to the pyramids than we are "led to believe". There is a film on this topic that explains in great detail why the pyramids could not have been built by human hands or only by fully conscious people.

This very complex documentation also helped me a lot in my endeavors and my spiritual development. I don't want to deprive you of this film. Enjoy the movie "The Pyramid Lie". 

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