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The sociologist and psychoanalyst Dr. In his time, Wilhelm Reich discovered what appeared to be a new, powerful form of energy, which he in turn named orgone. He researched this previously new form of energy for around 20 years and used its incredible power to treat cancer, use it to operate engines and use the energy for special weather experiments. For example, he helped farmers out of a period of drought by using his cloudbuster to change the weather and create rain. Ultimately, with the help of this equipment, the vitality of the surrounding life energy was restored. The atmosphere was positively informed and its naturalness was restored. In our world today, the weather is changed artificially (there are massive interventions in our weather and our atmosphere). With the help of chemtrails, Haarp and co. Our atmosphere will be destroyed, the environment will be severely damaged and our own state of consciousness will be severely affected.

The energy that surrounds/flows through everything

Everything is energyScientists such as Wilhelm Reich knew this and subsequently dedicated their lives to researching this form of energy. Wilhelm Reich also confirmed that this energy not only surrounds us as humans, but that it is very present in our bodies and he was absolutely right. In this context, this energy also represents a main component of our existence. It surrounds us, flows through us, completely fills the seemingly empty dark spaces in the universe and is therefore present throughout (everything in existence consists of energetic states, which in turn are based on a corresponding swing frequency). This basic form of energy, orgone, has been mentioned several times in a wide variety of treatises, writings, traditions and ancient teachings. In Hindu teachings this primal energy is described as Prana, in Chinese emptiness in Daoism (teaching of the way) as Qi. Various tantric scriptures refer to this energy source as Kundalini. Other terms would be free energy, zero point energy, torus, akasha, ki, od, breath or ether. This energy has therefore been taken up by a wide variety of spiritual teachers, scientists and philosophers. In this context, Wilhelm Reich was one of the people who managed to harness this energy. Because of his intensive research, he understood how versatile this form of energy is, and he also understood that this energy could one day revolutionize our world. Of course, this was not yet possible in his time and so his research facilities/laboratories were destroyed by the US government, secret services, etc. Wilhelm Reich was feared, just like Nikola Tesla, because their work could revolutionize the world, starting with the energy market.

Free energy could revolutionize the entire world and ensure that every person can use unlimited energy..!!

In exactly the same way, their newfound knowledge could also lead to medical breakthroughs. But a cured patient is a lost customer. People do not want diseases such as cancer to be curable or it is not in the interest of certain powerful families that such diseases can be cured. In exactly the same way, free energy is a huge danger for the elites, because free energy could lead to oil and the like. (oil at least in relation to the energy market) unimportant. Free energy would revolutionize the energy market and could ensure that free energy would be available to everyone. But that is just as little in the interest of the financial elite.

Due to the current spiritual awakening, more and more people are being confronted with free energy, understanding that this form of energy that has always existed could and, above all, will change the world..!!

For this reason, there is massive propaganda against these discoveries. Cancer cures are called “conspiracy theories” (The truth behind the word “conspiracy theory” – conditioning of the masses – language as a weapon) and people who deal intensively with such system-critical issues are immediately exposed to ridicule - whether by media authorities or even by society. However, the situation is currently changing as more and more people are dealing with these issues. In this context, I can only warmly recommend the following documentary about Wilhelm Reich to you. This documentary takes up his life and explains exactly how he harnessed the energy of orgone and, above all, what can be achieved with it. A documentary that you should definitely see..!!

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