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The world or the earth together with the animals and plants on it is always moving in different rhythms and cycles. In the same way, humans themselves go through different cycles and are bound to fundamental universal mechanisms. So not only is the woman and her menstrual cycle directly tied to the moon, but man himself is linked to the overarching astronomical network. Sun and moon have a constant effect on us and are in direct energetic exchange with our own mind, body and soul system.

Our connection with nature

Our connection with natureWhether large or small, corresponding cycles, with which we are closely connected, interact with us on all levels of existence and often also show us a corresponding current energy quality in which we should ideally move. According to the law of rhythm and vibration, which states that everything moves in cycles and rhythms, we too should follow the natural rhythms of life. The annual cycle represents a very important cycle. Four major natural cycles are passed through, the alternation of which is initiated by magical sun festivals. At its core, spring, summer, autumn and winter each carry an individual quality of energy that has a direct effect on our own lives and in this respect also wants to be lived. In winter, times of reflection, retreat, rest and gaining strength are in the foreground, while in spring, for example, a spirit of optimism, growth, flourishing and a general "going forward" quality is manifest. And the more we find ourselves in the process of spiritual awakening, the stronger we feel our connection to these special four cycles, i.e. we feel their corresponding effects and energy more strongly. The magic penetrates deeper to us and thanks to the increased sensitivity that goes with it, we can feel much more immersed in the cycle of nature. However, to confuse our own minds and above all to muddle our own energy system or to undermine our nature-connected interpretation, dense civilization has established structures which in turn function in the opposite way to nature. With Sylvester, for example, a festival is celebrated that is associated with a major disruption in this regard.

Sylvester - disruption of hibernation

Sylvester - disruption of hibernationRegardless of the fact that the environment is heavily polluted on this day and that nature and wildlife are massively disturbed by loud noise, sometimes even frightened, the new year begins at a time when absolute calm should prevail. December, January and February represent months of deep winter and consequently months of absolute calm. We celebrate the rough nights, are withdrawn, give in to the rest and recharge our batteries for spring, which in turn goes hand in hand with the overarching upswing. Therefore, the true New Year begins on March 21st, directly associated with the vernal equinox. In other words, the day on which a deep activation takes place in nature and everything moves towards the light or towards thriving. Likewise, the Great Sun Zodiac cycle begins anew on that day. So the sun moves from the zodiac sign Pisces into the zodiac sign Aries and thus heralds the cycle anew. With this day the hibernation comes to an end and spring begins. Yet this is celebrated around the world in complete contravention of the cycle of nature. January, in other words another month of deep calm, should serve as a month of upswing and new beginnings.

Our alignment with nature

With a loud bang we should be put into a mood of upheaval and also enter an energy quality that is not intended by nature for this time. And that ultimately represents a major disruption of our natural cycle. Well, and even if an energy of new beginnings takes effect on this day in a certain way, especially since the entire collective is prepared for a new beginning and thus maintains the corresponding program of optimism, so should we nevertheless follow nature and live by the true essence of January or the depths of winter. Our adaptation to nature is unstoppable anyway and we can therefore look forward to the time when the world has changed in such a way that this festival has also been adapted to the cycles of nature. The real world will come. But well, before I end the article, I would like to point out again that you can also find the content in the form of an article reading on my Youtube channel, on Spotify and on Soundcloud. The video is embedded below, and links to the audio version are below:

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In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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