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Puuuuh the last few days have been very intense, nerve-wracking and above all very exhausting for many people due to special cosmic circumstances. First of all there was a portal day on November 13.11th, which meant that we humans were confronted with a strong cosmic radiation. A day later the phenomenon of the supermoon (Full Moon in Taurus), which was intensified due to the previous portal day and raised the planetary frequency of vibration again enormously. Due to this energetic circumstance, these days were very stressful and once again made our own mental and spiritual situation clear to us.  Deep cleansing processes are currently taking place and we humans are experiencing a tremendous spiritual transformation.

The quantum leap into awakening can be very tiring

Quantum leap into awakeningAs I have often mentioned in my articles, we are in a new beginning cosmic cycle, a universal reboot responsible for bringing our solar system into a high frequency/light region in our galaxy. As a result, humanity experiences a quantum leap into awakening and develops massively both mentally and spiritually. In this context, there are days when the human consciousness is flooded with energies of the highest intensity, so-called portal days. These days are important and release faulty, negative programming that is deeply rooted in our subconscious. This restructuring of our subconscious is of utmost importance, because a life in the... fifth dimension is only possible in the long run if we face our deepest fears and dissolve these 3-dimensional, energetically dense programming. This is also one reason why people are currently talking about a transition to the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension means a state of consciousness in which higher emotions and thoughts are created. The 3rd dimension refers from a spiritual/spiritual point of view to a state of consciousness from which lower thoughts/emotions arise, sustained trains of thought that bind us to an energetically dense circumstance. Any negative thoughts, for example thoughts of fear, jealousy, hatred or envy condense our own energetic basis (the entire human body ultimately consists only of energetic states), make us ill and keep us trapped in the world of the ego.

Transforming our egoistic minds is a long process..!!

The transformation of our egoistic mindsThe ego is the 3-dimensional mind, the part that leads us to believe that we are divinely separate and, for example, makes us judge negatively about other people/worlds of thought. The soul, in turn, is the 5-dimensional mind, our true self, the part that deals with Feels connected to God and from which a positive reality emerges or can emerge with the appropriate connection. Since the transition into the fifth dimension with an increasing Resolution/Acceptance/Transformation From our own egoistic minds, this time is found to be very difficult. The transition is of course a lengthy process, nothing that happens overnight, the human spirit would not cope with at all, but it is a process that takes years.

Cosmic energies of the highest intensity reach us again and again..!!

Cosmic energies of the highest intensity reach us in batches, which facilitate the transition to the fifth dimension by making our deepest negative programming visible. This may be very painful for some people, but this suffering is enormously important and improves the relationship with ourselves, with our spiritual mind, makes us aware of our lack of self-love and ensures that we can be catapulted into the 5th dimension (The The biggest lessons in life are learned through pain). The portal days in particular are true companions in this regard and prepare us more for the 5th dimension.

The universe is working at full speed..!!

Cosmic weather report

For this reason, the universe is currently working at full speed. This month in particular, everything was moving at top speed again. So far we have had 4 portal days this month (including today) + a supermoon or an extremely intense full moon and 2 portal days are still ahead of us. That's why the times are so stormy at the moment, one energetic day follows the next and you could have the feeling that the cosmos doesn't grant you any peace. That's why sleep disorders are currently increasing, concentration problems are the order of the day and depressive moods can occur in exactly the same way. The question of whether “peace” will soon return to the universe answers itself due to the upcoming portal days and other cosmic events. Nevertheless, we should not let this discourage us, but rather see the whole thing as an important part of our lives.

We should be very grateful for the current transition..!!

We now have the chance to grow beyond ourselves and apart from that we can experience the greatest cosmic transition in the past human history. Therefore, we should count ourselves lucky and welcome the incoming energies. Ultimately, these lead us into a new life and promote our own self-discovery process, the process of inner becoming whole. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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