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State of consciousness

Humanity is currently undergoing a unique transformation. Every single person experiences a tremendous further development of their own mental state. In this context, we often talk about a transformation of our solar system, whereby our planet and the creatures that live on it become 5 dimension entry. The 5th dimension is not a place in that sense, but rather a state of consciousness in which higher emotions and thoughts find their place. A period when humanity begins again to create an entirely positive circumstance. A new age that also leads to our collective consciousness re-exploring the true cause of life.

An energetically dense state of consciousness

The collective consciousness

Humanity is currently experiencing a groundbreaking development of its own spirit. In doing so, we rediscover our true source and experience a tremendous energetic deconcentration of our own consciousness.

Basically, an energetically dense vibration level prevailed in our solar system in the past centuries. This circumstance meant that we humans had a rather low/ignorant state of consciousness. The connection to the egoistic mind was strong and because of this 3-dimensional, material thinking was in the foreground. This thinking led us humans to act more from lower aspects of our being. In exactly the same way, people gained various important moral insights about life, even in small intervals. For example, it took a very long time for women to be recognized as equal beings. In the past, women were completely oppressed and had almost no rights. In addition, women were burned in droves at the stake. Just think how many centuries of years it took for progress to be made there. Of course, there is still oppression and injustice regarding women in various countries today, but this is no longer a comparison to earlier times. Just like that, judgment and gullibility were firmly embedded in people's minds back then, especially when it came to faith. On the one hand, certain religions were seen as the holy grail and anyone who did not represent this religion was severely marginalized by society, even persecuted. On the other hand, due to ignorance, there was extreme gullibility. You could scare people with the simplest of things. People were made submissive by fear, for example, they were told that if one sinned or did not follow Christianity, purgatory would await them. At that time, many believed in it and thereby severely limited their own intellectual powers. Of course, a lot of fear is still generated today by governments, the media and parts of society, but this situation cannot even be compared to earlier times. Furthermore, mankind was repeatedly oppressed and enslaved by various rulers. If you look at these times like this, you look back on epochs that were characterized exclusively by darkness and suffering. Of course there is still a lot of darkness and suffering on our planet today, but some things have changed in the meantime.

The planetary circumstance is changing

My idea of ​​the meaning of life

The planetary circumstance is about to change. The chaotic and warlike conditions on our planet are increasingly being questioned and mankind can no longer identify with the energetically dense circumstance that was consciously created on our planet. 

Through the Internet, people are connected to one another worldwide and have access to information that was otherwise almost impossible to obtain. Nowadays, everyone can form their own free opinion and use the Internet to obtain important information on a wide variety of topics. Especially as far as spiritual knowledge and true political backgrounds are concerned, there was serious ignorance in the past human history, but this circumstance is currently changing due to groundbreaking technologies that interact with an unbiased mind, which in turn develops Solar system own vibration increase is due to, enable us to massively develop our own sensitive abilities. Mankind is finding its spiritual, 5-dimensional mind again, but energetically dense behavior and thought processes have to be dissolved. In this context, people decompress their own consciousness again in order to be able to create a completely positive environment. Consciousness is made up of energetic states, Density, simply put, is due to negativity of any kind, and Light is due to positivity of any kind. The more positive and balanced one's state of mind is, the lighter one's energetic base becomes. Our consciousness is constantly expanding, but now a large part of humanity is beginning to understand/use this gift again to create a positive state of consciousness. For this reason, very many people cannot identify with the current political system, because it is an energetically dense system that is responsible for the current, warlike and chaotic state on our planet. For this reason, political lies and intrigues are also increasingly being uncovered, because people are now looking behind the scenes of life and recognizing the artificially created or energetic dense state of consciousness in which we are consciously held captive. The collective consciousness is developing extremely because of this. All thoughts and sensations flow into the collective consciousness and expand it. The more people legitimize a positive range of thoughts in their own mind, the energetically lighter and more sensitive the collective consciousness becomes. In the past, the collective as a whole was more negative/low vibrating.

The energetic structure of the collective was at a low frequency, now this frequency is raised through the inner development of each human being. We are evolving again into a multidimensional, sensitive, cosmic society and the collective reality, that collective consciousness is experiencing a tremendous increase in its own frequency in this context, is gaining in energetic light and will increasingly draw a positive circumstance from day to day on the core of our life is based on truth. Whoever recognizes the truth and understands that the chaotic state on our planet was created by various powerful people/families to keep us captive in an ignorant frenzy, will automatically develop massively spiritually, there is no doubt about it. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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