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As mentioned several times in my posts, the entire existence or the complete perceptible outer world is a projection of our own current mental state. Our own state of being, one could also say our current existential expression, which in turn is significantly shaped by the orientation and quality of our state of consciousness and also our mental state, is subsequently projected onto the outside world.

The mirror function of the outside world

The mirror function of the outside worldThe universal legality or the law of correspondence makes this principle clear to us. As above so below, as within so without. The macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm and vice versa. Likewise, our perceptible outer world is reflected in our innermost and our inner world in the outer world. Everything in existence, i.e. everything that we encounter in our life - our perception of things therefore represents a mirror of our own inner state. At the end of the day everything takes place in us, instead of as erroneously assumed in the Outside. All thoughts and sensations that a person experiences in one day, for example, he experiences within himself. We always transfer our own state of mind to the outside world. Harmoniously tuned people therefore not only attract harmonious living conditions into their lives because their frequency state attracts correspondingly equivalent frequency states (law of resonance), but because they look at life from this point of view due to the harmonious mood and consequently perceive situations accordingly. Every human being perceives the world in an individual way, which is why the saying “the world is not what it is, it is what we are” contains a lot of truth.

Everything that we humans perceive on the outside or the feeling from which we look at the supposed "outside" represents a mirror of our own inner state. For this reason, every encounter, every circumstance and also every experience has something a certain benefit for us and reflects our state of being again..!! 

For example, if a person has little self-love and is quite angry or even hateful, then they will look at many life events from this perspective. In addition, he would not focus his attention on harmonious circumstances at all, instead focusing on destructive circumstances.

Everything takes place in you

Everything takes place in you One would then, for example, only recognize suffering or hate in the world instead of happiness and love (of course, a peaceful and harmonious person also recognizes precarious or destructive circumstances, but how they deal with them is different). All external circumstances, which are ultimately a part of ourselves, an aspect of our reality, a mental projection of our being, therefore present our own creative expression (our entire existence, our entire state of being). The entire reality or the entire life therefore not only surrounds us, but it is in us. One could also say that we represent the space of life itself, the space in which everything happens and is experienced. For example, this article is a product of my creative spirit, my current state of consciousness (if I had written the article on a different day, it would certainly have been different because I would have had a different state of consciousness when I wrote it). In your world, the article or the situation of reading the article is also a product of your creative spirit, a consequence of your actions, your decision and you are reading the article in you. You perceive it in you and all the sensations it triggers are also perceived/created in you. In the same way, this article also reflects your state of being/existence in a certain way, since it is part of your mental projection/life.

Nothing changes until you change yourself. And suddenly everything changes..!!

For example, if I write an article that upsets a person greatly (like a person reacted negatively to my Daily Energy article yesterday), then that article would, at the appropriate moment, draw attention to their own mental imbalance or resentment. Well, in the end that is something very special in life. We humans represent life/creation ourselves and can recognize our own inner world as a complex and unique universe (consisting of the purest energy) based on the outer world. As far as that is concerned, I can only recommend the video by Andreas Mitleider linked below. In this video he deals with exactly this topic and he gets to the point in a plausible way. I could 100% identify with the content myself. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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