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We live in a world where we live in downright overconsumption at the expense of other countries. Due to this abundance, we tend to indulge in corresponding gluttony and consume countless foods. As a rule, the focus is mainly on unnatural foods, because hardly anyone has a massive overconsumption of vegetables and co. (when our diet is natural then we don't get the daily food cravings, we are much more self-controlled and mindful). There are ultimately the myriad of candies, convenience foods, sodas, sugar-juices, fast foods, or to put it another way, "foods" that are loaded with trans fats, refined sugars, artificial/chemical additives, flavor enhancers, and other unnatural ingredients that many people keep turning to access throughout the day.

Gluttony in today's world

Gluttony in today's worldFor this reason, a lack of nutritional awareness is also very present in today's world. Instead of paying attention to our diet and eating habits, instead of restraining ourselves, being self-controlled and taking care of a healthy physical condition, we feed our bodies with countless toxins, which in turn have a very lasting influence on our own mind/body Exercise / soul system. Here one also likes to speak of energetically dense or even energetically "dead" food, i.e. food that is completely destroyed purely in terms of the "energetic structure" (low frequency state). Through the daily consumption of industrial food, we are not only increasingly poisoning our own organism, but we also experience an impairment of our natural sense of taste, which is why we are so used to artificial and overstimulating industrial food. Due to the dullness in taste that developed as a result and, above all, the associated unnatural diet, we have lost our sense of a natural and regulated diet. We could return to a natural eating behavior within a short period of time and also normalize our sense of taste. If you do without all unnatural foods for two weeks, eat a completely natural diet and then drink a glass of cola, you will find that the cola is anything but digestible, yes, even much too sweet, tastes sometimes inedible and is in the throat burns (I've already had the experience and I was surprised myself by my irritated sense of taste).

A natural diet can work wonders and have an incredible healing effect on our own mental + physical condition..!! 

Apart from that, an appropriate diet (e.g. a natural, base-excessive diet) changes the orientation and quality of our own state of consciousness.

Addiction to “dead food”

Addiction to "dead food"You get a completely different perspective on food. You become much more mindful, stronger-willed and have significantly more life energy. You then develop a nutritional awareness and live in a much more regulated way overall. At the same time, a natural diet also means that you no longer indulge in gluttony. Over time, the body adapts to the natural diet and we would no longer consume countless foods throughout the day. This is exactly how you find out how little food your body needs. This whole overconsumption of food is far too much for your own body and you create countless disadvantages that are not only noticeable in physical impairments. Apart from the fact that you support countless industrial cartels, which in turn sell poisons to us (they are “foodstuffs” that trigger chronic physical poisoning) through a corresponding overconsumption. Not to mention the factory farming. Countless creatures who have to give their lives every day for our addiction and live under the worst conditions. Here we come to a point, which is why many people find it difficult to part with an appropriate diet, namely the addiction to unnatural foods. Even if you don't necessarily want to admit it, we "have to" understand that we ourselves are addicted to these foods. Sweets, soft drinks, fast food and above all meat are mainly consumed in excess because we are addicted to these foods. If this were not the case, then in an instant we could stop consuming these foods and all diet plans and dietary changes would not be a problem.

We humans "have to" admit to ourselves that unnatural foods trigger an addictive craving in us, which is why it is often not easy to free yourself from a corresponding unnatural diet..!!

But the hunger ghost within us, our dependence, keeps us attached to an unnatural diet and holds on to it with all our might. In fact, it is sometimes (at least in my experience) one of the most serious addictions because we are used to eating these foods from an early age, which is why it can be incredibly difficult to give up these foods. Of course, after a few weeks you have reprogrammed your own subconscious in such a way that unnatural foods hardly trigger your own cravings (ok, the duration of this restructuring process varies greatly from person to person), but the road to get there can be very rocky, and especially the The first few days could prove to be very strenuous.

A natural diet not only improves countless endogenous functionalities, but we also feel mentally much more balanced and experience an increase in our frequency state..!! 

In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can even occur. You may then yearn for these substances yourself and first notice how strongly your own addiction is anchored in your psyche. At the end of the day, however, you are rewarded for your perseverance and experience a completely new attitude towards life. Instead of feeling lethargic, constantly tired, in a negative mood or even irritable (mentally imbalanced), you suddenly feel an unprecedented increase in life energy, joy and mental clarity. The feeling of a completely realigned state of consciousness can even be incredibly beautiful and you can feel for yourself that the change in diet is in no way a sacrifice, but only brings advantages. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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