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Every person has their own mind, a complex interplay of consciousness and subconsciousness from which our current reality arises. Our consciousness is crucial for shaping our own lives. Only with the help of our consciousness and the thought processes that arise from it does it become possible to create a life that corresponds to our own ideas. In this context, your own mental imagination is crucial for the realization of your own thoughts on a “material” level. It is only through our own mental imagination that we are able to commit actions, create situations or plan further life situations.

spirit rules over matter

Without thoughts this would not be possible, then you would not be able to consciously decide on a path in life, you would not be able to imagine things and as a result you would not be able to plan situations in advance. In exactly the same way, you couldn't change or reshape your own reality. Only with the help of our thoughts is this possible again - apart from the fact that without thoughts or consciousness one would not create/possess one's own reality, one would then not exist at all (every life or everything in existence arises from consciousness, for this reason consciousness or spirit is also the origin of our life). In this context, your entire life is also just a product of your own mental imagination, an immaterial projection of your own state of consciousness. For this reason, it is also important to pay attention to the alignment of our own state of consciousness. A positive life can only emerge from a positive spectrum of thoughts. Regarding this, there is also a beautiful saying from the Talmud: Pay attention to your thoughts, because they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Pay attention to your actions because they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. Well, since thoughts have such a powerful potential to change our own lives, they subsequently also influence our own bodies. In this regard, our thoughts are primarily responsible for our own physical and psychological constitution. A negative spectrum of thoughts weakens our own subtle body, which subsequently puts a strain on our own immune system. A positive thought spectrum in turn improves the quality of our own subtle body, the result is a physical body that does not have to process any energetic impurities.

The quality of our lives depends largely on the orientation of our own state of consciousness. It is a positive spirit from which only a positive reality can arise..!!

Apart from that, a positive orientation of our own state of consciousness ensures that we as humans are generally more joyful, happier and, above all, more active. Ultimately, this also has to do with the change in our own biochemistry. In this regard, our thoughts also have a huge influence on our DNA and, in general, on our body's own biochemical processes. This change and influence is explicitly discussed in the following short video linked below. The German biologist and author Ulrich Warnke explains the interaction between mind and body and explains in a simple way why our thoughts have an influence on the material world. A video that you should definitely watch. 🙂

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