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As has often been mentioned, we are moving within the "quantum leap into awakening" (current time) towards a primal state in which we have not only completely found ourselves, i.e. have come to the realization that everything arises from within ourselves (has arisen) and also everything is created by ourselves using our imagination (we ourselves are therefore the most powerful, the source itself), but we also let our true nature, based on lightness, fullness and a high fundamental frequency, become manifest.

Programs through which we let ourselves be dominated

Programs through which we let ourselves be dominatedIn particular, our own purity is in the foreground (Spirit/Soul/Body - we are everything). In this context, abundance (related to all areas of life) also goes hand in hand with a high frequency/pure mental state. All dependencies and addictions, one could also speak of all sustainable programs and structures, are always accompanied by a state of deficiency. Ultimately, it is programs that dominate our own mind, that is, ourselves. We cannot focus on what is essential, we cannot experience a state in which we are fully present, hence a state based on complete stillness and abundance, because we direct our focus automatically (since corresponding programs are rooted in our subconscious - we ourselves have made these programs manifest) in corresponding life situations to the stressful programs (Ideas of a sustainable living pattern that we must pursue). As a result, all dependencies (and this can of course also be related to dependencies on certain life situations/ideas) accompanied by deficiency/weakness. Through any sustainable program we create a reality which in turn is accompanied by a lack of life energy. Ultimately, I have often given a classic example of this, namely coffee addiction (take the example because it affects a lot of people, including me). In this regard, many people drink coffee every day, sometimes even several cups. This is not only a habit, but also a dependency. We are addicted to the coffee, we need to drink coffee every day or morning, and it is difficult to think clearly if we don't have the coffee (we would be missing something). We have to drink it every day, otherwise we would automatically feel an inner restlessness. The program has to be played, i.e. it is a program/a dependency/an idea through which we allow ourselves to be mentally dominated. We are not masters of ourselves and consequently let ourselves be controlled by a program (less power) and this dominance (“Unfreedom”) is consequently accompanied by a lack of energy, even if this may seem minimal (you may convince yourself that the coffee is good for you - you can do it - but this feeling cannot be compared to overcoming yourself - you have mastered this aspect yourself, are proud of yourself, have exceeded your comfort program - this gives true power and flows directly into one's own charisma). In the organism, the coffee in turn provides (due to the caffeine - poison - luxury food - liquid that is in no way cellular - high saturation - strongly dehydrating) for an acidic cell environment, lower oxygen saturation and additional stress on the gastrointestinal tract. Here, too, the result would be a lack of energy, apart from the fact that more nutrients/energy have to be expended to process the poison. It is therefore a heavy energy that we supply to our body (because light energies do not trigger any stress - no state of deficiency, whether in the body or in the mind). Ultimately, therefore, daily consumption creates a shortage situation. Deficiency in the spirit and deficiency in the organism.

A mental burden/dominance/dependency, no matter how small it may seem to us, always ensures that our entire mind/body/spirit system becomes more impure in the long run. We then expose ourselves to a burden and create an attitude towards life that gains in heaviness instead of lightness, and that in turn flows into our overall charisma and even influences our appearance, our actions..!! 

As a result, we also attract lack into our lives. Of course, I don't want to discourage anyone from drinking coffee (the stronger the addiction, the stronger the deficiency - as I said, I know it all too well from myself, especially in relation to coffee - whereby, as I said, a cup purely for pleasure cannot be compared with an addiction - a little now and then Enjoying something is different from being subject to strong compulsion), just as there is a difference between addiction and pleasure (a cup every now and then). Ultimately, I don't want to badmouth coffee or discourage you from drinking coffee, that's not my point, I just want to point out that every addiction/dependency, whether in the spirit or organism, creates a situation of deficiency.

We go through the most intensive cleaning processes

We go through the most intensive cleaning processesThe more dependencies we are subject to, the more stressful the influence on our entire mind/body/spirit system and, above all, the heavier we feel (and if we look – which is why obesity is also a sign of heaviness – heavy energies. If we lose weight as a result, then heavy energies are automatically released - we become lighter in a figurative sense). We radiate this heaviness or deficiency and consequently attract more heaviness/further deficiency into our lives (we attract what we ourselves are). And in this respect there are creators who are subject to a great many dependencies/blockages and circumstances of deficiency, for example a lack of movement (Dependence on convenience), a lack of natural nutrition (unnaturalness), a lack of natural impressions or impressions in general (always be within your own four walls), a lack of order (internal chaos to the outside world) and as a result a lack of joie de vivre. But at the moment the entire planetary situation is changing and we ourselves are experiencing cleaning processes of the most intensive kind. Our systems are completely flushed with high-frequency energies and not only all contaminated sites and conflicts are transported into our daily consciousness (everything wants to be cleaned up), but we will also deal with the effects of our own shortage circumstances (Dependencies) faced more than ever. After all, there is a transition into a high-frequency collective state of consciousness and we automatically lay down all the burdens on our part.

The highest good is the harmony of the soul with itself. – Seneca..!!

We consequently step out of lack and allow abundance to manifest. On the one hand we recognize who we really are (high-frequency information = abundance), on the other hand we resolve all our conflicts, which in turn create a deficiency (the accompanying lack refers to any lack, whether financial or health). In the same way, our mental orientation changes and we put more and more of our own blockages and destructive beliefs away, just like in the past money video addressed.

power cleanThe power of the pure

As has been mentioned in countless articles, everything is currently coming to a head and we are being asked more and more to rectify all of our deficiency situations or perceptions of deficiency (Of course, this also applies to small ideas about yourself - you are nothing yourself, you cannot achieve anything yourself, you yourself are "only" a co-creator - let the greatest ideas become manifest - abundance - break through all self-imposed limits). Ultimately, we therefore step into our own creative power and can let much larger ideas become manifest in our own mind. Instead of thinking small and making ourselves small, we become big, strong, powerful, and legitimize the greatest ideas in our minds (for example ushering in the golden age itself, bringing peace to the world, developing liberating/revolutionary technologies, becoming immortal ourselves, totally transcending space and time, being totally powerful and beautiful, - feeling that which we ourselves, as Source, the most beautiful and powerful thing there is, "manifest magical abilities", become completely financially free, create the best living conditions that correspond to our biggest dreams, etc. instead of legitimizing small ideas in the mind - we are weak, we are insignificant, we don't earn much, we can't be the most powerful, we can't usher in the golden age, etc. we're just co-creators). In this regard, this also entails the manifestation of a great life (matter follows ideas, which in turn are predominantly present in the mind). As far as that goes, it all comes from our own imagination, just as we live our lives according to the ideas that are overwhelmingly present in our minds. Therefore, the purer we become, i.e. the stronger our mind/body/soul system becomes, the more we free ourselves from heavy energies, the more we shed all our own blockages and, above all, the more we free ourselves not only from sustainable/small ideas , but also from programs that rely on a dependency (Lack) are based, the more circumstances we attract, which in turn are based on abundance. As said, our inner world always manifests itself in the outer world. Circumstances based on lack therefore ensure that we create an outer world based on this lack. A suitable life partner (which we would then attract - create ourselves), would then be based on our deficiency frequency. The same applies to all life circumstances, because our inner space always manifests itself on the outside, in all people, situations and life circumstances. Our own purity (Purity = Lightness = High Frequency = Abundance = True Power) is therefore extremely important, because a pure, light and love-based inner space automatically creates an outer world based on these values.

The mind sets the limits. As long as you can imagine in your mind that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you believe in it 100 percent. - Arnold Schwarzenegger..!!

And at the end of the day there is a corresponding level of purity (high level of ethical development) is also associated with the manifestation of magic or magical abilities. In this regard, there are abilities dormant within us, away from our immense spiritual powers of attraction, which would be considered miraculous to an outsider. Ultimately we are capable of anything, whether dematerialization (Dissolve objects or ourselves), materialization (Create objects directly), – teleportation (Remote transmission of one's mind/body/spirit system to another location), telekinesis/psychokinesis (Move objects), levitation (become as light as a feather themselves, - float) or even immortality (Ending the cycle of reincarnation - freeing yourself completely). But these abilities, which not only do justice to a Godman, but are also due to every human being who reaches this level, simply come with an extremely high frequency (my belief...my limitation?!). Therefore, the lighter we become and, above all, the purer our entire system becomes, the more we steer towards a state based on maximum abundance and one aspect of this maximum abundance is the experience of all and above all limitless abilities, the manifestation of every imagination. We have freed ourselves from all attachments, boundaries, blockages and dependencies. We have become completely pure and not only embody pure light and pure love, but radiate this light and love out into all of existence. We have rid ourselves of all earthly attachments (Programs that bind our mind to matter - dependencies and co.) and live a life of maximum freedom, wisdom, love and abundance, entirely in the spirit of 5D, because 5D, i.e. the fifth dimension, means a correspondingly high spiritual state, everything else is limitation, dependency, blockage, 3D. And we are now moving towards these circumstances, completely automatically. Little by little, without coercion and without limitation, we create the highest version of ourselves. We create our own inner paradise and transfer this paradise to the outer world. We become the masters of our entire existence and, based on the ideas that come with it, we begin to control the planet itself at our own discretion (Peace/Love/Liberty/Abundance) to transform. For this reason only we ourselves can do it golden age initiate (instead of waiting for it), that's how powerful we are or can be (if we want it, the same applies to 5D and the abilities that go with it - if we want it, if we can allow such ideas). We can become masters of our own incarnation and create an attraction that will manifest anything, really anything we want. As I said, we are destined for great things and, at our core, have an incredibly large potential. We can create great things and work all miracles.

When we are truly alive, everything we do or feel is a miracle. Practicing mindfulness means returning to living in the present moment. – Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

We can experience anything and manifest anything, just as we can create a reality based on maximum abundance. And of course, contrary experiences, for example surrendering to one's own dependencies and addictions, can still be of appropriate importance until then. Just as I am currently freeing myself from all limitations/attachments and fearlessly/full of power, will and strength follow my highest ideas, but while detaching all attachments I enjoy the remains of my 3D reality, for example in the form of a morning coffee. Yet I know one thing, big things are coming and the best version of myself and most of all the best version of ourselves (Original version) is about to become manifest. The time is predestined for this more than ever. Therefore create great friends and go your way undeterred. Don't let yourself be limited and become the master of your own incarnations! You can achieve anything and deserve anything! With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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