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For several years, more and more people have recognized the energetically dense entanglements of a system that is ultimately not interested in the development and further development of our mental state, but rather tries with all its might to keep us captive in an illusion, i.e. in an illusion world in which we in turn live a life in which we not only see ourselves as small and insignificant, yes, we should even reject all conditions that strengthen our connection to nature.

Be the peace you wish for in this world

Whether meat consumption and the associated death of many innocent creatures (put simply: meat = dead/dense, disease-causing energy), the rejection of a natural diet/a natural lifestyle, the rejection of people who think differently or the conscious discrediting of system-critical and nature-loving people - spiritual interested people (the creation of a conditioned and inherited world view by rejecting ideas that appear alien - System Guardian), the creation of an uninformed and indifferent state of consciousness in which we receive disinformation disguised as supposed information from the mass media, the suppressed expression of our mental/empathic parts (lack of compassion, judgements, gossip and materially oriented views of life), or even the Use of countless highly toxic drugs, even treatments with various vaccines. They try with all their might to remove us from nature and instead work to create an unbalanced and just as inept/ignorant state of consciousness. However, as more and more people recognize this fact, it sometimes leads to real emotional outbursts within the population and many people rebel against the system, are angry and want change to happen. I can partly understand this anger, because after all it is not easy to understand at the beginning that you have been so duped for decades.

Our initial hatred of the system only makes us aware of our lack of peace and therefore undergoes a change in the long run, in which we begin to embody the peace that we want for the world. Revolution doesn't happen on the outside, but inside us..!!

Nevertheless, I now come to a topic that I have often taken up and which, in my opinion, is becoming more and more important, namely the introduction of a new phase in which we legitimize peace in our own mind instead of anger. Of course, at this point it should be said that it is important to provide clarification in this area, to make one's truth known, that is out of the question (even if one should not give the whole system any energy, i.e. focus and attention, - keyword: Strengthening of corresponding morphogenetic fields), however, we should keep in mind that peace in the world can only come about if we also embody this peace.

The use of our incredible creative powers

be you the peaceEven if I can understand it well and have acted accordingly for years, one should always be aware that pointing the finger at the string pullers and puppets and blaming these people for our circumstances is of no use. On the contrary, we are not being controlled, we allow ourselves to be controlled, we have not been made addicted to unnatural foods, we have allowed ourselves to be addicted, we have not been made ignorant, we have allowed ourselves to be made ignorant. Of course, all these circumstances corresponded to normality and one would think that one hardly had a chance or an initial choice. Nevertheless, we have now developed massively, were able to sharpen our senses and now know what is true and what is not (in large parts - the extent of deliberately created lies and disinformation on our planet is enormous). In order to be able to create a peaceful circumstance, or rather a peaceful world, it is therefore imperative that we shed our anger, hatred and judgments and instead legitimize the peace in our own minds that we wish for in this world. We should again represent the change that we wish for this world. If we know that Coca-Cola is pure poison and we no longer want this company to continue to exist or to change (which is not in the interest of the company), then we have to stop drinking cola, i.e. don't devote any more energy to it, the drink banish from our reality (as far as possible) or just provide energy in the form of enlightenment. If we no longer want animals to die unnecessarily for us and mass animal husbandry and co. disappear, then we have to eat naturally again (especially since an alkaline-excessive diet without meat is much healthier anyway and can work wonders). If we no longer want to support the pharmaceutical cartels, then it is important to get healthy through a natural diet and no longer have to be dependent on medication. Ultimately, we have everything under control. Those we allow to rule the world represent just a fraction of us.

In the current phase, more and more people are beginning to harmonize their heart's desires and spiritual intentions with their actions, which not only gives us a stronger connection to nature again, but also embodies what we want for this world. !!

For this reason everything depends on us (I can't change the world, my actions wouldn't make a difference - thought millions of people). At the end of the day we are unique and very significant creators of our own reality and as a result we can make a difference in the world. If we break through our anger, our hate, our self-imposed mental blocks, then all doors are open to us and we could create a world again that we would not have even imagined in our wildest dreams. It all depends only on us and our actions. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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