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solar storm

2 days ago (Sunday - July 16, 2017) a massive electromagnetic storm (coronal mass ejection - solar flare) reached us again after a long time, which in turn confused our magnetic field and subsequently had a drastic influence on the collective state of consciousness. For that matter, the effects of magnetic field weakening are still noticeable. Of course, the activity of the solar storm has decreased significantly today, but the effects of the high-energy particles still remain with us. This is how we humans integrate the high frequencies and energies into our own Mind/body/soul system can subsequently become more sensitive and, at the same time, create more space for a positive life.

The change in our own state of consciousness

The change in our own state of consciousnessBut before there is more room for harmony and co. comes, we humans are usually confronted with our own internal blockages, internal conflicts and other inconsistencies (if any) that currently prevent the creation of a positive space. The high incoming frequencies increase the overall vibration frequency of our own planet, which subsequently leads to us humans adapting our own vibration frequency to that of the earth (every person's mind/state of consciousness vibrates at an individual frequency. A negatively aligned mind vibrates at a low frequency, a positive mind vibrates at a high frequency). However, since we humans, due to our own conditioning, i.e. countless negative programs (programs → convictions, beliefs and general thought processes anchored in the subconscious) always tend to create space for negative things - for negative thoughts, we can only create permanent space for positive things again create space for a positively oriented state of consciousness in which we process/dissolve/rewrite our own negative programs.

Only through a consistent realignment of our own mind will it be possible to initiate important changes in our own lives again..!!

You cannot permanently create your own life from a positively oriented state of consciousness if we are constantly struggling with inner conflicts, mental conflicts from which we subsequently derive a lot of suffering.

Solar storm influences

Solar storm influencesOnly when we manage to break through our own self-imposed blockages again, when we no longer allow ourselves to be negatively influenced on a daily basis by any past conflicts - for example past situations - which we have not yet been able to deal with, will it become possible to live a life again to create something that completely corresponds to our own ideas. Otherwise, our subconscious always transports these conflicts into our own daily consciousness. For this reason, strong electromagnetic storms often lead to emotional chaos. The high frequencies simply transport our own shadow parts to our surface, ensuring that we deal with them and no longer repress them so that we can deal with our self-created negative space. At the same time, the high energies also support us in our own actions, ensuring that we actively work more on our own self-realization and develop ideas in order to be able to break out of our own negative life patterns. Ultimately, they support our own prosperity and, despite their tiring influences, make us more capable of acting in a certain way. As a result, we deal more closely with our own origins and are given the opportunity to recognize our own negative programming. Ultimately, everything that is happening at the moment only serves our own mental and spiritual development and serves to expand the collective state of consciousness. For this reason, such coronal mass ejections do not happen by chance. In this context there is no coincidence at all, coincidence is much more a construct of our own lower mind in order to be able to have a supposed explanation for inexplicable phenomena.

Everything in existence is based on the principle of cause and effect. For this reason there is no coincidence, just as people do not have to succumb to a supposed fate that arose by chance, but rather they can take their own fate into their own hands..!!

However, everything is subject to a law of cause and effect. The cause of every experienceable effect always represents the highest authority in existence, namely consciousness. In this regard, consciousness is also the quintessence of our lives, since at the end of the day everything is just a product of consciousness and the thoughts that come with it. For this reason, there is nothing in existence that is not the result of consciousness. Everything has consciousness and arises from consciousness. Even planets are alive and have their own consciousness. Coronal mass ejections are therefore not emitted by the sun by chance, but rather they always represent an important part of the current collective awakening and are also responsible for influences on consciousness technology. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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