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Let go

Letting go is an important topic that almost every person will inevitably be confronted with at some point in their lives. However, this topic is usually completely misinterpreted, is associated with a lot of suffering/heartbreak/loss and can even accompany some people their entire lives. In this context, letting go can also refer to a wide variety of life situations, events and strokes of fate or even to people with whom you once had an intense bond, and perhaps even former partners who you can no longer forget in this sense. On the one hand, it's often about failed relationships, former love affairs that you just couldn't get over with. On the other hand, the topic of letting go can also refer to deceased people, former life situations, living situations, workplace situations, one's own past youth, or, for example, dreams that have so far failed to be realized due to one's own mental problems. For this reason, the art of letting go is a very difficult art, a seemingly hard lesson in life to learn. But if you manage to master this art again, paths open up that you would never have even imagined in your wildest dreams.

What does letting go mean exactly?!

The art of letting goBefore I go into why letting go is one of the most important lessons in life and why by mastering this art you can attract everything into your life that ultimately belongs to you, I will explain what the term letting go actually means. Ultimately, as already mentioned throughout the text, this term is usually completely misunderstood and associated with a lot of suffering/loss. But letting go in itself has nothing to do with loss. Of course, you can interpret the word that way for yourself personally and based on that, a lot of suffering can come from it, but ultimately the word refers much more to abundance that you can attract back into your life by leaving things as they are they are at the end of the day. Let GO, this topic is definitely not about forgetting any life situation, any former life partner, or overcoming fears of loss by forgetting/repressing them in the long term, but rather it's about letting something be that you give peace to a mental situation from which you currently derive a lot of suffering, a situation on which you no longer give energy, no longer focus on it and no longer have any noticeable influence on it.

Only when you manage to let go again and come to terms with a situation will it be possible to attract abundance into your own life again..!!

If you are concerned with letting go, then it is also important to understand that at the end of the day you can only attract abundance, love, happiness and harmony into your own life again by learning again, from the corresponding mental situations, no more suffering to be suffered.

Letting go is mainly about letting a person or a situation be, accepting the circumstance unconditionally and seeing the past as a necessary lesson for the maturation of your own mental state..!!

If, for example, letting go refers to a former partner, to a failed relationship with which you can no longer come to terms with, then it's about letting that person be, leaving them alone, no longer having any influence on the person in question person and nips the negative thoughts about this person in the bud. You let this situation take its course in order to be able to regain the ability to live freely without constantly feeling guilty about your own mental past.

Letting Go – Realize the life that is meant for you

Letting go - magicMost people find it extremely difficult to let go, especially when it comes to deceased people or even failed romantic relationships. Many people do not even overcome this pain and as a result take their own lives (by the way, suicide is fatal for one's own reincarnation cycle and massively inhibits one's own incarnation process). But you have to understand that only by letting go can you attract back into your life what is ultimately intended for you. No matter what has happened to you, no matter what fears of loss may be weighing on your current mind, if you let go of the negative thoughts about the corresponding scenario, you manage to become happy again, joyfully harmonious and, above all, if you manage to do it again over time, To create inner balance, you will automatically attract the things into your life that are meant for you. For example, if you should let go of a partner, then that doesn't mean that you should forget that person, which is not possible at all, after all that person was part of your life, part of your mental world. If it should be this person, then they will come into your life again, if not then another person will come into your life, the person who is just meant for themselves (In many cases, only then does a real soul mate come in - usually twin soul into your own life). The more things you let go of, the fewer things you cling to, the freer you become and the more you attract the things into your life that correspond to your own mental state. Only then will you be responsible for the process you have completed you are rewarded if you pass. It is therefore much more like a kind of test, a necessary life task that has to be passed. Apart from that, you should always be aware that everything in your current life should be the way it is. Everything in a person's life should be exactly as it is currently taking place. There is no possible scenario in which something different could have happened, otherwise something different would have happened.

Letting go is an integral part of a person's life and ultimately leads to the things that are meant for you..!!

Then you would have acted differently, you would have implemented a completely different action in your own life and, as a result, created a different course in your own life. In this context, letting go is also part of a universal law, namely the law of rhythm and vibration. This law means that rhythms and cycles are an integral part of our lives and have a permanent influence on our lives. This law also states that everything vibrates, everything flows, and change is an essential and integral part of our existence.

Anyone who joins the flow of change, accepts it and overcomes rigidity will attract abundance into their own life, there is no doubt about it..!!

Changes are always present and important for one’s prosperity. If, for example, you cannot let go and are caught up in the same mental patterns every day, then you close yourself to this regularity and experience a permanent standstill, which in turn has a negative influence on our own physical and psychological constitution. Stagnation and rigidity are counterproductive and ultimately prevent the development of our own spiritual mind and block our own mental abilities. A person who, for example, mourns the loss of his ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend and because of this does the same thing every day, thinks about this person every day, mourns and can no longer allow any change, will ultimately perish because of this, unless of course he overcomes his own deadlocks Pattern.

Every situation in a person's life should be exactly as it is and serve the purpose of one's own mental and spiritual development..!!

Of course, such situations are important in our own lives and always serve our own spiritual development in this regard, but this effect only occurs if we can draw our own lessons from them and manage to return to this state, characterized by a low vibrational state overcome. For this reason, letting go at the end of the day is essential for our own prosperity and leads to our own inner healing process making extreme progress and leads to us attracting the things into our lives that are meant for us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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