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The soul is the high-vibrational, energetically light aspect of every human being, an inner facet that is responsible for us humans being able to manifest higher emotions and thoughts in our own minds. Thanks to the soul, we humans have a certain humanity that we live out individually depending on the conscious connection to the soul. Every person or every being has a soul, but everyone acts from different soul aspects. With some people the living out of the soul is more pronounced, with others less.

Acting from the soul

Every time a person creates energetically light states, the person acts out of the intuitive, spiritual mind at that moment. Everything is vibrating energy, energetic states that are either positive/lighter or negative/dense in nature. The mental mind is responsible for the production and realization of all positive thoughts and strands of action. Whenever a person acts out of positive motives, this positive ambition can usually be traced back to their own soul. There are countless examples of this.

spiritual presenceIf you are asked for directions, for example, you usually act out of your spiritual mind. You are polite, courteous and explain the way to the person concerned with positive intentions. If someone sees an injured animal and wants to help that animal in any way, then that person also negotiates at that moment mental parts out of here. The soul is always responsible for generating positive views and behavior. The special thing about it is that the soul can be expressed physically.

For some people this may sound very adventurous, but since the soul is an immaterial part of the human being, it can also be expressed. Every time you are friendly, helpful, courteous, impartial, merciful, loving or warm, every time you generate energetically light states in any way, such behavior can be traced back to your own soul. The soul finds physical expression and manifests itself in the entire reality of a person (every person creates their own reality, together we create a collective reality, again a general reality does not exist).

Feel the radiance of the soul

feel soulIn such moments one can particularly feel the mental presence of the human being. At that moment, when someone is kind to me, I can see the soul being expressed physically in the other person's face. The friendly facial expression, the warm gestures, the unbiased pronunciation, the peacefully minded posture, the entire reality of the other person then radiates a spiritual presence (Small note: By the way, one is even the soul instead of the consciousness. One is the soul and uses consciousness as a tool to experience life).

The person is friendly, laughs, is happy and radiates a complete joyful, energetically light charisma. One can then literally see the soul appearing in the entire reality of man. For this reason, the soul is often referred to as the 5th dimensional aspect of a human being. The 5th dimension does not mean a special place per se, the 5th dimension means a state of consciousness in which higher emotions, thoughts and joys find their place. In contrast, materially oriented thought processes or states of consciousness in which lower emotions, thoughts and actions find their place are referred to as 3 dimensional. For this reason, he can too selfish mind be expressed physically.

The physical appearance of the egoistic mind

As already mentioned in previous articles, the egoistic mind is the energetically dense counterpart to the intuitive, spiritual mind. Anytime you are angry, furious, greedy, jealous, condescending, judgmental, prejudiced, arrogant, or selfish, anytime your consciousness is creating energetically dense states in any way, you are acting out of the egoistic mind at that moment . The ego mind is therefore mainly responsible for the lowering of one's own vibration frequency or for the compression of one's own energetic state.

The egoistic mind can take on a physical appearance just like the psychic mind. This happens in moments when you act completely out of that lower mind. For example, if you see a person completely freaking out and yelling at someone in anger, you can see the selfish mind coming out in that person's reality at that moment.

Recognize and feel the ego

Recognize and vibrate egoThe angry facial expression, the condescending gestures, the prejudiced pronunciation, the malicious posture, the entire reality of the other person is then marked by the egoistic mind. In such moments, the true, intuitive side of human beings fades out and one acts entirely out of lower, supracausal behavioral patterns. The egoistic mind then becomes physically visible, one can then observe the perfect supracausality in the human face.

One can then literally feel the energetic density of the human being, because such explosions of energetically dense energy are very unpleasant for oneself. One then sees the physical manifestation of the egoistic mind in the body of the angry man. Nevertheless, selfish behaviors also have a certain relevance, because such behaviors are important in order to learn from them. If there were no egoistic mind then one could not learn from it either. One could then not experience any lower or energetically dense aspects and that would be of great disadvantage for one's own development.

Therefore, it is only an advantage if you recognize your own egoistic mind, dissolve it over time in order to then be able to perceive and live out your mental mind. By doing so, we stop the primary generation of energetic density and begin to create a positive, luminous reality. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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