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Humanity is currently at a crossroads. There is a large number of people who deal more and more with their own true source and as a result gain a greater connection to their deep holy being day by day. The main focus is on becoming aware of the importance of one's own existence. Many realize that they are more than just a material appearanceConsisting of flesh and blood or even a meaningless speck of dust within an ever expanding universe. The deeper we penetrate into our true primal ground together with all its magical structures, the more gigantic abilities crystallize, which in turn represent a fundamental aspect of a fully awakened human being, i.e. the abilities of the God-man.

Everything is possible

Everything is possibleRegardless of the possibility of physical immortality, an eternally young state, the use of telekinetic abilities to move all objects (regardless of weight), the direct creation or influencing of elements or even a general influencing/redesign of entire scenarios within a moment, regardless of all these possibilities then available to us, our most pronounced power of manifestation is in the foreground. We are then able to function as ascended creators and also within reality (our all-encompassing reality) to change everything. Borders or rather limitations and limitations exist are then lifted. You want to be at the other end of the world in the blink of an eye, then you will be able to do this immediately through material/spiritual teleportation. Well, everyone is entitled to these impressive creative powers. At the end of the final incarnation, in which we have mastered ourselves again and are subsequently anchored in an extremely light or high-vibrating/light-filled state, a state in which our light body is maximally developed and now as a throne chariot/interstellar vehicle we can permanently exercise Appropriate journeys or skills are available, we will again enter a creative level in which we can permanently work miracles like Christ once did. As I said, there really are no more limits. Well, before we can regain those skills, we need to relearn a fundamental skill, namely the power of belief. Within the Matrix Civilization, many people have forgotten how to operate in limitless states. It already fails because you can't even imagine certain things like physical immortality, i.e. you don't have any belief in it, because you are largely closed/rejecting due to the system spirit, sometimes apart from the fact that you then lack the ability to yourself to be able to imagine possible magical abilities in the first place, because it seems impossible for oneself (ie to see oneself applying such skills, such an idea seems ridiculous to oneself). And that's exactly why it becomes impossible for oneself, because one keeps this potential inactive in one's own field due to a lack of faith (divine fields do not take effect, because one's own spirit is much more bound to earthly laws and possibilities).

The incredible power of belief

The incredible power of beliefWell, then, belief is a fundamental component to the manifestation of desired or even undesired circumstances. The things that in turn correspond to our beliefs and beliefs continually experience a fundamental manifestation within our own reality. The stronger we believe in something or the stronger we are convinced of something, along with the shifting of our focus on the thing we believe, the more strongly we draw the corresponding circumstance into our life through resonance. Even small beliefs, for example the belief that suddenly appears/formed in the mind that there should be thunderstorms next week or that it will happen, can initiate a thunderstorm. Your own mind can just influence and create all circumstances. Often there are countless beliefs anchored in us that, whether consciously or unconsciously, manifest different circumstances every day, which is why one likes to speak of the reprogramming of our mind, in which we integrate new beliefs and, at the same time, burdensome beliefs (“I tend to get sick easily” or “I will stay lonely”) clean up. The more great, sacred, significant and divine circumstances, states and abilities we believe from the bottom of our hearts (with full conviction, charged with all our love), the more our life will adapt to these divine ideas over time. As I said, it is not for nothing that one says that faith can move mountains, in the truest sense of the word that is true, especially since a completely ascended being could truly move mountains with the power of thought.

Don't let your faith infiltrate

It is also written in the scriptures that if you want to receive something, feel as if God has already given it to you and you will receive it. Here, too, of course, faith is again decisive, i.e. that we first of all believe in this principle of acceptance 100% and know that it works (life in wish fulfilled). And ultimately we can therefore create everything through faith. In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly important that we begin to believe in high vibrating circumstances. Of course that is not what we want, we should believe much more in war, in darkness, in illness, suffering, lack and problems, so that we can continue to keep the same world alive (we are to remain in the fear vibration). But this phase is about to end, because the person who is becoming more and more awake learns to shift his faith or he learns to believe in divine circumstances. So it is with the manifestation of a paradise age. How is paradise supposed to return if we don't even believe in it or even doubt it? How can a golden world return if we believe in the coming victory of an elite. In doing so, we could change our beliefs accordingly from one second to the next, which automatically promotes the manifestation of a new reality. So let's be careful in everyday life and, for example, note down all the burdening/negative beliefs, firstly to become aware of them and secondly to replace them with new or much more healing beliefs. It is time that we work on the formation or return of the holy world. Our faith alone can make a divine world return. Just your belief in it.

But well, before I end the article, I would like to point out once again that you can also find the content in the form of an article reading on my Youtube channel, on Spotify and on Soundcloud. The video is embedded below, and links to the audio version are below:

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With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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