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conspiracy theory

The term “conspiracy theory” or even “conspiracy theorist” has become increasingly popular in recent years. In this context, more and more people are using these terms and denouncing people who think differently. In this regard, people like to use these words to ridicule other people and reduce other people's ideas to a minimum. It is also often claimed that esoterics or people with right-wing ideas mostly believe in such “conspiracy theories”. In this way, people are deliberately pigeonholed, discredited and vilified as weirdos. At the end of the day, esotericism only means belonging to the inner, Exoteric in turn belonging to the outside.

Conditioning of the masses - language as a weapon

Conspiracy theoristAnd the "right" (especially when the system media describes others as right-wing populists - as Xavier Naidoo recently called it) basically refers to people who are only critical of the system and draw attention to consciously created abuses, be it chemtrails, dangerous vaccines or even State funding of terrorist groups (Most acts of terrorism in recent years, particularly in Europe, have been planned and carried out by powerful wealthy families/financial elites, heads of state and intelligence agencies). As soon as, for example, in Germany, especially as a well-known personality, you are critical of the system and express your opinion in this regard, you are directly defamed by countless other instances as dangerous/right-wing and then exposed to ridicule. This is exactly how one is directly referred to as a "conspiracy theorist". As far as that is concerned, only very few people know what this term is really all about, where this term actually comes from and why it is used specifically against people who think differently. Basically, this term comes from psychological warfare and was developed/coined by the CIA in order to be able to silence critics who doubted Kennedy's current assassination theory. At that time, many journalists doubted the Lee Harvey Oswald theory. Many indications were found that others (secret services) were behind the assassination and were not satisfied with the seemingly unchangeable theory. Especially after Lee Harvey Oswald was shot dead on the way to Dallas State Penitentiary two days after his arrest, voices grew louder that there was something fishy about the story.

The term "conspiracy theory" is used to denounce people who think differently or people who could pose a threat to the system based on disinformation..!!

To put an end to all this, the word "conspiracy theory" was really coined. Subsequently, all critics were denounced as "conspiracy theorists" and deliberately exposed to ridicule. The result was that many critics had massive problems in their immediate social environment, because who would want to have anything to do with a "crazy", with a "conspiracy theorist".

The Suppression of the Truth

conspiracy theorySince then, the term has been used whenever truths are uncovered that could harm the upkeep of the current system or even the credibility of many politicians. In this way, a psychological weapon has been developed with which to condition the subconscious of many people who continue to act against, smile at and denounce anyone who expresses an opinion that does not correspond to their inherited worldview. Ultimately, however, this conditioning works less and less. Our politicians and the term "conspiracy theorists" are losing more and more credibility and people understand what it's really all about. Of course, people continue to try with all their might to pigeonhole people and call them “conspiracy theorists”, right-wing populists or something else. At the end of the day, that doesn't matter too much, because the undermining of awakened people is slowly but surely coming to an end and finding less and less appeal. As far as I'm personally concerned, I can only say that this pigeonhole thinking leads to nothing anyway, on the contrary, you just reduce the world of thoughts of another person to a minimum and try everything that doesn't match your own conditioned and inherited world view, or what doesn't match the ideas of the "Systems" corresponds to discredit. I always say that in the end we are all human. Likewise, I am not an esotericist, mystic, rightist, leftist, dogmatist or anything else.

Humanity is basically one big family and that's how we should behave. Instead of denigrating other people, we should question, exchange ideas instead of deliberately keeping our distance and insulting or even denouncing the lives of other people..!!

I'm just a young person expressing my own thoughts. And that's exactly what we should focus on. On the aspect that we are all human beings, who all create their own reality with the help of their own mental imagination, have their own beliefs + convictions and have individual ideas. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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