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As already mentioned in one of my last articles, a supermoon shows up in the night sky today. In this context, a super moon is a full moon that comes exceptionally close to our earth. A special natural phenomenon made possible by the elliptical orbit of the moon. Due to the elliptical orbit, the moon reaches a point closest to the earth every 27 days. When the moon reaches a point closest to the earth and the full moon phase is at the same time, then one likes to speak of a super moon. The volume of the full moon then appears much larger than usual and the brightness increases by up to 30%. If the chances are good today and the sky is clear, then we can see this natural event in its full glory.

The full moon in Taurus - It's about our inner purification

full moon supermoonIt is absolutely no coincidence that there is a super moon in the night sky today, on the contrary, we are currently in a very stormy time and the energetic basis of our planet is constantly increasing. Cosmic energies of the highest intensity, high vibration frequencies, reach us again and again, which expand and vigorously stir up the collective state of consciousness. Only yesterday was a portal day and the energies of this portal day are still flowing into today. Of course, the whole thing is not the result of chance, there is no chance anyway, everything has a corresponding cause, a deeper meaning, a special reason. Humanity is currently changing and we are evolving into a multidimensional civilization. This endeavor is absolutely no child's play, but it is a long-term process that transports old karmic patterns to the surface. For this reason, it is currently about our inner purification. Everything that is no longer in harmony with our heart, with our soul, becomes less and less compatible with ourselves and is just waiting to be finally resolved or transformed into harmony. It's about that we finally close with past, sustainable patterns and adjust to the new in life, that we welcome the new and no longer hold on to old karmic bonds. These persistent patterns keep us trapped in a spiral of suffering and are no longer sustainable for our life to come.

The year 2016 was stormy and extremely intense..!!

Time is pressing and it is becoming more and more important that we finish with old structures in order to finally be able to live out our true selves. This year in particular has been very stormy for many people. Strong cosmic rays meant that we as humans were increasingly called upon to bring our lives into shape. This tremendous intensity of the energies made itself felt on the outside as well as on the inside. This transformation could therefore also be observed in politics, business, industry, interpersonal relationships, etc. This year in particular there have been repeated upheavals, strong reorientations and necessary confrontations. However, these major changes were important and ultimately serve to restore our own inner balance.

The inner liberation from negative structures..!!

Self-discovery reaches a new levelTherefore, the current time serves to recognize old negative structures in order to finally be able to realize a new life in which one's own true self, one's own spiritual mind, prevails. It is a time of reorientation, inner cleansing and the relationship with oneself. Our inner balance has been disturbed for countless incarnations and the most important relationship of a human being, the relationship with oneself, has repeatedly been subject to various self-imposed complications. For this reason, we go through countless incarnations, mentally and emotionally, in order to be able to rediscover and experience our own self-love in all its glory. Ultimately, it's about your own lack of self-love, which can now be fully lived again. Today's full moon therefore challenges us to look back on our lives, especially this year. Ask yourself how this year has been for you. Were you able to realize different dreams and wishes? What did the year bring you, were you really able to reach your full potential? Are you satisfied with your current life or are there still things that are absolutely not what you want? If that's the case, then I recommend that you use today's supermoon energies to find more of yourself again. The energies are wonderfully suited to finally being able to shape life according to your own wishes. Let go of what blocks you, things that keep causing you pain, and welcome a new life of joy.


The inner self-discovery reaches a new level..!!

For a few months it has been increasingly about our own inner self-discovery and especially now that the year is coming to an end, our inner self-discovery keeps reaching new levels. Many people go through enormous transformation processes and increasingly gain a stronger inner connection. I myself could also perfectly observe this spectacle in my life. I've been in this process for a few years now, I'm aware of my circumstances and I'm experiencing a self-discovery that has repeatedly reached new levels. This year in particular was one of the most important years of my entire life. At the beginning and especially in the middle of the year I went through a very painful time. I no longer knew what was up and what was down and kept experiencing depressive moods. But I knew that no matter how painful this time was, at the end of the suffering the light of life would reach me again and you know what, that's exactly what happened. Just in this month I was able to make huge mental leaps and in addition to that I intensified my own bond with myself. Self-love is now back on the agenda and I am full of life energy again. That's exactly how it will happen to you too. So harness the energies of today's Full Moon and acknowledge your true potential. Realize that there is a power hidden deep inside you that can give your life a new shine in a very short time. This inner power is just waiting to be lived by you again and the times are perfect to be able to realize this aspect of your life again. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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