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Laws of Spirituality

There are what are known as the four Native American laws of spirituality, all of which explain different aspects of being. These laws show you the meaning of important circumstances in your own life and clarify the background of various aspects of life. For this reason, these spiritual laws can be very helpful in everyday life, because we often cannot see any meaning in certain life situations and ask ourselves why we have to go through a corresponding experience. Whether it is different encounters with people, various precarious or shadowy life situations or even phases of life that have come to an end, thanks to these laws you can understand some circumstances much better.

#1 The person you meet is the right one

The person you meet is the right oneThe first law says that the person you meet in your life is the right one. Basically, this means that the person you are with at this moment, i.e. the person you are interacting with, is always the right person in your current life. If you have an encounter with a suitable person, then this contact holds a deeper meaning and should happen that way. Likewise, the human being always reflects our own state of being. In this context, other people serve us as mirrors or teachers. They stand for something in this moment and have not entered our own lives without a reason. Nothing just happens by chance and for this reason every human encounter or every interpersonal interaction holds a deeper meaning. Every person that surrounds us, every human being with whom we are currently in contact, has their corresponding authorization and reflects our own state of being. Even if an encounter seems unspectacular, one should be aware that this encounter holds a deeper meaning.

There are no random encounters. Everything has a deeper meaning and always reflects our own state of being..!!

Basically, this law can also be transferred 1:1 to the animal world. Encounters with animals also always have a deeper meaning and remind us of something. Just like us humans, animals have a soul and a consciousness. These do not come into your life purely by chance, on the contrary, every animal you meet stands for something, has a deeper meaning. Our perception also has a strong influence here. If a person, for example, perceives a special animal, for example a fox, again and again in his life (in whatever context), then the fox stands for something. It then points us to something indirectly or stands for a special principle. Incidentally, encounters with nature (within nature) also have a deeper meaning. This principle can therefore be applied to every encounter.

#2 What is happening is the only thing that could have happened

Laws of SpiritualityThe second law states that every event, every phase of life or everything that happens should happen exactly the same way. Everything that happens in a person's life is meant to be exactly as it is and there is no scenario where something else could have happened (different timelines aside) because otherwise something else would have happened and you would have a completely different one experience life circumstances. What is supposed to happen happens. Despite our free will, life is predetermined. This may sound a bit paradoxical, but what you choose is what should happen. We ourselves are the creators of our own reality, i.e. we are the designers of our own destiny and what happens can always be traced back to our own mind or to all our decisions and thoughts legitimated in our own mind. However, whatever we have chosen should happen, otherwise it would not have happened. Often we also have negative thoughts about the past. We cannot close with past events and because of this we draw negativity from something that no longer actually exists in the here and now (only in our thoughts). In this context, we tend to ignore the fact that the past only exists in our minds. Basically, however, one is always only in the now, in the present, an eternally expanding moment that has always existed, is and will be and in this moment everything should be exactly the way it is.

Everything that happens in a person's life should happen exactly the same way. Away from one's own soul plan, our current life situation is a result of all our decisions..!!

A person's life could not have turned out differently. Every decision that was made, every event experienced, was meant to happen this way and could not have happened otherwise. Everything should always be exactly as it is and therefore it is advisable not to concern yourself with such thoughts or to put an end to past conflicts in order to be able to act again from current structures.

#3 Every moment something starts is the right moment

Laws of SpiritualityThe third law states that everything in a person's life always begins at exactly the right moment and takes place at exactly the right time. Everything that happens in life happens at the right time and when we accept that everything always happens at the right time, then we are able to see for ourselves that this moment presents us with new possibilities. Past phases of life are over, they served us as a valuable lesson from which we came out stronger afterwards (everything serves our thriving, even if it is sometimes not obvious). This is also linked to new beginnings, i.e. new stages in life that open up at any time, in any place (change is omnipresent). A new beginning takes place at any time, which also has to do with the fact that every person is constantly changing and continuously expanding their consciousness (no second is like the other, just like us humans are constantly changing. Even in this second you change your state of consciousness or your life, for example through the experience of reading this article, and consequently becoming a different person. A person with an altered/expanded mental state - expanded with new experiences/information). Apart from that, what is beginning at this moment could not have started sooner or later. No, on the contrary, it reached us at the right time and could not have happened sooner or later in our lives, otherwise it would have happened sooner or later.

Our appointment with life is in the present moment. And the meeting point is right where we are right now. – Buddha..!!

Often we also have the feeling that events or important encounters/bonds that are now over represent an end and that no more positive times are about to come. But every ending always brings with it the new beginning of something greater. From each ending something completely new emerges and when we recognize, perceive and also accept this, then we are able to create something completely new from this opportunity. Possibly even something that allows us to move forward in life. Something that is of great importance for our own spiritual development.

#4 What's over is over

What is over is overThe Fourth Law states that what has ended is also ended and consequently will not return. This law ties in strongly with the previous ones (although all laws are very complementary) and basically means that we should fully accept our past. It's important not to grieve for the past (at least not for too long, or we'll break). Otherwise it could happen that you lose yourself in your own mental past and suffer more and more. This pain then paralyzes our mind and causes us to increasingly lose ourselves and miss the chance to create a new life within the present. One should regard past conflicts/events merely as instructive occurrences which now allow one to move forward in life. Situations that ultimately led to you being able to develop yourself. Moments that, like every encounter in life, only served our own development and made us aware of our lack of self-love or our lack of mental balance. Of course, grief is important and is part of our human existence, no question about it. Nevertheless, something big can emerge from shadowy circumstances. Likewise, corresponding situations are unavoidable, especially when they arise from our inner imbalance, because these circumstances are (at least usually), a result of our own lack of divinity (we are then not in the power of our self-love and live our divinity not from). If such situations did not take place, then we would become aware, at least not to this extent, of our own mental imbalances.

Learn to let go, that's the key to happiness. – Buddha..!!

That is why it is important to let go of shadowy situations (let something be as it is), even after the time has passed, instead of lingering in depressive moods for years (of course this is often easier said than done, but this possibility is permanent). Letting go is an integral part of our lives and there will always be situations and moments when we should let something go. Because what is over is just over. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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