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For thousands of years our soul has been in a recurring cycle of life and death. This cycle, also that reincarnation cycle called, is an overarching cycle that ultimately assigns us to an energetic level based on our earthly stage of development after death. In doing so, we learn new views autodidactically from life to life, continue to develop, expand our consciousness, resolve karmic entanglements and progress in the process of reincarnation. In this context, every person has a pre-constructed soul plan that needs to be fulfilled again in life. Once one has managed to build up a fully positive thought spectrum, automatically creating a positive reality again when fulfilling one's soul plan, this ultimately results in the completion of the reincarnation cycle.

The circle of life!!

reincarnationNevertheless, it is not an easy undertaking to put such a plan back into practice, since a number of conditions are attached to the fulfillment of the soul's plan. These conditions and factors require a strong state of consciousness and, above all, immense willpower, since such a project requires the renunciation of all pleasures and addictive substances. Only in this way is it also possible for us to legitimize a completely positive range of thoughts in our own mind (The purification of your own mind). Again, this positive thought spectrum is very important as it results in a drastic increase in human vibrational frequency. The cycle of reincarnation also requires the purification of the 7 human bodies. These bodies all exist in 7 different levels of existence and are waiting to be cleaned up by us humans. As far as that is concerned, I did some research on the net and discovered a video that describes the reincarnation cycle in its entirety in detail. This video also addresses interesting phenomena that affect everyone and are presented in a completely plausible way. Furthermore, the 7 human levels of existence and how they work are explicitly explained in this video. A highly interesting video that I can only recommend to each of you.

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