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Due to the energetically dense world in which we live, we humans often tend to focus on our own unbalanced mental state, i.e. our suffering, which in turn is a result of our materially oriented mind. to numb through various dependencies and addictive substances. So it happens that almost every human being is dependent on some things.

A futile search for balance and love outside

satisfactionThese do not even have to be addictive substances, but we also tend to make ourselves dependent on certain situations, circumstances or even people. Any dependency/addiction is usually due to an unbalanced mental state + karmic baggage. For example, a person who is very clingy or even extremely jealous in a relationship suffers from a lack of self-love or, better said, he suffers from a lack of self-acceptance and has little self-confidence. Such people often doubt themselves, do not manage to kindle their own inner love and therefore look for this love on the outside. As a result, you then hold on to your partner, claim them, deprive them of their freedom a little and, out of fear of being able to lose this love, clutch their love with all your might. On the other hand, many people try to balance their imbalanced mind with addictive substances. One is possibly exposed to extreme stress through everyday work, one is increasingly thrown out of one's own mental rhythm by this hard living situation, which then causes mental suffering. Ultimately, there is an aspect of our lives that stands in the way of our happiness and being in harmony with life and ourselves.

A dependency on life situations or even addictive substances is always an indication that something in our life has not been cleaned up, that we have parts through which we maintain a certain mental imbalance in us, which then always results in a lack of or even reduced self-love results..!! 

The same applies to people who have been abused or who have had to experience other strokes of fate or formative events that have traumatized them. These countless problems are then not cleaned up, are often even suppressed and trigger an increasing mental imbalance. This imbalance then leads in turn to reduced self-love and this lack of self-love, this lack of self-acceptance, we then often compensate with addictive substances.

The creation of a liberated state of consciousness

The creation of a liberated state of consciousnessOf course, it should also be said at this point that our soul plan can provide that we become dependent in a coming incarnation, simply for the reason of working off karma from past lives. In other words, when an alcoholic dies, he takes his addiction with him into the next life in order to get another chance to clear this burden. However, this is not always necessarily the case and so, due to formative life events and other discrepancies, we tend to seek happiness in the form of short-term satisfaction from addictive substances outside of our lack of self-love and the resulting lack of happiness. Whether tobacco, alcohol or even unnatural foods (sweets, ready meals, fast food and the like), we then give ourselves over to lower energies in order to be able to temporarily numb our pain. At the end of the day, however, this does not make us happy and only increases our own imbalance, i.e. such addictive behavior only increases our pain. Likewise, addictions always rob us of our peace, prevent us from staying in the present (the thought of a future scenario in which we indulge our addiction), and prevent the creation of a strong-willed and balanced mind. For this reason, overcoming addiction is very important in the long term, because in this way we not only clean up our karma, not only gain willpower, but we also manage to increasingly stand in the power of our self-love again. Ultimately, we also achieve a much clearer mind, are again able to manifest significantly more happiness in our own reality and end our supposedly insatiable lust for short-term happiness and satisfaction.

Anyone who manages to overcome their own dependencies and addictions will be rewarded at the end of the day with a much clearer and stronger-willed state of consciousness, which in turn means that we can accept ourselves much more, we are proud of ourselves and about more possess self-love..!!

Of course, the exploration of one's own inner conflicts is inevitably linked to this, i.e. we should recognize again why we are not in harmony with ourselves and life, which is permanently blocking our own mind. Here it is important to go into oneself and visualize the problems that we may have been repressing for a long time. First comes recognition, then acceptance, then transformation, and then salvation. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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