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In recent years there has been increasing talk of the so-called apocalyptic years. It was mentioned again and again that an apocalypse is imminent and that various circumstances will lead to the end of mankind or the planet with all the creatures living on it. Our media in particular have done a lot of propaganda in this context and have always drawn attention to this topic with different articles. In particular, December 21, 2012 was completely ridiculed in that regard and deliberately associated with the end of the world. But that day only heralded a new beginning cosmic cycle, a 26.000 year cycle that initiated an enormous expansion of the collective consciousness (a quantum leap into awakening).

What the term apocalypse really means...

term apocalypse

Basically, the apocalyptic years only mean a short span of years in which, due to very special cosmic circumstances, people are experiencing a time of spiritual awakening. Various interacting systems increase the vibration level of our solar system, which at the end of the day means that humans can again evolve into a spiritually free and multidimensional being. Nevertheless, most people think of the end of the world when they hear the word apocalypse. This is mainly due to the mass media conditioning our subconscious with this fallacy. But one should understand in this context that the word apocalypse comes from the Greek and does not mean end of the world, but unveiling, revelation or unveiling. The true meaning of this word hits the nail on the head. Humanity is currently in a time of revelation, of great awakening. There is a widespread unveiling of the current planetary circumstance taking place. In doing so, humanity once again sees through the spiritually enslaving mechanisms on our planet and ultimately understands why the belligerent planetary circumstance is as it is. Mankind recognizes that it is kept in an artificially created state of consciousness and is supported by various authorities every day Half-truths and disinformation is fed. Mankind unmasks the political apparatus, exposes the unscrupulous machinations of the financial elite and can no longer identify with the energetically dense political system.

Mankind recognizes its own true origin again..!!

Furthermore, the time of global revelation leads to humanity re-exploring the true ground of their own life, which ultimately leads to more and more people dealing with the teachings of the spirit (spirituality). A process that fortunately is irreversible and allows more and more people to become more sensitive.

The truth is unstoppable…!!

The truthA cornerstone was laid for this in 2012. The 26.000 millennial cycle ended, began anew, and a new age, the Age of Aquarius, was ushered in again on the cosmic level. Since that time, our solar system has experienced that, due to the orbit of the Pleiades in conjunction with its own rotation, a light area of ​​the galaxy has entered, a rapid decondensation of its own energetic basis, which is expanding from year to year (increase in vibration frequency). This energetic increase is noticeable in the entire universe. This becomes particularly visible when you look at the current collective state of consciousness of humanity. In the years after 2012, a massive spiritual shift took place in people's minds. Humanity felt the tremendous rise in planetary vibrational levels. As a result, she experienced an expansion of her own consciousness, which ultimately led to many people increasingly questioning the true background of life. The question of the meaning of life and the origin of one's own existence increasingly came into focus again. Dominant systems and political, economic, state and media interests and actions were now specifically questioned. A large part of humanity suddenly understood that we basically live on a planet of punishment, that there are elitist groups that contain our consciousness on various levels in order to keep us humans captive in an ignorant frenzy. But now humanity is finding out again that it ultimately represents only human capital for a small group of powerful families, that for these hidden rulers it is only a matter of us humans functioning without questioning the currently prevailing systematics.

Mankind learns autodidactically to question energetically dense systems..!!

More and more people are dealing with the real political causes and therefore see through the mentally oppressive mechanisms on our planet. Of course, the cabal families are aware of this issue. Therefore, they do everything they can to keep us humans from this change. The energetic increase on our planet is consistently kept silent. If it is mentioned by scientists, then only in an extremely negative context. Our system is built in such a way that the true background of certain events is completely withheld from us or that these backgrounds are completely taken out of context. For this reason, a massive fight is currently taking place between the state, media complex and the population. More and more people no longer believe media reports.

The apocalyptic years have literally initiated the quantum leap into awakening..!!

You begin to critically question both sides of the same coin. The days of blind action are over and lies are increasingly being exposed. The apocalyptic years have laid the foundation for this and it is only a matter of time before a complete economic, political and media change takes place. That is why we can count ourselves lucky that we have incarnated at this time and now have the chance to experience the greatest change in human history. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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