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Every human being has a total of seven main chakras and also a number of secondary chakras, which in turn are located above and below one's own body. In this context, chakras are "rotating vortex mechanisms" (left and right rotating vortices) that are closely linked to our own mind (and our meridians - energy channels) and absorb energies from outside or to feed the human energy system. For this reason, they serve as receiving stations on the one hand, but also as transformers and distributors.

Chakra Blockages

There are various factors, for example a disharmonious mental orientation (negative mental spectrum - due to fears and the like), which in turn can block the natural flow of our chakras (energetic compression - chakras are slowed down in the spin). As a result, so-called chakra blockages occur, i.e. there is a corresponding undersupply, which massively promotes the development of diseases. In this series of articles, I would therefore like to explain to you exactly how you can open each individual chakra and, above all, what can be responsible for a corresponding blockage.

Blockage and opening of the root chakra

Blockage and opening of the root chakraThe root chakra, also known as the base chakra, is the first essential main chakra, which is located between or below our genitals (between the anus and genitals). The color of the root chakra is often associated with a red tone. Aside from that, chakra itself is in turn very closely connected to our own physical body (and the etheric body). The root chakra is also assigned the element earth and therefore stands for mental stability, for our will to live, instincts, down-to-earthness, inner strength, assertiveness, basic trust, grounding and a healthy/strong physical constitution. An open root chakra also lets us be very grounded in this context (or a grounded mental state indicates an open root chakra). People who have an open root chakra can deal very well with materially oriented structures and also feel a strong sense of inner security. In exactly the same way, such people have hardly any existential fears and are not afraid of what could come next. You accept your own circumstances as they are and master new circumstances with flying colours. People who have an open root chakra usually live out a strong urge for freedom and have enormous basic trust. You feel grounded and have confidence in your own circumstances (in your own inner strength/creative powers). In this context, one does not live in constant fear of change and feels safe or even at home in foreign places (it could feel as if one were not only at home everywhere, but always in the right place), instead of lost. Apart from that, an open root chakra also goes hand in hand with a certain self-love and self-acceptance. This refers in particular to our body, i.e. you can accept your own body as it is.

People who are confident in their own mental abilities, love their body (not to be confused with narcissism), have little existential angst and are very grounded could very well have an open root chakra..!!

In this regard, one joins the flow of life and is absolutely not afraid of new physical experiences and new life situations. Likewise, an open root chakra allows us to better deal with our inner needs for nourishment, protection, safety, warmth, and a general sense of belonging. You don't feel excluded/rejected, but rather have the feeling of inner self-acceptance.

The root chakra directs the energy of the upper and lower extremities into the earth and into the sub-physical chakras..!! 

The basis for a healthy development of the root chakra, for that matter, is laid in the early years of a person. A newborn who, for example, after birth or in the first few years of life, hardly experiences any love and trust from the mother (or grows up in precarious, very disharmonious living conditions), subsequently develops a blockage of the root chakra (the probability is at least very high). . The basic trust is missing or, to put it better, disturbed, which in turn becomes noticeable in the form of various fears and a disturbed inner balance, especially in the further course of life. Likewise, a blockage can occur later in life, for example when one experiences physical violence oneself, lacks financial security (and suffers greatly from it), or fails to find a higher or general purpose in life.

The blockage of the root chakra

The blockage of the root chakraFor these reasons, a blocked or "energetically dense" root chakra becomes noticeable through a lack of life energy, reduced willingness to perform, fear of survival and fear of change. You yourself are plagued by strong existential fears and can't find a way out of the misery. A corresponding person could also have little self-confidence and may be very suspicious. In the same way, various phobias and fears could burden one's own mental state. One often feels depressive moods and generally has a weakened physical constitution (little exercise etc., physical weakness due to a disharmonious mental orientation). The immune system is then also severely weakened and intestinal diseases can be the result. Likewise, people with a blocked root chakra feel unaccepted in society. You avoid your fellow human beings and are rather introverted. There is a lack of inner balance, above all a feeling of security and self-confidence. On the other hand, a blockage of the root chakra results in a permanent feeling of insecurity. In the worst case, one even instinctively assumes that something bad could happen at any time. It is difficult for you to live in the present and you get stuck in disharmonious thoughts, which in turn are geared towards a supposed future (we always exist in the present, but we are often afraid of something that does not exist at all on the current level). . One fears the future and misses the chance to create a new life (operate within current structures).

By exploring and working through early childhood trauma, one could resolve inner conflicts, increasing our root chakra spin..!!

In order to be able to open the root chakra again, it is imperative to become aware of one's own inner conflicts. Then you have to clean them up. This is of course easier said than done and also difficult to assess, because each person has their own individual conflicts (even if you can get help, at the end of the day it is we who can heal ourselves, because the cause of a blockage rests only in our core). Ultimately, that would only be one possibility. If one's root chakra blockage is related to existential fears, then it is important to "dissolve" one's own existential fears. You should then ask yourself where the existential fears come from. If our financial situation is very bad and our existential fears have become manifest as a result, then it is important to improve your own financial situation. If you lack the strength to do so, for example because you are very lethargic, then it would be advisable first and foremost to get out of this state through movement or even other "drive options" in order to be able to work on the manifestation of a new life circumstance.

Internal resistance cuts you off from other people, from yourself, from the world around you. It increases the sense of separateness on which the ego's survival depends. The stronger your sense of separateness, the more attached you are to the manifest, to the world of form. - Eckhart Tolle

Someone who, in turn, is not satisfied with his body and is struggling with a lack of self-confidence in this regard, for example because he is overweight and therefore cannot accept his body, then he would have to improve his physical condition through natural nutrition or sport change. Of course, one could then also learn to accept one's own body as it is. Well then, our chakras are always connected to corresponding inner conflicts and mental inconsistencies. In order to be able to remove a blockage, it is therefore necessary to clean up your own conflicts and disharmonious trains of thought. Other parts of this series of articles will follow. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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