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A person's health is a product of their own mind, just as a person's entire life is solely a product of their own thoughts, their own mental imagination. In this context, every action, every deed, even every life event can be traced back to our own thoughts. Everything that you have done in your life in this regard, everything that you have realized, first existed as an idea, as a thought in your own mind. You imagined something, for example going to the doctor because of an illness or changing your diet because of this circumstance, and then realized your thought by committing the corresponding action (you went to the doctor or changed your diet) on a material level.

The incredible power of the mind

The incredible power of the mindOne could also say that one has created a new life situation, a new action, with the help of one's own mental creative powers. For this reason, every person is the designer of his own fate and not a victim of an alleged fate. We can determine our own path in life and do not have to be subject to any restrictions in that regard. For this reason there are no limits, only the limits that we impose on ourselves. Here we also like to talk about self-created blockages, negative beliefs and negative convictions, which in turn have a negative influence on our own mental spectrum. In this context, these negative mental patterns are also located in our own subconscious, are anchored there and subsequently find their way into our own daily consciousness again and again. Whether fears, compulsions or other negative behaviors, all of these everyday problems are rooted in our subconscious and repeatedly find their way into our day-to-day consciousness, which in turn can severely affect our future path in life. For this reason, our own mind is also a very powerful instrument, a unique creative agency from which a positive or even a negative reality can emerge.

The direction of one's own mind always determines the quality of our future path in life. In this context, a negatively oriented mind cannot create a positive reality and vice versa..!!

Seen in this way, the orientation or rather the quality of our own consciousness + subconsciousness determines the quality of our own life path. In particular, negative life situations or illnesses can usually be traced back to a negatively oriented, sickly mind. In this regard, it is even said that illnesses can be traced back to unresolved inner conflicts.

Free yourself from all suffering + fears

Free yourself from all suffering + fearsFor example, if you have a cold, it is often said that you are fed up with something. For example, you are fed up with the current, stressful working conditions, which ultimately puts a strain on your own psyche, weakens your own immune system and promotes the development of a cold. In the same way, serious illnesses such as cancer can usually be traced back to negative life events, formative situations that continue to burden our own mental spectrum to this day. Of course, other factors also come into play here, for example an unhealthy lifestyle, a predominantly unnatural diet, which makes our cell environment acidic, damages our own DNA and weakens our immune system + all of the body's own functionalities (No disease can exist in an alkaline + oxygen-rich cell environment , let alone arise - alkaline nutrition can work real miracles). On the other hand, countless fears and other negative beliefs are also responsible for the development of illnesses. For example, if you are constantly convinced that you could get skin cancer, then this could also happen because your mental orientation, your belief in the disease, can also attract the corresponding disease into your life. Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity. You always attract into your own life what you are and what you radiate. What your mind predominantly resonates with, you subsequently attract into your own life.

A negatively aligned mind attracts negative life circumstances, a positively aligned mind attracts positive life circumstances..!!

A consciousness of lack attracts more lack and a consciousness of abundance attracts more abundance. A state of consciousness, which in turn resonates with illnesses, also attracts illnesses into one's own life, an unavoidable law (it works in a similar way with placebos or superstitions - by firmly believing in an effect, one creates an effect, because of the firm belief that something bad could happen to you, something bad might happen to you). Regarding this, the Indian theosophist Bhagavan also said the following: Worrying is like praying for something you don't want and he was absolutely right. The fear of something in particular paralyzes our own mind, makes us incapable of acting in a certain way and at the end of the day ensures that we attract negative life events into our lives without us wanting to.

A person's mind acts like a strong magnet, which in turn attracts everything into one's life with which it predominantly resonates..!!

But the universe doesn't divide into positive or negative desires, it just gives you what you are and what you radiate, what you predominantly resonate with. For this reason, it is extremely important to change the alignment of our own mind again, only then can healing take place within, otherwise we will only continue to create a low vibrational environment, which promotes the development of illnesses. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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