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As already mentioned several times on my website, humanity is currently in a process of spiritual awakening. Due to a newly beginning cosmic cycle, also called the newly beginning platonic year or the Age of Aquarius, humanity is experiencing a drastic advancement in the collective state of consciousness. The collective state of consciousness, which refers to the consciousness of the entire human civilization, is experiencing an essential frequency increase, i.e. the frequency at which the collective consciousness vibrates increases tremendously. Through this increase in frequency, humanity as a whole becomes more sensitive, more harmonious, more conscious in dealing with nature and the spiritual quotient increases overall.

The advancement of human civilization

advancement of human civilizationAs already mentioned, this change is due to a newly beginning cosmic cycle. Cycles have accompanied humanity throughout our lives, be it small cycles such as the woman's monthly menstrual cycle, the day and night cycle or even the annual cycle (4 seasons). Cycles are an integral part of our lives, cycles in this context can be traced back to the principle of rhythm and vibration, which states that firstly everything in existence consists of vibrations and secondly that rhythms are part of our lives. Because of this, there are minor and major cycles. The cosmic cycle is a gigantic cycle that the human mind can hardly comprehend. Our solar system is in constant motion and orbits or wanders through the galactic core of our Milky Way. At the same time, our solar system rotates around its own axis. This cosmic interaction takes 26.000 years. For 13.000 years our solar system travels through an energetically dense/dark part of our galaxy, and for the other 13.000 years it moves through an energetically light/bright/high-frequency part of our galaxy.

The cosmic cycle lasts a total of 26.000 years and continually increases/decreases our own state of consciousness..!!

The first 13.000 years contain our own state of consciousness, humanity forgets its own true origin (the immaterial universe - consciousness is the highest authority) and develops back into a materially oriented society based on oppression, lies, disinformation and a suppression of our state of consciousness based, in the other 13.000 years we experience a drastic expansion of our state of consciousness, we become more sensitive, fairer, recognize our own origins again and begin to live in harmony with nature again. In 2012, our solar system re-entered an energetically bright area of ​​our galaxy and heralded this quantum leap into awakening.

Powerful authorities are trying with all their might to thwart cosmic change..!!

We are currently on a fascinating journey that will permanently expand the spirit of our civilization. Of course, at the same time, we are increasingly experiencing wars, acts of terrorism, etc. The change brings, firstly, all negative thoughts that are deeply anchored in our subconscious to the surface and secondly, there are powerful families who know exactly what is going on and do so with all their might They want to prevent change because it will set humanity free and could thwart their plan to create a world government in which we humans are supposed to be their slaves.

The process of spiritual awakening is essential to human survival..!!

Of course, this cycle is unavoidable and it is only a matter of time before all the lies on our planet are exposed across the board. Ultimately, this process is also essential, because our planet would perish in the long term due to all the environmental pollution, the plundering of various countries, the third world, the animal kingdoms and the planetary resources. That is why this process is extremely important for the continued existence of human civilization.

Knowledge – action – revolution

stages of awakeningWell, the process of spiritual awakening is divided into different phases and 3 of these phases particularly stand out. Of course, the process is divided into different stages and phases, but this article will mainly focus on what I consider to be the 3 most relevant phases. If you would like to know more about the entire process, I recommend my article on the subject lightbody process. Knowledge - action - revolution - these are the phases that are formative for our civilization. First of all comes the phase of knowledge, the phase of spiritual awakening. This phase begins with more and more people suddenly developing a spiritual interest and suddenly increasingly dealing with their own origins. Questions about the meaning of life, about life after death, about God and the meaning of life are becoming increasingly important again the foreground and are being explored by more and more people.

The current political system is an energetically dense system and only serves to control and contain the collective state of consciousness..!!

In doing so, some people inevitably come into contact with our current system and realize that this entire system is a construct based on lies and disinformation. The current political system does not serve our well-being, but solely to contain the collective state of consciousness. Our politicians are simply controlled by secret services, mass media, corporations, lobbyists, who in turn are controlled by the financial elite (the masters of the planet). In this phase, which began in 2012 and has now reached a very advanced stage (very many people are aware of these machinations and the true reason for their existence), humanity is awakening and experiencing a continuous expansion of its consciousness.

The phase of active action is now upon us..!!

In my opinion, it won't be long until this phase is over, the end is near and then the phase of active action begins. We have learned a lot, expanded our consciousness, understood that any disease can be cured with a natural diet (no disease can survive in an oxygen-rich and alkaline cell environment - Otto Warburg, German Nobel Prize winner), have increasingly found nature, our ego mind recognized more, and are now starting to put all this knowledge into practice. You start to actively work for the well-being of other people and living beings again.

More and more people will use their newfound knowledge and make a change..!!

People no longer close their eyes but actively intervene, take active action against the system, for example through peaceful protest or even changing their entire way of life, which will cause massive damage to corrupt industries. For this reason, in the near future we will be able to see more and more people who will actively lead us into a better world, because more and more people will now put their newfound knowledge into action.

die revolution

Finally comes the most important phase, a phase of global revolution. Through our peaceful protest and the drastic further development of the collective state of consciousness, all the lies about our human civilization (keywords: NWO, hollow earth, free energy, elemental transmutation, chemtrails, vaccinations, pyramid lie, fluoride, unnatural nutrition, lying press, puppet government, financial elite, Rockefeller , Rothschilds, Federal Reserve, occultist families, former advanced civilizations, etc.) will be exposed across the board and people will no longer pay attention to the governments or have no trust in them. Governments will fall and counsel will be sought from spiritual masters and other ascended humans, then a global revolution will take place and humanity will experience a complete upheaval that will lead us into a peaceful, golden age. Free energy will then be available to everyone again, there will be no more wars, other countries will interact peacefully with each other instead of being plundered by wealthy countries and humanity will become one Golden age enter.

The golden age is not fiction, but a logical consequence of the cosmic cycle..!!

Even if such a state is still utopia for many people, it should be said that this is not wishful thinking or even fiction, but a world that will soon reach us. Many old traditions and prophecies speculate on the year 2025, from which we will enter the golden age. I myself agree and am convinced that by 2025 the global revolution will be complete. For this reason, we can count ourselves lucky that we have incarnated during this time and are able to fully experience this change. A fascinating change that takes place every 26.000 years and should represent an impressive time for us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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