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Love is the basis of all healing. Above all, our own self-love is a crucial factor when it comes to our health. The more we love, accept and accept ourselves in this context, the more positive it will be for our own physical and mental constitution. At the same time, a strong self-love leads to a much better access to our fellow human beings and to our social environment in general. As inside, so outside. Our own self-love is then immediately transferred to our external world. The result is that firstly we look at life again from a positive state of consciousness and secondly, through this effect, we draw everything into our lives that gives us a good feeling.Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity and strengthens itself, an unavoidable law. You increasingly attract what you are and what you radiate into your life.

Love – The highest power in the universe

heart energyUltimately, this positive attitude or having self-love is also an important factor in being able to create a completely healthy physical and psychological basis again. In this regard, every illness is based on a lack of self-love. Mental problems that are deeply rooted in our subconscious and continually burden our day-to-day consciousness. For example, if something bad happened to you in your youth or childhood, something that you still haven't been able to come to terms with, then this past situation will continue to burden you. In such moments, i.e. moments in which you think about what happened and draw negativity from it, you no longer have the power of your self-love. This is ultimately how it works with any mental problem that dominates our own mental state. Every mental problem that we lose ourselves in prevents us from being consciously present in the present (past and future are exclusively mental constructs, there is only the present, the now, an eternally expanding moment that already exists always gave, is and will be). We no longer stand in the power of our self-love, but instead fall into a negative mental state. Our own state of consciousness is then no longer aligned with love, no longer resonates with love, but with sadness, guilt, fears and other negative feelings. This in turn puts a strain on our own psyche and lowers our own vibration frequency. The human vibration frequency is crucial for keeping our entire physical system intact.

The frequency of our own state of consciousness is crucial for our health, a positive spectrum of thoughts keeps our frequency constantly high..!!

The higher the frequency at which our state of consciousness (and subsequently our body) vibrates, the happier we feel and the better our health is. The lower our own vibration frequency, the worse we feel and the more strain we put on our health. Our subtle bodies overload and transfer the energetic contamination to the body, as a result our immune system is weakened and the development of diseases is promoted. For this reason, love, as the highest vibrational energy/frequency in the universe, is the basis for all healing.

Healing does not occur externally, but internally. In this context, the more you love and accept yourself, the more you heal your inner wounds..!!

Ultimately, you cannot be healed by a stranger, but you can only heal yourself by overcoming all your problems, through your self-love (A doctor does not treat the causes of illness, but only symptoms || High blood pressure = antihypertensive medication = fighting the symptoms, but not the Cause || Bacterial infection = Antibiotics = Fighting the symptoms, but not the cause - a weakened immune system that could not withstand a bacterial infection). For this reason, love is essential to regain complete health. Only when you love yourself will you be able to develop your own self-healing powers. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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