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The present is an eternal moment that has always existed, is and always will be. An infinitely expanding moment that accompanies our lives continuously and has a permanent effect on our existence. With the help of the present we can shape our reality and draw strength from this inexhaustible source. However, not all people are aware of the present creative forces, many people unconsciously avoid the present and often lose themselves in the past or future. Many people draw negativity from these mental constructs and thereby burden themselves.

Past and future - constructs of our thoughts

The power of the present

Past and future are purely mental constructs, but they do not exist in our physical world, or are we in the past or the future? Of course not the past was already and the future is still ahead of us. What surrounds us every day and affects us at any time and any place is the present. Seen in this way, past and future are just a form of the present, a part of this ever-expanding moment. What happened yesterday happened in the present and what will happen in the future will also happen in the present.

When I imagine going to Becker's tomorrow morning, I'm currently imagining this future scenario. Then, as soon as the next day dawns, I make this future scenario come into being by doing this action in the present. But many people spend a lot of time in their mental past and future. You can draw energy from these mental patterns, for example when I remember happy events or when I imagine a future scenario based on my personal ideas. However, for many people the opposite often occurs and they draw negativity from these thoughts.

One mourns the past, or one legitimizes guilt in one's own mind about certain past events. On the other hand, some people fear the future, are afraid of it and can only think of these scenarios that do not yet exist physically. For this reason, many people limit themselves and keep reviving various fears. But why should I burden myself because of this? Since I am the creator of my own reality, I can choose what I do in life and what exactly I experience. I can nip my own fears in the bud and this happens by being present myself in the present.

The power of the present

change realityThe current reality is relative and can be shaped according to one's wishes. I can choose for myself how I change my current existential basis, what I do and how I shape my own life. The mental imagination is a tool to change your own present. I can imagine exactly how I shape my present and in which direction my life should move. Apart from that, we feel free in the present and draw energy from this ubiquitous structure.

As soon as we stay mentally in the present, we feel light because we are no longer subject to mentally stressful events. For this reason it is advisable to stay in present presence as often as possible. The more often and more intensely one lives in present conditions, the more positively it affects one's own physical and psychological constitution. You become calmer, more self-confident, more confident and gain more and more in quality of life. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live your life in harmony.

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