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You should practice meditation while walking, standing, lying down, sitting and working, washing your hands, doing the dishes, sweeping and drinking tea, talking to friends and in everything you do. When you're washing up, you might be thinking about the tea afterwards and trying to get it over with as quickly as possible so you can sit down and have tea. But that means that in the time where you wash dishes does not live. When you wash dishes, washing dishes must be the most important thing in your life. And if you drink tea, then drinking tea must be the most important thing in the world.

mindfulness & presence

MeditationThis interesting quote comes from the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh and brings to mind a very important aspect of meditation. In this context, meditation, which can be translated as contemplation (mental contemplation), can be practiced anywhere. Thich Nhat Hanh also pointed out the fact of mindfulness and presence, that is, that we should give ourselves to rest everywhere and not leave our present state (Losing in worry, oblivious to the now, inattention, not appreciating the eternally expansive moment). Ultimately, you can always go into meditative states, no matter where you are. Meditative states, which in turn can be divided into different levels, do not necessarily mean that one goes into a strong twilight state with closed eyes and completely immerses oneself in oneself. Because of this classic idea, that is, for example, that one goes into the famous lotus position and then descends completely into oneself, many people are prevented from practicing meditation or even from dealing with it more intensively.

Meditation is not about trying to get anywhere. It is about allowing ourselves to be exactly where we are and exactly who we are, and also allowing the world to be exactly who it is in this moment. – Jon Kabat-Zinn..!!

Of course, meditation is a complex subject (just like everything in existence, simple and complex at the same time – oppositeness/polarity) and has the most diverse facets. Just as there are many different forms of meditation, such as guided meditations or even meditations in which different states of consciousness are to be reached or even meditation combined with conscious visualization to create corresponding states/circumstances (At this point I refer to the side of joy of life, because meditation, especially light meditation, is his specialty - And regarding the visualization or entering into new states, at this point joint meditations with other people can have a strong influence on the exercising collective mind, - our thoughts/sensations flow into the collective mind, as we are connected to everything, as we ourselves are everything, creation itself, - by the way, something after I've been asked many times. In this regard, I will also initiate a joint group meditation at some point).

How to start - Immerse yourself in the peace!

Get to restIn itself, there is one aspect that you should take advantage of and I'm referring to the calm. As has often been mentioned in countless articles, we live in a system that is built on unrest. For this reason, we humans tend to be permanently under pressure (mental overactivity), i.e. we put ourselves under a certain amount of pressure, pursue countless activities, want to constantly attend to duties and everyday errands and hardly get any rest. mental restlessness (which is always accompanied by a certain carelessness) is in this regard a factor that exerts an extremely lasting influence on the entire mind/body/spirit system in the long run. Spirit rules over matter and consequently the spirit also exerts an immense influence on one's own organism. A stressed mindset therefore also puts all of the body's own functionalities under stress. As a result, our cell environment becomes acidic and we feel increasingly weaker (the development of a disease is favored). For this reason, daily meditations can benefit us greatly here. We can also practice a corresponding meditation in a completely individual way, anywhere, anytime, anywhere (as mentioned in my latest video, will embed it again in the bottom section). And should we do one thing, and that is to surrender completely to rest, because rest is an essential aspect of meditation, meaning that we simply come to rest, that we relax and enjoy our own being.

Meditation is the cleansing of the mind and heart from egoism; through this cleansing comes right thinking, which alone can liberate man from suffering. – Jiddu Krishnamurti..!!

Everyone also knows corresponding moments; you just sit there, completely relaxed, looking out of a window, for example, completely engrossed in your own world and subliminally experiencing a calm that can't be replaced by anything in the world. It is precisely such moments or precisely this calm that in turn exerts an incredibly magical and, above all, inspiring influence on our entire system. At the end of the day, we dive deeper into our true being, which in turn is based on rest (an aspect of our true being) based. We don't expose ourselves to mental stress, we are just relaxed, maybe even deeply relaxed. And we can go into such a meditative state every day, yes, it is even advisable to do so, i.e. you take time for yourself and get back into your own center, into your own energy. And we can then extend such a state, possibly even to the extent that at some point we are permanently relaxed and almost nothing can disturb us anymore (a boon). For this reason, the conscious daily practice of meditation can also lead to completely new states of consciousness. Especially since we can experience our own perfection and, above all, our connection to everything that exists, in the long run. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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