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Our own minds are extremely powerful and have gigantic creative potential. So our own mind is primarily responsible for creating/changing/shaping our own reality. No matter what may happen in a person's life, no matter what a person will experience in the future, everything in this context depends on the orientation of his own mind, on the quality of his own mental spectrum. All future actions arise from our own thoughts. You imagine something, for example, to go for a walk in the forest and then realize the corresponding thought by committing the action.

The incredible power of our own mind

cureFor this reason, everything is also of a spiritual/mental nature, since our own actions + decisions - which ultimately result in various life events - are always based on thoughts or existed as an idea in our own mind. Our own reality can only be changed with the help of our thoughts, without thoughts this would not be possible, one could not imagine anything and take no conscious actions, then one could not realize anything and create no living conditions. You would then be seen as a lifeless shell. Only our own spirit breathes life into our own existence. Since everything in existence is also only of mental cause, since everything is a product of our own state of consciousness, our health is also only a product of our own mind for that matter. We humans are the creators of our own reality, we shape our own destiny and for this reason we are responsible for our own health. In this context, illnesses are also a result of a sick mind or, better said, of a person who has legitimated an inner imbalance in their own mind. The more stressed we are in this respect, the more negative thoughts and emotions burden our own psyche, the more burdened this also affects our own health. In the long run, this mental overload is passed on to our own body, which then has to eliminate this "impurity".

Our own thoughts and feelings exert a massive influence on our own vibration frequency, which can either have a positive or even negative effect on our own health..!!

We then usually also experience a weakening of our own immune system, damage our own cell environment and, overall, impair all of the body's own functionalities. As a result, this favors the development of countless diseases.

The key to a long life

The key to a long lifeMost of the time it is even difficult to create your own balance again, because these negative thoughts and emotions are anchored in our subconscious and trigger us humans every day. Negative beliefs and beliefs, which then repeatedly burden our daily consciousness, are the result. The emergence of serious diseases can even arise from this principle, usually even when our own mental imbalance is due to early childhood trauma. If we had to experience traumatic experiences in our childhood (this can of course also happen later in life), which have not let us go ever since, burden us again and again and we always draw suffering from our own mental past, then this permanent lowering of our own vibration frequency, lead to serious illnesses. Illnesses of any kind are usually always due to the alignment of our own mind and therefore no perfect health can arise from a negatively aligned mind. An awareness of lack can, for example, also attract just as little abundance. Nor can you attract a sense of peace when you are angry unless you shed your anger and change the focus of your own mind. In this context, it is also worth mentioning that our diet naturally also has a drastic influence on our own health. The more unnatural our diet is, the more it burdens our own psyche + our own physique. But our diet is also only a product of our own mind, because all the food we eat every day is a result of our own thoughts. We imagine what food we would like to eat and then realize the thought of consuming the appropriate food by consuming the appropriate food.

Our own consciousness is always responsible for the quality of our own life. For this reason, a positive alignment is also essential when it comes to creating an inner spiritual balance..!!

Well then, as far as the power of our own mind + its effects on our own health are concerned, I have linked a very interesting video for you here that you should definitely watch. This video, entitled "The Incredible Power of the Mind - How the Mind Affects Health", explains in a simple and impressive way how and why our own mind is the key to a long life. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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