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In the meantime, many people know that humanity is dominated by elite families or royal families on a mental and physical level. Due to influential men and women, we are kept in an artificially created state of consciousness in order not to question or recognize even cosmic, global and true connections. An energetically dense system that exploits us humans and feeds us with half-truths and lies. However, very few people are aware of how cruelly the elite families are really trying to achieve their goals, what their real ambitions are, why they are occultists and to what extent they are related to each other. Admittedly, the topic is gigantic in terms of extent, it is extremely complex and it is difficult to get an overview of all the events and backgrounds. The extent of the lies on our planet is simply greater than in the most exciting and well thought out action thriller.

The incestuous kinship of elite families

Basically, many of the elite families are related to each other in different ways. Whether rulers in England or the USA, family ramifications and kinship are to be found everywhere, even if this knowledge remains largely hidden from the public. But how can it be that people who seem to have nothing in common are related to each other, people who even live on different continents. Well that's ultimately because these families practice covert incest. This occult methodology is used to keep the balance of power within the family as the Cabal firmly believe that their blood or genes are the noblest and that is why their blood must remain pure. The whole thing is of course not surprising, because after all it is also known that these families are occultists/satanists, apparently one thing is related to the other. In order to get a better picture of the family trees and the incestuous relationships, I have a video for you that was sent to me by someone who is very familiar with the matter. The video explains in detail how various elite rulers are related to each other and why this is so. It also talks about their bloodline and the resulting oppression. In any case, a highly recommended video.

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