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Lunar eclipse

As already mentioned in the last daily energy articles, the longest total lunar eclipse of the 27st century will reach us tomorrow, July 2018th, 21. This day will definitely bring with it a tremendous energetic potential and subsequently exert a strong influence on the collective state of consciousness. In this context, the month of July was one of the most intensive months in a long time, at least from an energetic point of view.

A special event

Blood moonAt the beginning we received a ten-day series of portal days, which was accompanied by a partial solar eclipse after the end, which in itself was a special feature. Afterwards you had the feeling that the intensity was not decreasing in any way and had increased continuously. Other sites also reported a steady increase, which will culminate on the day of the total lunar eclipse. It is for this reason that a rather special event is upon us that is certainly an important point in the current Age of Awakening. But before I go into this point in more detail, I would like to briefly explain what a total lunar eclipse is, how it comes about and where you can see it.

What is a total lunar eclipse?

In contrast to a partial solar eclipse, which occurs when the umbra of the moon misses the earth and as a result only the penumbra falls on the earth's surface (the moon positions/shifts between the sun and earth, but only covers part of the sun) , a total lunar eclipse occurs when the earth "slides" between the sun and moon, resulting in no direct sunlight falling on the lunar surface. The entire side of the moon that is visible to us is then completely in the darkest part of the earth's shadow. One could also say that the sun, earth and moon are in a line, as a result of which the moon enters completely into the shadow of the earth. The moon also often appears reddish (it can also take on an orange, dark yellow or even a brown "discoloration" due to dust and clouds in the earth's atmosphere), since some of the sun's rays, despite the darkness, are deflected from the earth's atmosphere to the moon's surface. In this process, some "components" of the light are filtered out, which then leads to the red appearance.

How long will the total lunar eclipse last and where will it be seen?!

Mars pretty close to EarthThis special event can last for some time. This total lunar eclipse is also the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting an hour and 43 minutes. It could also be quite possible that we will see this lunar eclipse, at least when the sky is reasonably clear and not covered by too many clouds, the likelihood that not too many clouds will grace the sky, at least in our latitudes , but is high (the total lunar eclipse can be seen in central, western and eastern Europe as well as in Africa, in western Asia, in India and also in the Indian Ocean). The beginning of the total lunar eclipse begins around 21:00 in the evening. In Munich, for example, the moon rises at 20:48 p.m., in Hamburg at 21:17 p.m., in Cologne at 21:18 p.m. and in Berlin at 20:58 p.m. It then takes a few more minutes until the moon has completely entered the umbra of the earth and the total lunar eclipse begins. The "middle" of the total lunar eclipse will be reached at around 22:22 p.m. and the natural spectacle will end at 23:13 p.m. At the same time, there is also the possibility that we will see Mars, because the red rock planet is as close to the earth as is rarely the case. Such a constellation, i.e. a total lunar eclipse and, appropriately, the near-earth presence of Mars, occurs on average only every 105.000 thousand years, which again illustrates the special nature of this spectacle.

Acceleration in the process of spiritual awakening

Acceleration in the process of spiritual awakeningUltimately, this event, and that in itself is the greatest feature, will definitely bring about an acceleration in the process of spiritual awakening, because such events are usually always accompanied by a strong energetic potential. As far as this is concerned, humanity has also been going through a so-called process of awakening for several years, i.e. due to very special cosmic circumstances that are present approximately every 26.000 thousand (Age of Aquarius), humanity is experiencing a massive elevation/expansion of its own spirit. As a result, many people are beginning to question not only their own lives or their own origins, but also the existing system. An illusory world that was built around our minds by mass media, industrial, state, economic and last but not least by very special power-obsessed family authorities begins to crumble. As a result, more and more people question life. They increasingly deal with fundamental questions of life, gain important self-knowledge and also recognize the mechanisms of the existing illusory system. It is becoming more and more evident that we humans are actually modern slaves, who are firstly constantly fobbed off with propaganda and disinformation and secondly act as human capital. Also, due to this process, it is becoming increasingly clear that we humans are not only kept mentally small, i.e. fundamental knowledge and information are withheld from us, but that everything is done that we are physically ill.

The perfect dictatorship will give the appearance of a democracy, a Prison without walls, where the prisoners never even dream of escaping. It is a system of slavery in which the slaves develop their love of slavery through consumption and entertainment. – Aldous huxley..!!

For this reason, more and more people have been campaigning for a free world for several years, taking massive action against vaccinations (because vaccine preparations are enriched with highly toxic substances and also do not trigger active immunization), increasingly rejecting meat consumption (“veganism” is not a trend, but a consequence of the change - changed nutritional awareness - higher moral views - no matter how many studies the food industry can falsify, twist facts and attempt to portray vegans as sick), reject medication and instead learn about the effectiveness of highly potent natural remedies (the Pharmaceutical industry thrives on mentally and physically ill people, who in turn are dependent on medication or even resort to it, which is why natural remedies and methods are suppressed - e.g. cancer has long been curable, there are over 400 natural remedies and methods), increasingly reject the System media or mass media, since it is becoming more and more apparent that these institutions, which have been brought into line with the law, present us with a completely distorted picture of reality, since only the interests of a few families, who in turn control the banking system, are represented, etc..

The revelation of the sham system is taking on ever greater proportions

The revelation of the sham system is taking on ever greater proportionsThis list could go on forever or there are countless examples that illustrate this collective awakening. Common practices with which one tries to incite the masses against individualists and freethinkers, for example the targeted use of the word "conspiracy theorist", with which system-critical or rather system-threatening people are exposed to ridicule (targeted discrediting - the word "conspiracy theorist" comes from the psychological warfare) are becoming less and less popular and are increasingly encountering resistance. Mankind just becomes spiritually free/awake and begins to recognize its own creative potential again. The fact that we humans are powerful creators of our own reality becomes manifest again in the collective. At the same time, people are becoming more sensitive and have a stronger connection to nature. This process, which was really started on December 21, 2012 in particular (a day that was of course ridiculed by the mass media - apocalypse does not mean end of the world but unveiling/unveiling, a phase of unveiling and not end of the world was therefore announced) , is increasing from year to year. Of course, we don't experience a comprehensive "waking-up process", i.e. the whole thing happens in several stages, with more and more people becoming spiritually awake from month to month and questioning their own root cause.

I am not my thoughts, feelings, senses and experiences. I am not what happens in my life. i am life I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness I am the now I am. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

Ultimately, as a result of this process, our planet is also experiencing an increase in its own fundamental frequency, prompting us humans to also align our own frequency with that of Earth. Since the root of everything that exists is of a spiritual nature and spirit consists of energy that vibrates at a corresponding frequency, we humans also have a completely individual frequency state that is also subject to constant changes.

The collective awakening is inevitable

The collective awakening is inevitableIn the past centuries, there was a very low frequency situation, which is why mankind, at least to a large extent, was mentally dull and had no conscious connection to their own spiritual/divine source. Ultimately, therefore, a materially oriented orientation prevailed for the most part or a materially oriented thinking prevailed, with which one tried to understand life. Due to the current process of awakening, however, we humans are indirectly being asked to increase our own frequency state, which necessarily requires a resolution of inner conflicts and a complete change in one's own mental state (developing love for nature, recognizing an illusionary system, etc.). At the end of the day, people like to talk about entering the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension does not mean a place in itself, but rather a high-vibration or a harmoniously aligned state of consciousness in which higher/purer thoughts and emotions find their place. The manifestation of such a pure and high collective state of consciousness is a state towards which humanity is heading and such days, such as the total lunar eclipse taking place tomorrow, benefit this process very much and bring immense power due to their energetic potential itself, which usually brings about changes in the collective. One could also speak of days here, similar to the portal days, which are responsible for accelerating the process of spiritual awakening. In the days, weeks and months that follow, more and more people are confronted with this process or rather with their own primal cause and also with the truth of the illusory system.

There is no matter, only a web of energies given form by intelligent mind. This spirit is the source of all matter. - Max Planck..!!

Ultimately, therefore, the truth about our own ground is becoming more and more manifest in the collective state of consciousness. The whole thing goes on until hardly anyone can escape this tremendous circumstance. One could also speak of a wildfire of truth that inevitably infects everything and everyone. At some point a critical mass will be reached, whereby a complete upheaval or revolution will take place (this will happen 100% of the time). Well then, tomorrow's total lunar eclipse is therefore a very important event, which for some people is only an optical or rather an astrological peculiarity, but will fundamentally initiate an acceleration in the process of spiritual awakening. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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