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Evening routine

The power of our own mind is limitless. Because of our spiritual presence, we can create new circumstances and also lead a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas. But we often block ourselves and limit our own creative potential, based on one's own beliefs, convictions and self-imposed limits.

The power of the evening routine

Evening routineAll beliefs – as well as our views on life (our worldview) – are deeply anchored in our own subconscious. Here we also like to talk about programs with which our subconscious is occupied/programmed. We humans are able to reprogram our own subconscious. We can therefore significantly change our own subconscious quality and create completely new programs, i.e. behaviors, habits, beliefs and convictions. On the other hand, the orientation of our subconscious also flows into our own state of being. Of course, the quality of our subconscious can also be traced back to our own mind. If the habit or program of smoking is rooted in our subconscious, then this programming was created by our conscious mind (decisions that led to this programming). Away from ours soul plan and the associated predefined conflicts/mental wounds, we are therefore responsible for the programs of our subconscious. Well, ultimately there are countless ways in which we can realign our own subconscious. One of them would be changing our daily evening routine. In this regard, the morning and evening are times when our subconscious is very receptive. For example, the mental orientation in the morning often determines the rest of our day. If you engage in disharmonious thoughts in the morning, for example because you are woken up by a loud background noise, you could be in a very bad mood all day long. We then focus on a negative circumstance and subsequently reinforce this (our) negative circumstance/condition. In exactly the same way, the evening can also be very powerful in nature.

A wide variety of programs, beliefs and convictions are anchored in our subconscious. Some of these programs are very counterproductive in nature, which is why restructuring our subconscious can be very beneficial..!!

The thought or state of being with which we ultimately fall asleep increases in intensity and will be present again the next morning. For this reason, it can be very detrimental if we fall asleep with a negative feeling, simply because the negative feeling is present again the following day. For this reason, what one wants to manifest and experience more strongly in one's life should be predominant in our minds the night before. For example, if you want to be very active in sports the next day, prepare your mind for this activity the night before. If we fall asleep with a corresponding intention, then we could wake up again with the same intention. For this reason, changing your evening routine can be very helpful. So you could take a little time before going to sleep and completely relax/wind down. You could also use this time to concentrate on the aspects that you would like to experience more the next day. It is therefore a powerful method that we can use to restructure our own subconscious. Energy always follows our own attention. In the following video linked below from Andreas Mitleider, This methodology is also explained in detail again. He reveals valuable tips and reveals how you could make an evening useful. I can therefore highly recommend the video to you, especially since it explains the topic in a very clear and informative way. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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