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the lie we live

The lie we live - The lie we live is a 9 minute mind-expanding short film by Spencer Cathcart, which clearly shows why we live in such a corrupt world and what is wrong here on this planet. In this film, propaganda freely takes up various topics such as our one-sided education system, restricted freedom, enslaving capitalism, the exploitation of nature and wildlife and very well explained.  

The modern slavery

Mankind has been enslaved in many different ways for thousands of years. Nowadays we are still in the clutches of slavery and are exploited by the mass media, corporations, the state, the financial world elite (a state is basically just a corporation), made sick and made stupid and ignorant by misinformation and half-truths held. Most people live in a prison, a prison built around our minds, our consciousness. But more and more people are currently recognizing the enslaving mechanisms on this planet and are fighting back against this system. A worldwide revolution is currently taking place and our system is about to change completely.

Reality is becoming more and more present in people's minds and the true mechanisms and events on this planet are being exposed. I have often considered whether I should not write extensively about this wide-ranging topic on this page, because these topics inevitably also have a spiritual (spiritual) background. In recent years I have studied the ethereality of life intensively, and in doing so I have repeatedly been confronted with the true background of political and economic systems, which is why I have also dealt with these matters in detail. I think that in the future I will introduce a new category and will gradually address these topics, but now enough rambling, enjoy the mind-bending film The Lie We Live.

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